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I was doing a pre visitors shop at Harris Farm on Saturday running around like a crazy woman when I spotted these beauties from the corner of my eye. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A MORE SUPERIOR BUD? They are pom pom chrysanthemums I believe and they are the happiest flowers I ever have seen under my roof. I am getting a little sad that the leaves are starting to turn on me…I just want them to stay forever. Luckily we are coming into chrysanthemum season so hopefully there will be plenty more of them about.

IMG_5501 IMG_5504

You know the best thing that happened this morning? My internet got refreshed! Given the holiday period we had managed to chew through some data and it was a slow as 1996. So this morning I called Telstra and they refreshed us a few days early and now I have SPEED. DATA SPEED. It’s making me happy. I wonder how much extra coin they make during January?

I went and saw Wolf of Wall Street yesterday afternoon with Rob. I can’t even remember the last time we went to the movies together…especially without it being a kids animated film. I enjoyed it…not sure I loved it…but it certainly was a ride of 3 hours of sex, drugs and debauchery. I was exhausted by the end of it and needed a cuppa and a lie down. That or some drugs… The length was in excess, the story about excess…and in the end it didn’t sit well with me this adoration of someone who essentially was a crook. It was good fun though and I was juts grateful to be out…alone. The Australian bird in it was SO hot. Apparently from Neighbours? I suspect she will be a super star. And as for Leo…well I am a fan. Worth a look if you can handle some serious partying. Note to Grandma sitting in front of me who tsk tsk’d through EVERY FREAKING SCENE, this R rated film was probably NOT for you.


Have you still been following along with Nikki’s #everydaystyle? I have been having the occasional crack when I can get my 4 year old photographer in the right mood. Proof that I will never be any good at it though…this was an outtake from a wedding we went to a few weeks ago. Hair everywhere, dress opening in all the wrong places and even spanks in shot! I am seeing Nikki this weekend and I am going to do my best to get her to teach me to stand…just so. I do love those shoes though…they were the bridesmaids shoes from our wedding almost 9 years ago…still as fab today!


The weather has been quite cool over the past few days, we even managed to have the fire on Australia Day night! Suddenly it’s been feeling like Autumn, even though we are a way off it yet. A few trees in the village have started to turn their leaves and of course it’s apple season! Grabbed these wild ones from the tree in the backyard. They are a little tart but delicious in a crumble. Note to self: make crumble.


And of course Dahlia’s are now out in all their glory. I don’t grow any, but I can buy bunches of them like it’s nobodies business. They also remind me that it’s almost show time….watch this space for my areas of focus this year at the local show. I’m thinking floral arrangements, perhaps a pickle or a jam? And of course I will have another crack at the scones like I did last year.


Harps was off to Preschool this morning…sigh. She trotted off without too many tears, I’m sure ready to tackle being the big kid in the class for her final year. Daisy is home with me today rolling her eyes at the fact that I am back to work and she just has to sit and deal with it. There are bills to pay, things to organise and so many emails for me to reply to. Business as usual…again.

Let’s do this 2014.

Get hit up with some excess data this holiday season?
Any suggestions for show entries for me?
Seen any Oscar films that are worth looking at?
May the force of Maintenance Monday be with you all friends!


  1. My dahlias are just starting to come out now. Big, bright red/orange ones. They are my favourite and they are very, very easy to grow and have survived a week of 40 degrees and hopefully will survive this week of it again., However i think I will be getting my hands on some of those pom pom chrysanthemms. Beautiful!! Love the shoes. 🙂

  2. Bree Di Mattina says

    My cousins in the USA sent me a pic of a note outside the cinema showing Wolf. It said “this is an R rated film. Refunds will not be given after the first 15 minutes. ” must have been a few Grannies tsk tsking there too!

  3. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    I always go over on the data. I am wireless only – no phone line, long story – and I just cannot survive on my meagre allowance. Even when I use the freebie in the library and turn off my phone data as much as possible.
    Loving those green shoes. I wouldnt be able to walk in them but I love them. Two off to school tomorrow for a 38 degree day. Yup. No cool days here!

  4. Those pom pom chrysanthemums are bloody gorgeous, I wonder if you took them out of water would they dry just as well?

    Hello crumble!!!! Did someone say crumble? You know I’m a huuuge fan of your recipe, huge! Even if you don’t have any rhubarb, it’s just great as an apple dish.

  5. Michele @ The Hills are Alive says

    I think you look pretty darn hot even with your spanx showing and whatever – looking good mumma (and your 4 yo takes a good photo too)

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Thank you! The 4 year old didn’t take this one though…I got my big sister to do it who thought I was CRAZY.

