The Daily Edition: Afternoon Delight

Our Debrief panel from last year has had a makeover and today we launched the new segment aptly named Afternoon Delight. It’s quite scary really, going on TV and looking like you have some kind of opinion on something, whilst appearing coherent and looking like I was not not dragged backwards through a hedge. But my GOSH is it fun!

My day starts out with a text message to Mrs Woog asking if she approves of my frock choice. It usually looks like this:


This frock is 4 years old from Cue. Still works and usually only when I have been doing exercise as it’s tight. Then it’s a 2 hour drive to the big smoke (me talking to myself out loud in the car working out my responses to questions) for some lunch and a trip in to hair and make up where the false eyelashes are applied and the selfies are aplenty. I mean, usually during the week I’ve gone to trouble if I’ve had a shower and put deodorant on.

Mrs Woog usually then takes 154 photos of me in quick succession like some kind of crazed super model photographer pepped up on coke requesting pouts and poses a go-go. People kind of look at us strangely in the green room throughout the shoot. I’m OK with that because it’s quite different from my usual 1.30pm folding of the washing. BTW my knockers look MASSIVE in this frock. Should have thought that through.


Then it’s time to go on set. And this is when I get NERFOUS. Kris is always a nice distraction, but mostly it’s NERFOUS. There are count downs and lights and taking and COUNTDOWNS…and then you are on!

And you fumble and stuff up all the lines you were GOING to say, but it’s a rush and by gosh is it good fun. And then it’s over and I get in the car and drive 2 hours home. And that’s how it goes. This week it’s on a Thursday but going forward from next week it will be on every Friday arvo, around 2.10pm.

What are your thoughts on cyber bullying and teenage sleepovers?
Worst in the week? Best bit of it?
Got bigger knockers than me?


  1. The informercials KILL this show! Missed you on the show today – thank for the heads up as to when you will be on as I won’t be viewing past then!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Ah the old nature of the beast…they need them to pay for the show and keep it on air…but it can stop the flow I agree.

  2. I love how you got a photo of the bull dog clip on the back of the dress, that would not be comfortable. And yes, my knockers are huge and I struggle to find any decent dresses that fit them. You ladies were great!

  3. Kayte did so well to keep those emotions under control! I would have been a blubbering mess. And both of you were rocking the hair today 😉
    I think I’m like you and I’ve been punished for my wicked teenage years by having a very strong willed, independent daughter. She already throws better tantrums than I ever did so God help me when she gets a boyfriend! Knowing the friends, their family and your own child is so important.
    Cyber bullying should be treated like stalking and harrassment. I do think kids can be silly and led by the pack so common sense needs to also prevail but something has to change and parents MUST teach their children respect and consequences for their actions.
    Lastly….I know my knockers are bigger than yours! (just sounds wrong reading that back….)

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Ha! Knocker off. Knock off? Whatever it is I like it! Agree with you…kids can get led astray in a pack but we really have to keep across their activities as they first start off into online world and really educate and inform them. SO important for all our little ones about to come into it…they need to fix some of the problems that have been created by bigger kids.

  4. Cyber bullies are like people who throw up in pubs and nightclubs. While everyone else is having a good time they’ve gone and done something that everyone else now has to step around and try to ignore. They need to be evicted before they put a dampener on everyone’s night. And on the knockers, I reckon I could give you a run for your money. Best bit: we had to dress up for a gala dinner last night, I had fancy hair that I luffed, heres a pic of G and I LOVING ourselves.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      FABULOUS! You both look gorgeous – thanks for sharing the snap! As for the knockers…I recently got fitted and I am a 12E. E.E. Can you beat that? An outrageous display of tit from me!

  5. Jackie Clark says

    Yay I can finally watch you guys! Last year you were on while I was at work!

  6. you were both awesome. Bethie your hair looked sensational, and Woog, I just wanted to give you a MASSIVE hug. Top work girls! XXXX

  7. Looking good laydees. Sounded fab. Great job xx

  8. Too fabulous! You look terrific in your ‘frock’. Wish I could see you on the tellie

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I loved you and mrs Woog yesterday you are two hot foxy ladies and I don’t mean that in the Kath and Kim way and your necklace is gorgeous Beth.I hate cyber bullies they never have the guts to put their name on their little nasty notes ,I stick to the old fashioned rule that if you having nothing nice to say,say nothing people can be cruel and it hurts people’s self esteem I am naturally nice,but if someone crosses me they had better watch out ,cause I can be the bitch from hell.
    The sleepover thing is a personal choice I think we let our kids Girlfriends and boyfriends sleep over when they were in a relationship they were about 19 or 20 from memory though and I had already told them no random shagging in my house allowed,I have friends who don’t mind but I don’t like waking up to strange girls or boys in the morning ,luckily our kids were not like that they have only had a few steady partners and now both settled I hope with their chosen ones,my daughter lives with her partner 5 minutes away in the house they bought last year ,my son and his girlfriend live here as they are saving for a house.
    Lmk good thing this week I found a cream jug in the oppy when I was waiting for the results of a CT scan I have been looking for ages for a nice one and “borrowed” some foliage from next door I think its camellia with little seeds on it as we had no decent flowers,bad bit my neck is stuffed my C6and C7 are not good I have cervical spondylosis (bad arthritis) and the nerves are getting squashed not want I wanted to know but that’s life,I go back to the rheumatologist on Monday for the full works so I will hope she says something positive I am over myself!
    Have a lovely weekend I think it is going to be a soft pant one xx

  10. Cyber bullying, nasty. Teenage sleep overs, bring ’em on.
    Worst this week, too many bills!
    Best, little boy did poo in toilet. Yay!
    Got a substantial rack but yours is better, im only 12 d.
    Fri time slot suits me too so I might get to see this show you are on! Good on you and mrs w, enjoy the limelight!

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