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I bought my Christmas day/festive season party frock the other day. This is it. It’s quite short isn’t it? Mrs Woog made me try it on before we taped the show the other day and then insisted that I could wear it, and nay SHOULD wear it on Christmas day. I needed to find a frock that could be dressed up, but have swimmers on underneath it as we are spending Christmas up at the farm and will be no doubts having a swim between champagnes and seafood. I think this will do the trick. For down here in the highlands I will be able to wear it over some skinny jeans like a smock. May I suggest to you to go shopping with a friend? And or asking for help when you are in a store. I did this the other day as well as the helpful woman in Sussan gave me a gazillion different things to try on (some that I would normally not ever try on) that actually looked good. And I would never have known! Ask for help…I think it makes for more successful and adventurous shopping. 30642_157706_80415
Nikki wrote a great post on Christmas day frocks/style the other day which you should read. Here it is. I’m good like that. Don’t you think a new frock is essential for Christmas Day? My Mum always got us one from when we were little and I haven’t let go of that since.

Speaking of things over swimmers, I saw this Tigerlily swimmer mu-mu/kaftan thingy and I have been having non stop thought about it since. I asked Mrs W what she said, she said no. I made my little sis and her stylish friend Betty go and check it out for me, and they said no. But yet? Still having thoughts about it days later. As Daisy would say after she gives her news…thoughts/comments/questions?


Now because I care I have sourced you guys a 25% DISCOUNT on some fabulous frocks….some of which could be used for Christmas/NYE. Sarah Hardie from Fabrick has created some real pearlers. Like this one:


Isn’t it SOMETHING? Love it! All you have to do is enter the code BABYMAC at checkout for 25% OFF when you shop here. How good is THAT? As Faux Fuschsia would say…RUN don’t walk people.

I love discovering new blogs and most of all I love discovering GOOD new blogs. Found one for you! Meet Mogantosh, or Rachael. She is very funny. And writes good and stuff. Read it here. Doesn’t she just look like someone you would want to be mates with?


Speaking of blogs, did you know that Salvation Jane (aka Jane Hall) is back? It’s been 18 months since she wrote a post but I have it on good authority that she will be back. Worth a look…the girl has STYLE.


You know how I love to share with you the occasional game changer. I’m talking roasting broccoli, Apple TV, Hendricks gin. Well I have something new to add to the list. Bear with me as I take you back, right back to 1985. I give you:


I was lucky enough to have one of these bad boys sent to me last week. Now THIS was something that Rob was interested in. Sodastream! In fact, it was on the list for him for Christmas. Our household goes through a LOT of mineral water. It’s all we drink during the week…so many empty plastic bottles though. So much recycling. And we always run out. But now? Done! GAME CHANGER. I’m not sure we will venture into the syrups…actually, if anything I might use some of the syrups I have created before like the rosemary or rhubarb ones to create some lovely cocktails…but I’d say it’s just going to be mineral water. HOME MADE 1987 MINERAL WATER.

I’ll be ordering one of these for home next year. Thanks for the link Lucinda! Yellow AND butter. It’s like they drew what is most precious to my heart.


Watched Love Actually the other night and plan on watching The Holiday tonight. Rob is away and it’s time for me to embrace all that is girly and Christmassy and teary. So excited!


Do you have your Christmas frock yet?
Thoughts/comments on the Tigerlily frock? It would get flogged don’t you think?
Got any new blogs you want to share? Yours? Link up/share in the comments!
How good are soda streams?!
And lastly, can we talk about my festive header? Please say we can!


  1. Definitely go the Tigerlily! And I agree, one does feel that extra bit special in a new Christmas day frock! Just need to ensure its flowy or has room for all that puddin!

  2. Beth, I do like the Tigerlily kaftan arrangement and think you’d get a lot of wear out of it up at the farm and beach holidays. For my two cents! PS. Thanks for linking to my post x

  3. yes i enjoy the tigerlily too. it would never be in my size though 🙁

  4. Lucy Hallinan says

    Dude it’s the fabric I tell you! Come in and try it on next week and we can decide then!!

