Miscellaneous 34 {the Christmas edition}

Last Saturday night I cricked my neck while I was sleeping at my Dad’s place. I was sharing a bed with Harps because Rob wasn’t there, so you can imagine how comfortable it was for me with a 4-year-old sleeping sideways, kicking me every 3-5 minutes and grinding her teeth occasionally. I have been in AGONY this week. AGONY I tell you. Looking like a dick who can’t turn their head. Driving has been interesting – and it just isn’t getting better. I’ve massaged it, rubbed it, even tried to reiki heal it and it’s STILL hurting. Today I have just had an awful dull headache bordering on migraine ALL DAY. Water isn’t helping. Panadol isn’t helping. Massage isn’t helping. Suggestions? Go.

After 3 days away from home I was DESPERATE to get back today and restore order. Even though tomorrow we are getting back in the car and staying in Sydney for the night, I couldn’t  stand the thought of being away any longer. I am a home body at heart, it’s where I feel most happy and content. Garden was looking thirsty given the 36 degree day we had today but after a good watering, she has come good. God love it. I got my first flowering of Agapanthus this week (I know! So late!) but I do love them in a vase for dramatic effect. Waiting on the whites to flower next.

IMG_4636 IMG_4623 IMG_4618

I did a personality test this week which was quite good. I’m apparently an engaged idealist. I can tell you how I’ve been today though: SHOUTY. School holidays (well the start of them before I get into the groove of them) SHOUTY.  I think everyone goes through a small adjustment period at the start of the holidays – siblings ripping each other’s heads off. Fighting. Whinging. Everyone trying to find their own rhythmn. Throw in last-minute christmas shopping and a gazillion social events and you have SHOUTY. I might create my own personality test for parents at this time of year. All answers would lead to…you guessed it! SHOUTY.

Here now, come and be soothed by the hydrangeas from my friend Annie’s garden that she left on my door step this morning along with a jar of her home-made chilli jam. Soothing isn’t it? She is working on creating a fabulous bakehouse location in the new year – can’t wait to share it all with you, it’s quite amazing. I am thinking of hosting some kind of thing there. I just need to work out what that thing will be? Maybe we can just sit around drinking champagne and gin, chatting and looking at hydrangea’s? That appeals right? Who wouldn’t want to go to THAT event?


How’s the hot accessories that Daisy scored from Grandma last night? Totally borrowing that bad boy in the next little while. Given the fact that we have divorced parents on both sides of the family – the girls have FOUR Grandma’s. You can imagine how pleased they are with the present scenario.


Speaking of Grandma, can we talk about the strawberry shortcake that she whipped up for dessert? Talk about festive! I’ve never had shortcake before…I only know the doll and her sweet-smelling hair from the 80’s that I was addicted to smelling. It’s the cross between a cake and a scone and a biscuit and in any case it was DELICIOUS. You can be sure I will be requesting that from her again. I’ll see if I can source the recipe for youse. I know you’ll want it right? I mean LOOK AT IT:


Trying to work out how long I can keep the Christmas decorations up for past next week? Everything is so pretty and festive it would be a shame to see it all come down. See? LOOK AT THE PRETTY.

IMG_4631 IMG_4627

Tomorrow we are high tailing it back to the big smoke for Christmas with my Mum and Step Dad. Think prawns. Pork. Champagne. Some kind of melt and reset scenario for dessert. Sunday morning it is up and at it to get back down here and packed for the farm for a few weeks. I need to wash. Pack. Work out how Santa can get away with all of the things in the back of the car. Monday we are leaving and I just about can’t wait to spend Christmas up there, poolside, reading and hanging out with my family. Expandable pants are packed and I am almost ready to get back into my obligatory new year exercise with gusto regime. After the pork that is.

I even took a Christmas selfie for you! Can you see me?


How are you doing?
Coping? Shouting? Eating too much? Hungover much of the time?
I’m listening…go!


  1. Oh yes, the shouty has started here already and the school holidays only began today. Must be the time of year, not to mention 40 degree heat. Have a fab time at all your celebrations!

  2. Kylie Gardner says

    After working very hard to lose six (SIX!) kilos kilos I’m currently sipping cider and scoffing a mince pie. Why do I always do this? I will have to join that fitness regime with you. After the pork.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Well done. That’s the point – lose it to feel good and then eat again. I am HOPELESS at this…so stupid. Have a lovely Christmas Kylie x

  3. The 12 days of Christmas are after Christmas – and the 3 Wise Kings arrived at the end. So, we keep ours up til then, and my Spanish-Australian niece and nephew get more presents as its a big day in Spain and therefore their part of Sydney!! Shouty here today in the heat! I saw a fab several level (decreasing in size) strawberry pav Christmas tree thing that is reminiscent of your Mum’s shortcake. Am considering it for Christmas Day but will see! How fun that your girls have 4 Grandmas, my two darlings are down to 1 which makes me sad sometimes. Enjoy the several Christmas celebrations!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      You too – Merry Christmas! I also read that as the 3 wise kilos! I think that might be the case with me…classic!