  6. StevieLauren says

    I just thought I would let you know that I whipped up your amazing risoni salad recipe as a very last minute (and very hungover) pitch for an australia day bbq we were attending… short of grating my finger whilst zesting lemon and having to toss the first batch of risoni, and having to use half dill/half parsley due to dwindling garden stock in this CRAZY ADELAIDE HEAT – it was super easy to make and was loved by all, an absolute hit! later in the night and after a few too many proseccos, I saw one lady take a spoonful straight from the bowl when she thought no one was looking. ha! x

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love those blooms very happy and sunny!i am sure Harper will be happy at preschool and I hope she is tired so she sleeps for her mama.I saw that movie on the weekend too,I thought it a bit long and it had loads of sex and drugs ,not that I’m a prude ,Leo does like himself in a long movie doesn’t he?make that crumble Beth and I bought the cutest little baby pears today ,never ever seen them before I am thinking a flan or a tart maybe.One tip for you unlimited wi if it’s the bomb xx

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      How about you poach those mini pears? They would look so pretty on a plate with some yoghurt or a dollop of cream.

  8. Would love to see Wolf of Wall Street, but apparently the censors here cut out a full 45 minutes! Doesn’t seem worth it. Will wait for iTunes.
    I saw Blue Jasmine on the plane when we went to Germany, I loved it! Cate Blanchett really is superb in it.
    Best of luck with the start of the new school year! x

  9. Fuck I am jealous Beth… apples?! Good work!
    Just last night the hubby told me he downloaded (tsk tsk, I know) that very movie you mentioned. As soon as I heard “that Leo dude is in it” I told him I’d watch it haha. So thanks for your timely review! I’m sure it’ll take me 5 nights to watch it with Olivia waking every bloody hour after she goes down.

  10. I saw FROZEN today, and I must say apart from a couple of very dodgy scenes (cannot take cartoons pashing) it was 9 out of ten!

  11. I just noticed over the weekend the leaves on one of my trees have started turning yellow & falling off. I thought ‘isn’t it too early?’ But maybe with the now cooler temps at night it thinks it is. Or the heat wave has killed it and it’s actually dying? Hope it’s the former. ‘Confused season syndrome’ – that should be a thing here in Canberra & the Highlands, right?

    My teenage children could murder your allocated internet download in 5 seconds flat (well, technically 24 hours. They did it at their grandparents house recently. I received a tsk tsk phone call, lol)

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Heaven help us when they get older! I’m not sure what is going on with the leaves…they are all confused! Here’s to cooler nights though, right?

  12. Yep I saw wolf on Sunday night and walked out thinking should I get naked and snort some coke now too?!– NOT! What a full on 3 hours that was?! And couldn’t agree more on the whole praise for the selfish man that he was- but all the same was a good perve on robbie and Leo!!

  13. Found these poms growing wild in Kingscliff where we are on hols. They were just a bit high for me or they’d be in a vase too! I love those wedding shoes btw.

  14. Happy to run you through some posing tips – although I’m afraid I do the SAME EVERY TIME! See you very soon. x

  15. Margaret Elvis says

    What a great post, so much to read and look at. Love the pompom dahlias and my favourite colour too. No point having cut flowers here in Perth during summer, they just don’t go the distance.
    Love that picture of you with the wind-blown hair and those shoes. Wow!!
    Hope Harps enjoys pre-school. I have a great-granddaugther actually beginning real school next week. Makes me feel old as my eldest granddaughter will be 41 this week. Not complaining though as so grateful at being allowed to remain of this earth to enjoy them all.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Good luck to your g-Granddaughter…Harper starts ‘big” school next year and I’m sure I will be a mess…MY BABY!!!

  16. Chrisy Clay says

    So much goodness in this post Beth, 2014 seems to be chugging along just nicely for you 🙂 but those yellow pom pom flowers ….. they win hands down.
    Getting ready for my one and only to head off to big school tomorrow. Feels like yesterday l brought her home from the hospital…….

  17. I can’t remember the last time the husbo and I went to the movies. We should really do that one day soon. Love those pom pom chrysanthemums – I reckon I picked some green ones up last year and they were probably my most favourite bunch I bought. You must enter your pickled cucumbers in the show. They are sure to win!

  18. Forget the spanks and the flapping dress – let’s talk about your perfect pins! I’m in awe of your lovely legs! We went to the outdoor cinema at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair last night and saw Enough Said. Such a beautiful movie – no sex, swearing or violence just class acting. Highly recommend it!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      You know I’ve NEVER been to the outdoor cinema? NEED to do it next summer for sure. Thanks for your kind words about my pins…wish I knew about them years ago! Yes, I honestly thought they were hideous rather than splashing them all over the place when they were probably much better anyway!

  19. ahoy.jenni says

    Even though you can’t see him because of all the face paint, Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger is hilarious and still ever so *hot*. We had such a good laugh watching this. Also Denzel Washington in Flight. Great movie!! And finally, Jean Reno, my favourite French actor in The Chef (I think that is what its called…) Do you remember him in the Big Blue? Its a cute light hearted movie, no coke involved, just the usual French delicacy and humour (god I sound like David and Margaret !).

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