  5. I love a Christmas outfit – I was actually lusting over that beautiful dress from Fabrick…but wasn’t sure if it would fit my bust in (still breastfeeding). I love the tigerlily frock – I say go ahead and buy it! I’d also love to share my blog http://www.goodfoodweek.blogspot.com – I’m featuring a lot of Christmas recipes at the moment. I would love a soda stream – we are also very big consumers of mineral water…do you think it’s the same? And the festive header – LUSTING BIG TIME!

  6. Julijana Griffiths says

    Its you ! Its YOU!

  7. Emma Steendam says

    I hit the shops last week (read: Big W and Cotton On, all that is available in these parts!) and scored myself a navy maxi dress with a mint and gold beaded necklace, possible Chrissy day option, but also scored fantastic SOFT PANT in black and white (http://shop.cottonon.com/shop/product/3/4-drapey-pant-dotty-tribal/) with emerald green top. Elastic waist are always a good option, but I do like to wear a dress. Obviously, you should be reading my blog because it’s fabulous – HA! You’ve reminded me that I had grand plans of changing my header photos seasonally…yeah, that hasn’t happened. Yours is fabulous. We had a soda stream growing up, I vividly remember running in and getting the gas bottles from the small town hardware store and barely being tall enough to reach the counter to pass them to Mr Boyles.

  8. Do it – The frock I mean… or anything else 😉 x

  9. shoppegirls says

    I love every piece of clothing you have showcased here. Do it buy the Kaftan I love it and you will rock it. I only just recently watched The Holiday and loved it. I am sure you will as well. Your festive header looks great.

    Oh and can I please share my blog……. http://shoppegirls.blogspot.com.au/. A journal of fashion, inspiration and living a happy life through positivity and a little on being a single mother to two teenage girls although one is now 18.

  10. I jumped online to view your new CR Christmas frock. One minute it was there, next minute gone! Sold out! You should receive commission lady 🙂

  11. LOVING the Tigerlily frock sick. Not loving the other one you posted though, sorry. Looks like a tent! BUY THAT TIGERLILY ONE! Or I will 🙂

  12. I wasn’t aware of the Christmas Day/new frock thing… Best get on that! Do the husband and child also need to be in new threads? Because I’m not sure I can face a trip to the shops next week with 3 outfits to buy! Now I also want a soda stream for Christmas…too late to add it to the list? We drink ridiculous amounts of mineral water, and I’ve been enjoying it with gin and lime, but we’ve run out this week and this would really solve my problem! Your Chrissy day on the farm sounds like the perfect day,champagne, swimming, etc!

  13. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love that dress and i love that Kaftan go and buy it have you not read Nikki’s advice on Kaftans they rock and you have loong legs and would rock it.I love that maxi too i love lots of dresses thats my problem i have a few.I think that soda stream will be awesome,especially with the girls, i saw an ad on the telly i think my Mum had one?Love the Holiday Movie and love your festive header and that Mognatosh blog looks good,yes she looks like a lovely girl.
    Yep festive dress sorted Beth not too long now xx

  14. Love the new Crimbo Banner and the Crimbo dress too.. If you are still liking the kaftan it should surely be a purchase.

    Now am off to Fabrick and that new lovely lady, thanks for sharing hun

    Oh and DTLL will have that butter print in the New Year, an exclusive stockist in Aus 🙂

  15. Thanks for that info-full post luv.. I say yes to the kaftan. Over skinny jeans if required.. with those silver shoes that Nikki is sure to give you shortly..
    Can I please share my blog? http://www.fromtheashers.com.au
    Happy shopping.
    PS Love the watermelon trees over on insta. Sweet.

  16. Sooo into our Sodastream – had it about four years now. Saves lugging home all those bottles of soda water the Mister likes to drink – icy lemonade after the beach – and neverending TONIC WATER! Yes, I lurve my Sodastream 🙂

  17. Christmas for me not only means a new frock, but also new PJs or nightie as well. Am I alone with this?? A new book is essential too, it’s just not Christmas without a new book to read.

    In fact, I was discussing with some mates yesterday that while I love the digital age, I’m not happy with the fact that CDs, DVDs and books are a present of yesterday. Giving someone an iTunes voucher isn’t the same as wrapping up a good book, CD or DVD box set. These used to be my go-to presents. I’d love to hear your thoughts/comments/questions on the topic.