  4. Rebecca Mossuto says

    So when you return home is you’re house usually upside down or does Rob keep it clean and tidy? I know if I’m out for 5 mins the house gets destroyed!! It kills me!! Enjoy your festivities and have a fab Christmas xox

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      He does a pretty good job but it’s still all over the place (well to my mental standards at least). I always come back in and swoop over it like a frenzied woman (even if I was the last person home). It makes me feel like I am back in control on the home front. Mental!

  5. So much shouting. Glad it’s not just me.
    I’ve been eating very lightly this week, because next week I’m going to stuff myself silly.
    Chiro works wonders on a cricked neck.
    I did the test and it turns out I’m a Good Natured Realist! I quite like the sound of that!

  6. Am in ‘just started holidays’ honeymoon phase…no shouty yet! Re the cricked neck, get thee to an osteopath pronto. Best thing ever for any bodily aches and pains, and cricked necks 🙂

  7. Voltaren. Start taking it immediately for your neck and keep taking it for 5-7 days. And see a physio to get it freed up and some exercises you can do yourself to stop it seizing up again. It won’t get better on it’s own so you need to get onto it asap. I am a veteran of back and neck issues so I speak the truth. Can I also say just quietly that valium is the biz when it’s really bad (bit Valley of the Dolls I know but whatevs).
    Loving Daisy’s cool studded bracelet wrap thingy. I would totally be stealing that for myself.

  8. Reannon Hope says

    You need a Chiro STAT!!! It’ll be fixed in a jiffy!

    How am I doing? I’m tired, so bloody tired & I swing from shouty to teary. An 8 month old who doesn’t sleep at night, a husband who’s only been home for 2 days out of 5.5 weeks, organising Christmas for for all of us, trying to get the house organised for our visitors & being pregnant will do that to you! Thank The Lord school holidays have begun so no more school stuff & the husband flies in tomorrow arvo. I think by Sunday night I will come good & be all ready to get festive because it really is a fun/great time of year once your ready for it. And we are all heading south on Boxing Day so I’ve got that to look forward to 🙂

    You have the best most relaxing Christmas at the farm Beth. Eat, drink & relax xxx

  9. tirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred is what I am. school finally finished for all concerned, most importantly me and now I am going to do sweet FA for at least 6 weeks.

    if you need me, i’ll be on the couch. being shouty making the kids fetch things for me.

  10. No school holidays here – just me and the 8 month old. But I’m getting a little anxious about an inlaws Christmas. But I keep telling myself if anything does happen (like being yelled at/ insulted in a language I can’t understand), I have Boxing Day with my family and then 10 days at the coast to recover. Wishing I could drink… still breast feeding…

  11. MotherDownUnder says

    I am exhausted.
    I am looking forward to a fews days of wearing comfortable pants, having someone else responsible for feeding me and my family, and napping in front of the cricket.

    I hope that you and your family have a very merry Christmas and the happiest of new years!

  12. Alternative to shouty is the screaming asana. Sounds a bit more like it has a karmic purpose don’t you think? (Do you do yoga Beth? You have to know yoga to get this one)
    Neck….poor you. Rest, a good therapist like a physio, chiro or osteopath and basically ride it out. It will settle in its own good time. Panadol is not much good on its own, you need an anti inflammatory which you can take with the panadol, and if it’s really bad Valium. And an ice pack, not heat. Good luck, nothing worse when you have so much to do and all you want to do is lie down!

  13. Housewife in Heels says

    I have a long dainty swan like neck that is prone to injury. Get yourself some valium and an anti inflammatory, and you’ll be as good as new/ asleep. Merry Christmas!

  14. For your neck… have you heard of Rotai? Google it. The master of Australia is located in Penrith (NSW) and I see him all the time and he is AMAZING. He taught my mum and sister who now have their own business doing it, but if you are serious about being pain free and having your body back in check you need to go see Jimmy, the master of Rotai. $50 for one session, can take an hour, can take 3. In any case you’ll feel like a new woman. I can’t recommend this shit enough to people! I even know am ambo dude who learnt this to help patients!

  15. Coping and going with the flow.. amazingly enough after the Christmas Season at work my kids are easy peasey so I am JUST starting to bake and drink or is it drink and bake.. both and lots.. looking forward to just hanging out for the next week or so.

    Hope that neck unfreezes, that feeling is hideous x

  16. Nadine Lillia says


    After 3 spinal surgeries – 2 which were fusions I worship my chiro. H is the only person who has got me where I am now – the best place (health / pain free level) since I snapped that vertebrae in half.

    Mine is in Balmain -am happy to pass on his details. He uses an activator -I don’t like manual manipulation.

  17. Little bit SHOUTY, little bit tired, little bit excited. Same as the kids. Both are in bed tonight before 7:30pm and STRAIGHT to sleep, shows how exhausted they are. Looking forward to sipping on a champers or two on Chrissy Day and then gorging on prawns and more bubbly on Boxing Day which also happens to be my 40th birthday! Bring it on!

    And I hope your neck gets better soon, I know that pain all too well xx

  18. Late to the party, but if your neck is still crook, see a chiro I reckon.. If you can’t find one open, pop up here and I’ll check it out for you. I reckon I probably owe you one after all your info over the years…

  19. I’m coping just fine – 2 weeks of work and drinking a shit load of wine. Lots of quality time with my husband and the puppy. Life is good!
    (PS: what’s the deal with hydrangeas? I want to plant some in our front yard, but am unsure how they’d go…)

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