Things I like {The 6th December 2013 edition}

1. Soft furnishings

L4 L5

2. New paper hangings that were given to the girls this week all the way from Paris!

L1 L2

3. Hydrangeas

L6 L7

4. Yellow

L3 L8

5. Christmas decorations

L9 L10

6. The garden after a good water, trim and feed

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What do you like today?
The fact it’s Friday? Me too! Happy Weekend friends!


  1. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I agree with you i like Fridays too! love your pics so pretty have a lovely weekend Beth xx

  2. Hayley Rose says

    My little brother in law showed up last week to stay, unannounced and with 4 army mates! All our impromptu visitors have left today so I am loving being able to deep clean the house without vacuuming under any ones feet or having to navigate around gaming consoles and pringles!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Deep clean of the house…music to my ears. NOTHING better…especially after visitors. I’m doing the same here today ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I like:

    1. Your photography skills.
    2. Your house and garden. Insanely jealous right here!
    3. Wrapping xmas presents. I’m helping wrap HUNDREDS for the neighbourhood xmas party and call me crazy but I’m liking it!
    4. Yep, the fact it’s Friday.

  4. Mandi Jones says

    I like:
    Crisp , fresh sheets on the bed
    Watching my boy perform at his assembly this morning, and watching his gorgeous proud grin upon hearing everyone laughing and applauding.
    Sunshine and warm days
    Hot cups of tea on my sore throat

  5. Love your Santa is Watching warning. Even though I have teenagers I might still use this in my light box. x

  6. I am loving the special early Christmas present that arrived in the mail today, the sunshine and the thought of lots of Christmas catch up’s this weekend. Today is one of those great days!

  7. Today I like:
    My teeny tiny man sleeping for 2 hours so I could get the house cleaned and decorations put up.
    The white Chocolate Rocky Road I made for mother’s group (if any is left!)
    The Christmas Bunting that is waiting for his next sleep to be finished off.
    Walks in the sunshine and being happy that, even though I miss my family back in Scotland, I’m not freezing my ass off in winter!

  8. I’m loving all the same things you’re loving … plus musk sticks.

  9. I am loving that school holidays have started. I am loving having my beautiful nine year old at home with me. I am trying hard to love christmas… I am normally so festive.

  10. I love your blog, and your home, and your life – stalkerish much?

  11. Lamp! I love lamp! With apologies to Ron Burgundy x

  12. ahoy.jenni says

    I like Friday farmers markets, walking around the market with my boy and catching up with so many people. The fact we can buy local produce and get to know the producers is fantastic, from the meat man to the biscuit lady. I like picking my daughter up from school and relaxing when we get home, knowing it’s the end of the week. Yeah, I like it all !

  13. Reannon Hope says

    I like that today my teenager finished school for the year. It means no more yelling in the mornings to get him up & moving! Hurray!
    I like that today my sister came& moved furniture for me, cleaned my kids rooms & vacuumed my house. After a week of not being able to move due to a messed up back this was much appreciated. I love her lots.
    Plus it’s Friday! What’s not to love?

  14. Margaret Elvis says

    I love this post of all the things you like. I like it that I’ve done my Christmas shopping already….and like you I do love yellow. It’s a colour that always makes me feel cheerful.

  15. Right, Ms Beth. How much is it going to cost me to fly you over to Adelaide, ply you with liquour and take you homewares shopping?

  16. I’m reading this on Monday soooo, I missed Friday!
    But love everything about your post, especially the hydrangeas……love them

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