Forgive me Father…

Rob and I finished the second series of Game of Thrones last night. Neighbour told me to watch it, oh 18 months ago, and so I am finally on board. Because you know me, late joiner. The show has taken me a while to get into – probably because we would watch an episode and then a few weeks later, watch another. Too many worlds, too many names….but these summer holidays though we have tackled the show watching 2 episodes every night and then heading to bed to have dreams of wars and fighting and um, Jon Snow.


Mentioned it on Facebook last night and it’s nice to know I am in good company with many of you. I know he is meant to be 14 in the books. I know that he would smell of dead things and BO and all that. But. JON SNOW. Those surly looks over his shoulder. That black hair in his face. Those FURS.  That voice. Those big wide shoulders….I have NO idea what anyone says about this show being good for your sex life. No idea at all.

Got me thinking about some of the other TV characters out there that float a few of your boats. I recall on Facebook last year that for some people it was this fine specimen.

PP035 (Daddy Pig walking-CMYK)

I get it. He really is funny. A bit useless. A bit smart. AN ARCHITECT. A little overweight. He’s a little like all our husbands rolled into one. Sure he is Peppa’s DAD, but you know, he’s a good pig.

So who else on TV is um, really good at acting? Who do you think about now and then? I can assure you that I have NEVER had thoughts about the TV co host of the Daily Edition I have been on last year. None at all. I mean I AM A PROFESSIONAL. Sheesh.

So, tell me. Fess up. I won’t tell a soul…


  1. Gerard Butler. That’s all I need to say…. but don’t tell anyone. Lol

  2. Bree Di Mattina says

    Scott Pape the finance guy (Barefoot Investor) on the channel 7 7pm news with Melissa Doyle. He’s a honey and a finance nerd!

  3. It all started with ‘Gilbert Blythe’ from Anne of Green Gables…

  4. John Snow is mighty fine, but I often find my thoughts drifting towards Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Dr Brian Cox (Wonders of the Universe series, particle physicist and ex-musician). Oh yeah.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Thoughts tend to wander…you’re not alone.

    • I went to one of Brian Cox’s live shows last year and didn’t know whether to be fascinated or completely twitterpated. I could listen to him discuss particle physics forever.

  5. First time I’ve wanted to be a red head.

  6. Forgive me as I’ve had similar thoughts … we need to debrief after Season 3!

  7. I have recently had sinful thoughts about James Franco.. I think it is because he is really smart, he acts, screenwriters, produces. He is also an author AND a teacher. I used to find his squinting annoying, but now I find it quite endearing. Having said that, I wouldn’t kick Adam Levine out of bed for farting. X

  8. I think it’s the voice of Daddy Pig that is so weirdly attractive 🙂 My pick would have to be Jim Carey especially now he’s older. Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey Jnr, oh yeah, but strangely not so much in Iron Man. Liz x

  9. Richard. Harrow. He’s from Board Walk Empire. He looks slightly terrifying (he got half his face blown off in the war) but he’s the sweetest, kindest, most loyal person in the world. He’s also a total badass and shoots heaps of bad guys. Swoon. In Boardwalk, no one is safe. Seriously they kill off main characters without a second a thought. I’m literally watching the show now just to make sure that Richard is okay. Jack Huston, the guy who plays him, is gifted. I think it’s the best television performance I’ve ever seen.

  10. Ok I have an admission to make. This summer I’ve been hooked on The vampire Diaries. I realise it’s a bit teen angsty a but OMG Damon (actor Ian Somerhalder) and those blue eyes! See attached image in case you don’t know who I’m talking about. He’s the bad boy who’s really a good by deep down but sooooooo naughty! It’s all on Apple TV btw. I started it when I finished GOT 😉

  11. Emma Steendam says

    Jeremy Clarkson and Kevin McLoud. There. I said it. Yes both old enough to be my father.

  12. I watched the entire 7 or something seasons of The Tudors on Netflix. Why? Johnathon Rhys Meyers. That’s why!! Shhh!

  13. The husband wouldn’t have sex with me the same night as watching Breaking Bad because he knew I’d be fantasizing about “Jesse”. OH MY GOD. Mmmm bad boys hey haha.

  14. Gibbergunyah says

    Kevin McCloud. He knows about architecture AND is handy…

  15. Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings – so excited it’s back in Feb/March. I INSIST that we watch it. It’s gruesome and really graphic, and very intense – but just watch it & you’ll see what I mean. Or if you’re not into gruesome, just google Travis Fimmel. Also, second Emma’s Kevin McCloud. I stood 2 meters away from him at the last Grand Designs Expo and had a total fan girl moment. Hubby took a photo of me with him in the background, partially obscured by a pot plant whilst filming a segment for a show.

    God love my hubby 🙂

  16. Daddy Pig?!?! I was just thinking this morning how annoying and clueless he is. Daddy Zebra the postman also annoys me, he delivers about 5 letters and it’s a busy day. Anyway, that provoked some strange deep-hidden emotions!!

    The two that pop into my head are Don Draper (unoriginal, I know) and embarrassingly Phil Dunphy from Modern Family.

    Which makes me think, when did I start lusting after the father/old man roles instead of the young teen idols? A sign of ageing!

  17. Emma Iqbal says

    For some reason mine would be that guy from a The Blacklis..James Spader..he’s just so so nasty. And my all time fave is Ryan Gosling yum yum yum

  18. Cat_BeLoverly says

    I am putting Game of Thrones on our list next. We are currently going through Fringe. It’s Kevin McCloud for me too! Lucy (diminishing Lucy) calls him “the thinking woman’s crumpet” and I love that! I think it’s his pieces to camera at the end and his clear intelligence that gets me. Plus, architect!

  19. I hope there’s a news story in America every day when we watch The Today Show just so I can catch a glimpse of Denham Hitchcock. Swoon!

  20. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Patrick from offspring,that hunk of spunk ,Channing Tatum yum oh yum ,Gerard butler and of course old George Clooney he can make me coffee any day!I do like a bad boy!

  21. Cate Taylor says

    John Barrowman as Captain Jack from Dr Who/Torchwood. Throw in the Welshness of his love Ianto Jones *swoon is an understatement 🙂

  22. What_Sarah_Did_Next says

    I have just finished all the Game of Thrones books (and the TV series) and I cannot WAIT to see what happens next. Love Jon Snow, but I didn’t mind Robb Stark either!

    My other big crush is Charlie Hunnam (Jax Teller) on Sons of Anarchy… so much fabulousness wrapped up in bad boy clothing, lol. The show is brilliant too, which adds to the attraction, I have to say 🙂

  23. I just got flew through season 2 of a show called Hart of Dixie with an awful lot of appreciation for the often shirtless Wade (played by Wilson Bethel). Some serious eye candy there! I haven’t made it onto Game of Thrones yet… been putting it off. But really, what 14 year old boy has shoulders or can grow facial hair like that?! I say go ahead and let him float that boat 😉

  24. Annie Letch says

    Mine is the actor from Legend of the Seeker (a tv version of one of my favourite book series) and the hero is just….well, you look….

  25. David Duchovny in Californication. HOT.

  26. David Duchovny. Californication. HOT.

  27. Hands down for me is Patrick (Matthew Le Nevez) from Offspring. Even though I was shattered when Patrick died on the show, I thoroughly enjoyed my FB newsfeed being clogged up with Matthew Le Nevez photos after that episode aired and all my lady friends were grieving. No complaints AT ALL.

  28. LOVE Jon Snow. I started to read the books and I just had to stop. So glad they made him older in the show.

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