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I planted some ice berg creeping roses a few months ago. They are very happy, as am I with their progress. One day they shall hang down in white glory all over the front of the house. That will be a very good day indeed. The whole garden in fact is very happy with the summer conditions – sunny and then a little cooler, some rain and sunny again. Life really is pretty simple.

IMG_5328 IMG_5330 IMG_5331

The geraniums that I picked up a while ago are also flowering now. Hardy little things that they are. I think I need to get some red ones next…underrated don’t you think? Or they for a Greek Island only?


I do love meeting bloggers in real life and I met a very lovely one, Talei, at a fabulous drinks soiree over Christmas. If you are into beauty than this blog {Cosmetic Manifesto} is for you. Having worked as a cosmetic developer in New York for years, Talei is now residing in Honkers and writing down all that she knows – products, how they are made, history of stuff etc, basically it’s just fabulous. You can have a look here and she also has a Facebook page here. Now I’m off to buy some of this mascara…


So what do I NEED to be reading? I have finished just 2 books so far – one great (Hannah Richell The Shadow Year) and one not so (Emily Rapp The Still Point of the Turning World – only because I was not in the right frame of mind for this). There is just nothing better than a good read and I need another to keep this holidays spirit alive.

I do enjoy going down an internet rabbit hole. I went down a very big one this morning filled with image after image of deliciousness and prettiness that I adored. I felt refreshed once I finally came up for air. Saw this image and decided that it needs to be made in the next little while. I mean YUM. You know one time twitter told me to add cracked black pepper to a fresh strawberry, and so I did, and it was indeed very good. Let’s make this one…


My Christmas/summer holiday seems a lifetime ago now, which is kind of annoying seeing as it’s just the 8th Jan and not the 27th Jan as it feels like. I think I need to take the stay cation theme on a little better rather than just being at home. How do you do that? Board games? Puzzles? Afternoon cocktails and friends over for dinner? TV shows being watched in one sitting?

Speaking of Christmas holidays, the soundtrack that plays in my mind when I think about our wonderful 10 days was this song. There is no film clip, but I love the song. Don’t you love the way a song can become a theme for a certain time/holiday and then every time you listen to it again it transports you back?

Are any of you looking for things to do/places to go these school holidays? I think that the Blue Mountains tourism has been suffering since the bush fires in October. I know that you think of summer and the beach but I can assure you that the mountains are also a fine place to visit. I bet you can get cheap accommodation, beautiful bush walks, cafes, restaurants and shopping. Perhaps even just a day train trip with the kids – it’s a cracker if you haven’t done it before. Here’s a link to their tourism site. While I’m playing tour guide you could always come and check out the beautiful Highlands (link here).

Rob and I are almost half way through season 2 of Game of Thrones. I’m enjoying it, but I must say I can’t keep up with all of the people, and Kings and lands. After each scene I ask Rob “so who was that?” he must be really enjoying that.


What book/s do I need to be reading?
Have any good ideas for being on holidays when you are at home?
Any songs that instantly transport you back through time/place?


  1. Maryandlil says

    All sounds mighty fine! We are trying new adventures this year to feel alive. Adventure one is trekking Mt Kosiosko this weekend!

  2. shoppegirls says

    I started reading Gone Girl but could not get into it. Like you said I was not in the right frame of mind. I am reading Happily Ever After by Harriet Evans. I am enjoying this book. I have a little about this book on my blog if your are interested. My daughters have been watching The OC. Enjoy.

  3. Thanks for putting in a good word about the Blue Mountains. I live in the town that lost the 200 houses and local businesses have taken a huge hit following the fires. If anyone does come up here, we do ask that no one comes down Yellow Rock, the town that lost all the homes. Us locals are not kind to gawkers, in fact we are pretty much over it. Tourism = yes. Sticky beaks at other’s misfortune = no. The council has now jumped on board and stuck giant LOCALS ONLY signs on every power pole coming down here. We once had a TOUR BUS come down here… man did that company cop some angry phone calls!

  4. Keep going with GOT – I was the same but eventually it all worked in my brain – you’ll need therapy with season 3! We are addicted to Suits at the moment – New York – hotties in suits. Enough said. x

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I can slowly seeing it all come into focus…I remember you mentioned Suits to me we will be onto it x

  5. I just finished Divergent by Veronica Roth, it’s a young adult book, kind of like Hunger Games. Really well written and there are another two books in the story, always a bonus if you ask me!

