Miscellaneous 38

Things have warmed a bit haven’t they? We had a cold snap earlier in the week though – Tuesday morning the rain and mist set in and we got a couple of cold nights at 10 degrees. Look, we even had the fire on! So nice to have a taste of the cooler months ahead and then be back to mid thirties again now. I’m sure the garden is confused though.


Hot a fabulous email through the week from Rob’s beautiful cousin Erin. Hi Ezzie! She had a couple of personal game changers that she thought she would share with me, and in turn YOU, because they were worthy of sharing:

1. Stocard app (for iPhones and android)

A free app that you can store all your loyalty cards in – just load the numbers in and get rid of all those flipping cards in your wallet. Um, genius!

2. Norsu (online store)

Filled with hot stuff. Like I need another place to spend money in. I’d buy this print. Yes, of a hot pink chair. For my wall. What of it?


Picked up another bunch of superior hot pink roses from the quick sale bucket at Harris Farm. Whack them in that turquoise jug and they make my heart sing. They are on the Tina (Turner) but should last a few more days…at least there is no droop.


I swear I have become 13% smarter in the last week from reading a few website called Brain Pickings. One of my readers Sam (thanks Sam!) sent me a link to an article that I shared on Facebook about productivity (well worth a read I think) and she told me to check out their Facebook page. I have since become inundated with interesting stuff (hard to find from so many other websites out there). I even watched a film on space (not all of it, but SOME of it). Onto it people, onto it.


I’ve spent the week sitting here, at my desk. GETTING STUFF DONE. I’m talking about those lists that I wrote on the 21st December and haven’t bothered to look at since. While not everything is done, I started and that’s something. I am trying to focus on a DONE list rather than a TO DO list. It’s helpful I think…you should try it too.


Have you listened to the latest episode of Over the Back Fence yet? What on EARTH are you waiting for?

Picked up two cute doona covers for practically free in Target this week. 30% off meant they were $20 or something equally ridiculous. Only problem was it meant I had to wash all the linen and make the fucking bunk beds (which anyone who has bunk beds will know all about). PLUS I had to put the donnas into the cover….I swear it should make up for another sticker on my chart it was that exhausting. Now don’t go telling me that just because it’s a bunk bed that it means you can throw a doona on without a top sheet. I HAVE BED MAKING STANDARDS TO UPHOLD. It takes time, but dear GOD those beds are made well.

IMG_5971 IMG_5976 IMG_5977

Had a full lady service this week at the doctors. You know what’s more awkward that getting a cramp in your leg mid sex? Getting one mid pap smear. This exercise business is dangerous I tell you, dangerous.

We have a quiet weekend planned, plenty of time at home, and in the garden. Can’t wait!

Getting stuff done on your desk?
Purchased any hot bed linen I need to be aware of?
Any personal game changers you would like to share with us all?


  1. How good is Brain Pickings! I only have about 80 million of their posts favourited on twitter to go back and read!

  2. Thanks for the tips, Beth…love your Miscellaneous Posts 🙂 I, too scored some red hot bargains in the manchester department at Target the other day! Two queen size doona cover sets (Real Living brand). One at $21 (pink doily pattern on white) & the other at $35 (floral & blue watercolour spots)….both were originally $109!! I was beside myself with the excitement of scoring such a bargain of something that I LOVE! It’s the little things 😉 Have a wonderful weekend…Sarah x

  3. shoppegirls says

    Checking out the links. Thank you. Loving the bedlinen a lot. wishing you a lovely quiet weekend.

  4. fauxfuschia says

    1. my in tray is never empty. And I work 7 am- ish to 6pm 4 days a week. My day job is HARD.

    2. yes, I luff LUFF I tell you that Yves Delorme stuff from David Jones, it is divine. ‘Spensive as hell but please see number 1. I’m also thinking of buying one of those Hermes blankets to lie attractively across the end of the said bed.

    3. You need to buy an Hermes scarf. I did this today and I cannot tell you how happy it made me.

    4. I always have a quiet weekend in the garden . Nothing better.

    5. That is all. x

  5. I recently acquired bunk beds in our wee holiday house. Often I’m up there wrestling with the fitted sheet on the top bunk thinking surely there is an easy way that I just don’t know about yet. If there is please as a veteran bunk bed maker let me the hell know.

    Yours look so well made and smoothed out. I’m seriously impressed.

  6. It might just be my eyes, but I’m sure I can detect a slight rumple in the top right corner of the heart bed… x

  7. Bunk beds are the work of the devil.

  8. Got some gorgeous Cynthia Rowley bedding from Homesense for a steal last week. We are still in the -20 range but seed catalogues are helping. We’re in the midst of getting bunk beds for small one but now…

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I like what you are liking this week Beth ,I hate bunk beds so hard to make!The new linen looks gorgeous too and those flowers love,I have never gotton a cramp mid pep smear ouch,that’s nasty x

  10. Jackie Clark says

    I love Daisy’s cushion Xx

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      It’s beautiful isn’t it? Made by a reader of the blog who turns kid’s drawings into stitched works…this was a special surprise!

  11. Carolyn Manning says

    Under the topic of Hot Bed Linen – Fairydown Espresso Blankets. OMG – soooo good. That nice crunchy sound you get from good linen, and down, and just perfect for these ‘in between’ seasons.

  12. Kylie Gardner says

    Oh! Cramp! Pap smear! You make me laugh! LOL <- see!

    I love the sheets but they always make me think of my mother in law, who would say "does she know the linen isn't matching?". In the same way she whispered to me while out at dinner once "you've left two necklaces on". At the same time! Imagine that. CHAOS! She really is gorgeous, I do love her.

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