    I’m a fan of the festive header too! It looks lovely. xx

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Definitely on the new pj’s and books! Always got this as a young girl…and a random box of chocolates in my santa sack…I always got a box of cadbury chocolates with almonds in the middle…a whole box! Thought it was SO fancy x

  18. MotherDownUnder says

    I love all of those Christmas frocks.
    I have the feeling I will be thinking about that Tigerlily one too. But then again I am a big fan of the kaftan mu mu thing. What is it made out of? And does it have pockets? I need pockets.
    I hadn’t thought about what I was going to wear on Christmas yet…thank you for rectifying that!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      It was like a thick cotton jersey…you know heavy like? This was the problem my sister had with it…she didn’t like the fabric. I will be trying it on next week and reporting back x

  19. Oh there’s a shock seeing my big head up there… wasn’t expecting that! Thanks so much Beth. That’s very sweet of you. xxx

  20. wow! that dress is pretty damn good Beth! Go you…love a dress you can wear as a smock when its a bit cooler. Thanks for sharing blog links…I love Jane Hall’s blog so glad she is back. I must watch Love Actually…it’s on the list…I need a dose of Colin Firth for the holidays! loving the festive header….never used a soda stream so can’t comment and my blog is at http://www.13acres.com.au/blog – phew…that was exhausting x

  21. Michelle Lorimer says

    Love the xmas day dress! Very adaptable as a top. I’m not sold on the kaftan, however I understand that slightly mad cannot stop thinking about it thing. You better go try it on I think. Watching Love Actually right now! It was that, The Holiday, or Bridget. Good ol’ Bridge.
    I love soda streams, best memories of summer at my grandma’s, and we drink mineral water too, but wouldn’t it make soda water? Does that even matter??!
    No new blogs, you are still new to me so there. And I love your header, it’s a stand out. The festive-y bits just add that extra sweet. Nice.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Soda/mineral…so long as it has bubbles and it’s cold I don’t mind! Kind of like my champagne really…x

  22. Love the kaftan; your legs will make it work 🙂

  23. thanks for the shout out. I force everyone to wear whiten Christmas x

  24. Great clothes! I’m a tunic and skinny jeans or tunic and leggings kind of girl too. They hide the bits you don’t want to showcase and highlight the ones you’re thrilled with. This time of year it’s so cold that you have to have an outfit that will be adorable inside but you can be bundled in too. JUST love ‘The Holiday’ that adorable cottage (swoon) and your header is too sweet.

  25. I’m a big fan of the new purchase for Christmas day. Going out to find something today and love all that you have offered up here. Love your festive decorating on the ‘front door’ of your blog and I do believe that butter sign would fit in nicely here with my new found love of all things yellow.

    I’m a newbie in the blogging world and would love to share my blog here. Been reading them for ages but now only just started writing one. I am blogging about ‘living, loving, laughing while supporting someone with war related PTSD and depression’. I am the wife of a veteran suffering from PTSD and major depression having returned from Afghanistan and I want to connect with others who are in a similar situation. We have much to share and the support gained from those who understand can never be underestimated. We are a rare resilient breed and the nature of what we deal with is incredibly sad and difficult. We are your next door neighbour and the one standing behind you in the supermarket queue. There will be more of us out there as the rest of the troops return home soon.

    It’s a very tough, confusing and isolating time but what is even harder is seeing the one you love return to you a shattered shadow of themselves http://www.hopehelpsptsd.blogspot.com.au

    Thanks for the opportunity to share Beth, you’re a great gal doing amazing things in this wonderful blogging world. x

  26. If you can’t stop thinking about it, get it! Header – nice ! I did notice. Frock – omg I forgot to get one, will have to go shopping! I love the Xmas day frock tradition.

  27. I love to rock a frock. It’s an instant outfit! And yep, bought my Christmas Day dress over a month ago (on sale, Country Road black + white chevron stripe number).
    I actually really like that Tigerlily kaftan! The print is gorgeous and I think it would be quite versatile. Plus if you can’t get it out of your head (now I’m singing Kylie Minogue in mine) I say buy it! And if it sucks, return it!
    As for my blog, you’ve been kind enough to pay a visit or 2, and for that I say cheers! x

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