  6. Annie Maurer says

    Thanks Beth for your little plug for The Blue Mountains. I also live in the community worst hit by the October fires and would love for your readers to help support some ailing businesses. Apart from all the usual beautiful tourist spots….stop in at some of the villages along the way for great coffee shops and cute shops to browse. Springwood is one such village with lots to offer…..and some businesses owned by people who lost their homes in the fires. So please come and visit, but as stated by a previous reader, don’t go gawking at the actual fire sites…..enjoy the amazing beauty of the recovering bush.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Great suggestions Annie – my Aunt lives in Springwood and my Mum used to live in Faulco…lots of great villages along the way x

  7. Surely you’ve watched Breaking Bad? If you lived in the dark ages like us, run, don’t walk!!! It’s all my husband and I have watched since the beginning of Dec – one ep. a night. Also, Tangle and Love My Way are up there on my ‘to watch’ list………….’they’ say that The Goldfinch’ by Donna Tartt is fantastic…………it’s ‘tome’ like though.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      My sister has been trying to get me on board Breaking Bad…perhaps it’s next?!

      • Oh, you’ve GOT to watch BB.
        I canned my trip to the beach at Nelson Bay (11hours drive) with our two girls (Claudia & Weenie) for a ‘stay’cation at home in Dirranbandi, and it’s been the best thing I’ve done all year!! Who would have thought? I actually got in the car yesterday for the first time in days, and felt a bit wobbly!

  8. Jackie Clark says

    I’m halfway through Season 1 of GOT but not sure it’s for me. It’s so violent. My cousin assures me to stick with it though. Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy are also great shows to watch. My kids are staying with their Nan in Brisbane until Saturday and can you believe I’m actually bored and looking for things to entertain myself. The usual endless washing, cleaning and food prep doesn’t need doing when you don’t have kids!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      It’s always the way isn’t it Jackie? I miss my kids the minute they are away from me and then wish for time alone when they are here. Crazy!

  9. How about taking the girls on a picnic? And in your neck of the woods you could just walk to any lovely spot by a creek or in a paddock and throw a table cloth down. The girls will think its a great adventure and you might get lucky and get to lie around and read a book while the girls run off some energy!
    Game of Thrones is awesome! Nikki is right, season 3 is a killer 😉 We’re currently getting through Fringe and I can also recommend Sherlock.
    The roses look gorgeous. I miss my old garden but it’s so fun starting a new one.

  10. I’ve just finished The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty – couldn’t put it down. Just started Walking on Trampolines by Frances Whiting which Mia Freedman raved about …

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I loved that book – I was hooked too. I saw Mia Freedman recommended the trampoline one…I will get onto it thanks Nic

  11. Game of Thrones is THE BEST!!! Also I tried to read Gone Girl on your recommendation but couldn’t get into it??? Should I try again?

  12. Amanda Lean says

    I’m thinking I have to read Book Thief now after all the hype & rave reviews of both the book & movie

  13. Little Munch says

    Love the song Beth! My little men just came bounding down the hall when they heard it playing and wiggled their butts to it. Nothing like a cool tune to brighten everyone’s day.

  14. Nice timing, I was just thinking while I was getting ready this morning, its time for a new mascara. I’ve ordered it and now I just need to wait for its arrival. I got it slightly cheaper than amazon here http://web1.sasa.com/SasaWeb/eng/product/viewProductDetail.jspa?itemno=105130701002

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Well played Deb – thanks for the link. A few post before there was another mascara that Talei mentioned that looked pretty good to.

  15. Reannon Hope says

    Don’t laugh when I tell you but I’m reading THE THORNBIRDS!!! I had never read it, picked it up in an oppy & am bloody loving it! I do love a sweeping saga set in early Australia …..speaking of early Australia ( well earlier than when I was born in the late 70’s) I watched The Sapphires yesterday on Foxtel- man it was good! so if you want to while away a few hours in the couch ( & really who doesn’t?!) watch that x

  16. I just finished reading The Rosie Project. Awesome easy holiday read. Another fave of mine that I have reread twice this year is When God was a Rabbit – best book I have read in forever. Happy reading.

  17. We’re off to the Blue Mountains in a couple of weeks for the Aust Day long weekend. A whole bunch of us do a Aust Day camping trip every year, normally to the beach but this year a couple of us old fools are going to the BDO and needed to be in close proximity to Sydney so the mountains it is. Haven’t been there since I was 9, looking forward to it. Before that I am off to the south coast for the weekend with a gf and her kids, they run feral, we sit and enjoy “the snacking hour” which is really all day snacking on yuminess. Winning.

