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Mrs Woog has popped over today with the boys and look at what we just rolled for lunch…

IMG_5468 IMG_5469 IMG_5471

You know what that is? Works burger is ALL. With pineapple, egg, bacon, cheese. And a potato scallop. OK, two.

Dear GOD they can make a burger by the beach can’t they? Must be that fresh salty air that makes them so tasty. In any case all I know is that I have had my very best works burgers by the sea. I’ll never forget as a young girl on summer holidays I had the very best burger I ever did have at the North Entrance caravan park. Pineapple juicy, sauce dripping, bacon crispy, egg a little runny. Teamed up with raspberry slurpee that could have been my last supper. I can still taste that burger, 20 years later.

Now the construction of the burger is one thing. Where does one place the tomato to stop it from making the bun soggy? Does the cheese go on top of the patty so it melts evenly? Where does the lettuce go? Not to mention the eating of the burger: one bite and you can potentially lose the lot…the entire contents spilling out and all you are left with is the two buns. Do you commit to the eating in one sitting i.e. not putting that bastard down until you are done? SO much to think about really.

So tell me, how do you make the perfect burger?
What does it contain?
In what order is it constructed?
Where was the best burger you have ever had?


  1. Bree Di Mattina says

    In the USA recently I took to eating burgers. Not something I normally eat. But OMG can those Yanks can make a mighty fine burger. I like a patty with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and maybe a little onion. And some mustard too please. I even liked the pickles on the side. And washed down with a salty rimmed margarita please. I die.

  2. I hope to god there is beetroot on that burger, otherwise it’s not a real works burger.

    In Dubai there are more burger joints that I’ve ever seen in a place (including the US of A). We’ve got Fat Burger, Shake Shack, Burger Fuel, Max Burgers (my personal fave), Elevation burgers, Johnny Rockets, the list goes on and on and on.

    But nothing beats an Aussie burger with a toasted bun (with beetroot, pineapple, egg, bacon and cheese) from a milk bar or fish and chip shop by the sea, nothing. The yanks can keep their soggy bun burgers.

  3. Chelsea Sutherland says

    Best burger I’ve ever had was at some little beachside place (right?) near Tugun on the Gold Coast. And it was a ditch the diet treat meal that tasted exactly how I imagined it would when I was ordering.

    At home my order goes lettuce, soggy ingredients (tomato/beetroot/pinapple), cheese (if not melted into the meat on the BBQ) meat (fish, beef & chicken are on high rotation around here), onion (preferably cooked, on the BBQ with the meat and mushrooms added if it’s a beef burger), sauce.

    I pretty much commit to eating it all in the one sitting as my burger’s structural integrity isn’t always the greatest, haha.

  4. Emma Steendam says

    Oh dear me. Only one thing stands out to me here – POTATO SCALLOP. It’s a potato CAKE people! And boom, I went there…

    • Yes!!!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      A potato cake you say? Go eat some Fritz!

      • Yes , a potato cake(which must have crispy batter). South Australia is the only place that has ‘proper’ Fritz. It must be Chapmans Bung Fritz

    • ahoy.jenni says

      No way, it’s a potato scallop. As a kid I used to salivate waiting for my potato scallop in the fish and chip shop. I think it’s called a scallop because of the shape the potato is cut or because it’s crumbed or battered. Potato cake sounds like the Americanized version and also sounds alot more fattening…

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    The best burger I ever had was at Lennox heads a long time ago!

  6. MotherDownUnder says

    No beetroot! Definitely no beetroot!
    Not surprisingly I am all for American style burger…give me mayo and ketchup and mustard and pickles! And onion rings! And put one or two of those onion rings on my burger. And most definitely eat it without putting it down!

  7. The best burger I ever had was just after we had picked grapes in the vineyard we owned briefly. We were hungry, hot and tired, and that burger with the lot was the BEST thing ever.

  8. I like to serve mine up with the cheese and onion on the meat on one side of the bun, with the salady stuff on the other side of the bun. The eater then rams the 2 together and immediately stuffs in mouth. Recently we tried hot salsa on our burgers and it was excellent. And bacon. Bacon improves everything.

  9. Thelittleredhen says

    Aha! I thought I recognised where you and Mrs Woog were today from a pic she tweeted and this burger entry confirms I was right. I won’t reveal where you are but we had the best swim and bloody amazing burgers at the same spot 2 weeks ago. Total surprise too-we only ordered lunch there because we were desperate & kids were losing it & it was late but it was really good. I went to the back window of the takeaway there & told them how great our lunch was and they were SO surprised. They said they only usually hear if people are unhappy. I was glad I made the effort to poke my head in & give them some happy feedback.
    Enjoy the rest of your hols:)

  10. I love a burger with egg, cheese and beetroot, hold the tomato. I was at Coogee beach recently and had the best burger ever. Now I want to go get another one.

  11. Alison von Bibra says

    It’s a pototoe cake. Period . And it has no business being in a burger. Next period.
    Having said that I’ll take 4 Mrs W burgers, delivered to Victoria please, hold the pototoe cakes.

  12. Potato Scallop? How have these things never made their way to me before?!

  13. Amy Zempilas says

    Oh I do love me a good burger! For me it has to be a soft roll, juicy beef patty with cheese, tomato and beetroot. YUM! A x x

  14. Far out, I love me a burger. There is a new burger joint that’s opened around the corner from us and my word, they do the most amaaaaaazing burgers. They have a brilliant core menu but they rotate a special burger of the week – this week they had a burger with ONION RINGS in it. I almost passed out from excitement but the summer sangria kept me conscious. Good times.

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