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We’re in Canberra this weekend for Daisy’s birthday. We had originally planned a camping weekend (as per the Birthday girls request) but the rain event that has hit NSW saw us look for other options. Birthday girl’s back up was the Nation’s Capital…Questacon and a request to go to both Parliament Houses. It’s wet and dreary out now and I’m suffering from a little Museum fatigue (we did Questacon & the War Memorial this morning) but we are having a great time and I’m currently sitting on a comfy bed with Calamity Jane keeping me company. Hope the rain gets to all those that need it…it’s certainly very dry-looking down here.

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It’s quite dangerous opening your emails this time of year don’t you think? Every one seems to show new pretty things and even though it’s not cool at all, the thought of thick woollen jumpers and boots are occupying my mind. Saw these bad boys this week from Seed and they have gone straight to my wish list when I next get paid. I mean REALLY. They are practically made for me in mind. You can check them out here.


You guys, I am STILL doing my sticker chart. I’m up to week 6 next week. That means I have been exercising 4 times a week for 5 weeks. I’m going to keep at it, see if I can not ‘break the chain’. I started a weekly group personal training/boot camp this week with a whole lot of ladies from town and it was great fun. Sure I have had trouble sitting down on the toilet since, but it’s been great fun. I wrote this morning on Facebook how irritating it is that all those smug fuckers who are up at it early in the morning exercising are onto something…it really does make you feel better (mentality at least). Bastards.

I read this article this week on Mrs Woog’s Facebook page. I liked it. It’s no bullshit, straight forward, sensible advice. I have started rolling 3 nights off alcohol during the week and can say it’s been an easy way to feel better about yourself and your outlook. Double bastards.


We have finally got planning for our trip away. We booked some internal flights in Europe this week as well as our apartment in London through Airbnb. It’s amazing how a simple internet booking can make the whole seem feel real. I’m getting so excited….EUROPE. PASSPORT. Sheesh.

Speaking of sheesh, check out this new winter range from Aura Home that hit my email this week. How can one be expected to do anything but buy this stuff? It’s difficult to do much else.


Rob and I watched episode 9, season 3 of Game of Thrones yesterday. We started watching it late Thursday night but the Gods conspired against us with our internet packing it in at the 40 minute mark. We’ve caught up. I can’t. I mean, I’ve…I just…it’s just so….anyone that has seen it will understand. DEAR LORD. One more episode to go and then we will be up to date. Have you seen the trailer for the next season yet? I refuse to watch it…not yet anyway.

Anyone going to play along with #babymacreciperoulette this weekend? I made some vego pasta during the week and it was pretty bloody tasty. Such a great way to use the cookbooks sitting on your shelf…have a crack! Go on!

Is it raining where you are this weekend?
Got some essential London tips for us for 4 days in mid June?
Did you cope after THAT episode of Game of Thrones (don’t read the comments for fear of spoiler alert which I apologise for but I NEED to talk about it). I do.

Happy weekend friends x


  1. My kids loved to London Transport Museum, my daughter and I went to Matilda on West End – amazing and they loved getting a peddle car from Covent Garden. M&M world is an experience – a pretty pound was dropped in there! J Crew will be open now… lucky lady. Ice Cream parlour in Fortnam and Mason was thebomb.com just pretend the amounts are in dollars. It makes the whole experience feel that much better.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I know what you mean about dollars…it’s not cheap! Lucky we are used to it in Australia…thanks for the tips Sally – much appreciated.

  2. With 4 days do, the hop on hop off tour – you can see so much quickly. The girls will love Hamleys Toy store and Harrods food is a must! The science museum is amazing – but not particularly “london”. Do the London Eye, and the British Museum is amazing – but just choose a few things to see.

  3. You and I are thinking the same thing…I had my eye on these little babies http://www.seedheritage.com/sneakers/mia-hightop-sneaker/w1/i10382432_10499517

    Not raining here, damn humid and I’ve spent the day in the kitchen listening to podcast, after podcast to drown out the noise coming from the girls up in the orchard.

    3 days a week off the booze, that’s great. I’ve got it down to only 1 or 2 nights a week (if that) over the past 5 years.

  4. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    Some rain. Swimming carnival (home pool this time thank goodness) , coffee catch up this morning with Style and Shenaningans and quiet day tomorrow. Nice

  5. London with kids is kind-of a specialty of ours – for a few days once a year ’cause Aunty and Uncle live there, and Granddad is nearby. My kids are similar ages to yours, they have loved – The Tower – where we had snow last April, a ride on the double decker bus, any bus will do, a musical – we went to Singing in the Rain, booked the cheap seats and it was fab, The British Museum, The Natural History Museum, Liberty – my most beautiful shop in the world, just down the road from Hamleys. Next time I want to do another musical and the V&A. Oh, the Tate Modern is good, the shop particularly. Southbank can have some fun things to do, one time we even went ‘beachcombing’ on the river. Hyde Park is beautiful, find Peter Pan and pinch yourself that you are there. We pick one “thing” a day – and a pub lunch or a park or somesuch. I try to keep my expectations really low – then when everything goes well its great!

  6. Amanda Garven says

    Oh god that episode killed me. I sobbed like a baby. I knew it was coming because I’d read the book, but dear lord to see it was something else. I think in season 1 when Ned lost his head warned me that no one was safe. But to lose Catlyn, who thinks all her family are dead, and yet Arya is right there!!!!! So close!!! I still find it unreal nearly a year later.

  7. nicole kane says

    i’d read the books too, and i knew EXACTLY what was coming, but jeez, i was a little shell shocked afterwards ha ha!
    canNOT wait for season 4!

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Happy weekend to you to Beth and I am glad for your sake that it find and you had to go to Canberra instead it’s a great place for children isn’t it and yes it is raining today even more so and I hope those poor farmers are getting some rain!

  9. Oh no. I didn’t listen to you and I read the first comment. Shit! Blown it for season 3…aaahhhhh! i’ve stopped reading.
    Yes it rained where I was this weekend. A birthday weekend for moi with 5 bestie girlfriends, it was great despite the rain.
    London tips…mmmmm….no, sorry.

  10. fauxfuschia says

    You should have Sunday lunch at Hix at Browns, I think you’d like it. And High tea at Blakes and and I like Balthazaar for lunch too.

    That episode of G to T was very confronting. Rob Stark was never a favourite of mine but still, there was a Hardcore Massacre….am counting the moments til Joffrey gets what is coming to him.

  11. i tried the recipe on friday for dinner. my husband loved it and so did I. So quick and so tasty. i also love the chorizo risotto recipe from Beverly mag. when is next issue coming out.

  12. Can you give me some tips on getting up early to exercise? I desperately want to get to the gym 4 mornings a week and if I really want to get a decent session in, I should be getting up around 5.30am. But I just can’t do it! How do I do it?

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