  18. Margaret Elvis says

    You are so fortunate to have rain. I don’t think it has rained in Perth since last November and our garden suffers because of the lack of it. Red geraniums are wonderful. I’ve had pieces break off and new plants begin so have splotches of red all over when they flower. I also have 2 different pink ones which are beautiful but no white ones so must remedy that soon. It is hot in Perth this week with up to 41ºC on Saturday and with out water restrictions we battle to keep plants healthy. I do love those iceberg roses. I have 3 Chameleon roses that are beautiful (in pots). They are the ones that change colour as the blooms age.
    We’ve not had holiday for years and years so have forgotten that feeling of “where did that holiday go?” Being retired I guess we holiday at home now. All part of the aging process.
    Believe me though the time simply flies for us too. Phil said only this morning “Not the 8th already?” Apart from time flying, hope the new year is treating you well.

  19. I just finished reading Barracuda, by the same guy who wrote The Slap. I enjoyed it immensely.

  20. Emma Steendam says

    I seem to be the last person on earth to read The Book Thief. But there you have it. I was considering Barracuda but I didn’t really enjoy The Slap (also the only person on earth it seems). Light Between Two Oceans by ML Stedman is a good one if you’re on the hunt for a good read.

    I like your white geraniums, I too always think red ones and Greek Islands or something, white flowers of any kind are top notch in my book though. Might get some as I seem to be killing usual cottage garden sorts willy nilly in this strange South Australian clime…

    • Michelle Buckland says

      Barracuda is great – I am very close to finishing it. I liked The Slap but this is quite different so you may enjoy it.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I reckon they would go great guns at your place – they are harder to find than the pink and red but beautiful nonetheless.

  21. Michelle Buckland says

    A wonderful book I read just before Xmas was “When God Was a Rabbit”. Highly recommended. One of those books that stays with you for weeks after. “Barracuda” is riveting – just about to finish it.

  22. We went to the Blue Mountains after Christmas and it was totally awesome (as always!) We took visitors from the Mother Country and they LOVED it! Always so many beautiful places to go and lovely things to see. I actually got stuck into my uncle’s first novel over the holidays and it’s awesome (as is he.) It’s called “East End Boys” by David Brown. Super proud and super impressed all at the same time

  23. MotherDownUnder says

    My husband is watching Game of Thrones at the moment…I think he is on season three…I watched two episodes and gave up…I went back to Project Runway!

  24. I am currently reading Burial Rites by Hannah Kent and LOVING IT. Also need to finish reading The Book Thief as I am loving that too. So many songs transport me to different times/places/people. I love that about music.

  25. Chelsea Sutherland says

    I’m about to rewatch Game of Thrones while I impatiently wait for the second half of The Walking Dead to come back. Nine Inch Nail’s Head Like A Hole is one of my happy songs, even though it isn’t necessarily a happy song. It’s been the soundtrack to many a fun filled night hanging out wtih my sisters and it always at least makes me smile, if not laugh out loud a little when it comes on.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Great track…I imagine that you would be able to watch GOT again and again and get something else from it each time…I can barely keep up!

  26. ‘Pompeii’ by Bastille reminds me of our honeymoon. It first came out while we were on the Amalfi Coast, Italy. So of course we changed the “eh-oh-eh-oh” lyrics to “grazie, prego” (so mature). But we still sing those made up lyrics to this day and smile when the song comes on.

  27. ahoy.jenni says

    Oh dear you read Emily Rapps book while on your Xmas holiday! Silly you!! I have only read excerpts and knew I couldn’t go there, terrible as it sounds to not want to share someone else’s pain, but you really need to be in the head space for it. The Book Thief sounds amazing, saw a review and interview with author, try that one.
    I’m waiting to get GOT season 3, just love it! We watched Dexter season 7 over Xmas, not very xmassy I know but intriguing and addictive! Lol.
    Oh and btw I got an original VHS version of the rankin and bass little drummer boy!! When I find someone who can convert VHS to DVD for me I’ll get you a copy. It was so beautiful to be transported back to my childhood xmases, to when I did believe in Santa!

  28. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love the mountains and even though I only live an hour away I really should visit.I love your rose and yes geraniums are good value,cheap and cheery and that salad looks divine! I have not watched game of thrones but after seeing that map with all the lands and kings I don’t know if I would like it.Good books hmm I read a great one last week but cannot for the life of me remember the name.I have downloaded a couple of books on my iPad from the library free and easy as long as you are a member and if you don’t like it you don’t have to read it.Win!

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