Things I like {The home edition}

I do love a good holiday, but I think my favourite part of a holiday is coming home. And getting everything back into order. Throw in a good de-clutter and taking down all the Christmas deco’s/tree etc and I was in some kind of heaven today. Floors vacuumed and mopped. Surfaces wiped. New flowers placed in vases. Windows opened. Cupboards and fridge filled. Washing pile started. Order has been restored my friends after a crazy couple of weeks and I am ready to embrace some mundane  and routine. For a few days at least. The thing I like the most is my home. But some highlights, if you will indulge me…

1. Mopped floors. Not a pine needle in sight.


2. Home grown tomatoes. Sliced thinly on toast with lashings of Lurpak, salt and pepps.


3. Coriander that has gone to seed but still looks SO pretty. Cut it & whack it in a vase….go on!


4. Finding new spots for Christmas pressies. The gay godfathers were very good to us this year.


5. As were the girls. I mean REALLY, is there a finer teapot in all the lands?


6. Lavender just keeps on giving. Bless it. As does that hot mirror I picked up for TWENTY BUCKS. 20!


7. Full fruit bowls are a sign of luxury are they not? How lucky we all are.


8. Things in vases will never fail to make me happy. Especially from the garden.


9. Icebergs are looking good. My other roses not so much. Planted some climbing icebergs out the front that are loving themselves sick in that westerly sun.


10. The girls survived while we were away thanks to some excellent babysitting by our babysitter Pene. I wonder if it will ever get boring going to collect the eggs?


10. We are THAT far behind down here. Aggie’s only JUST coming out.


11. Whilst the festive fairy lights have been packed away, it doesn’t mean I can’t fill the house with a shit load of candles for ambience.


Are you home? Or away? Or going away soon?
What’s your favourite thing to do when you get back? Tea? Flowers? Washing? Bed?


  1. I kept a string of fairy lights in the lounge room.. strung it up above the couch… why not eh. I was surprised you didn’t do the whole “EGGcellent baby sitting…” about your chooks 😉

  2. Try some hummus or avo with those toms! Bliss. Had some on a rockin’ rye sourdough yesterday.

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I am home,I actually do enjoy coming homeas have some awesome flowers Beth it has been so hot the gardenias are still flowering .i have some frangipani and I took some blooms off divine but my lavenders gave not flowered again yet.your mirror is lovely and I am glad your getting so many eggs from the girls,

  4. I learnt this from Emma Steendam: you need to separate your bananas. I don’t even like the damn things so I’m not sure why I remember the advice (just add it to the useless pile of facts in my head), but apparently they last longer if you separate the bunch.

  5. shoppegirls says

    Went away over the week before and of christmas. Camping in a little country town where I spent my teenage years. I asked my daughters 18 + 15 what they thought and their reply was ‘the sense of community’ where even after all the years that have passed there are still friends or acquaintances who still remember who you are and stop for a chat. Home now away again next week to my cousins in Shoal Haven Heads. happy Holidays. x

  6. We are still visiting Nan and Pops in the upper hunter. Have been camping in a beautiful spot on the base of barrington tops, fresh running water, snakes and heat. Going to Sydney tomorrow for a week to catch up with friends, then another week away in a campervan up the coast with my kids and partner. Still not going back to Patagonia. Loving hot summers in Australia.
    Snap, like you having home grown tomatoes on toast this morning for breaky and love eating fresh eggs from the chooks here too!

  7. Reannon Hope says

    We got back on Thursday but still had visitors so it wasn’t until yesterday that routine was restored. And boy oh boy was it overdue!
    Being in holiday with extended family is fabulous but being home with just your own little family & feeling refreshed is just pure joy!

  8. There certainly is no place like home. Still trying to talk my husband into having chooks again after their murder! Miss having the fresh eggs each day. We are off for a week at Nelson Bay on Monday, we own a holiday home so it still feels like home because it is filled with my things.

  9. I took down the Christmas decorations yesterday and now the house looks so bare! Going to have to start filling it again with flowers, candles, prints and cushions. We didn’t go away during our 2 weeks off, but just being together with our puppy, not having to clock watch or be anywhere in particular was just what my soul needed. Welcome home, Beth. x

  10. Yes we are lucky, no it never gets boring collecting eggs, and yes, that is the best tea pot in the universe 🙂

  11. Not going away anytime soon, everyone is back at work and school today (on a Sunday, I still can’t get used to it), so it’s back to the old routine. My mum left yesterday, so today will be spent restoring order – washing, sweeping, etc. It’s nice but I have got those post holiday blues, not knowing when I’m going to see friends and family again.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Oh Corinne, that feeling must be tough. Hope that routine and mundane comfort you soon and you can remember all the great times you had over tyne last little while x

  12. Emma Steendam says

    We got home last night after two weeks away, today is THE day – washing, mopping, sweeping, garden jungle taming, clucking about with the chooks, giving some love to the poor abandoned kelpie. We also came home packed to the rafters with baby STUFF – where do I even begin?! Eeeeeppp…

  13. Emily Psaila says

    We have been home a week, we visit my country home where I grew up and my parents still live. It’s beautiful, it’s always cool, lush and green and my toddlers have 3 acres to wander around chasing chickens, picking Nana’s flowers and following their Nanu in and out various sheds of junk.

    I dread the initial heat wave when we get back to Cairns, humidity and the washing pile, but love climbing into my own bed and cooking dinner in my own kitchen!… it’s the little things..

  14. We got home from two weeks of camping just two days ago, and I think I had a load of washing on before my husband had even finished unpacking the car. I missed my washing machine, is that weird? I think I know what your answer will be. Good to be catching up on your blog, too. I mostly unplugged while we were away, and god it was good.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      It’s such a great thing to do – I haven’t done it all these holidays…I’m sure the urge will come soon enough. Welcome home!

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