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It’s been a foul few days my friends, FOUL. I headed up to Sydney on Tuesday morning for a sleep event at a fancy pants hotel in the city. I rarely go to things like this but this appealed: night in a hotel away from everyone, chance to catch up with my friend Mrs Woog, dinner at the fabulous Gowings Bar and Grill and loads of information about sleep and herbs with a guided tour through the herb garden of the Botanical Gardens. Tick, tick, tick, TICK! I felt a little wooze on the drive up, arrived in Sydney and promptly threw up. Then spent the new hours hours trying to feel better before attempting to go to the Botanical Gardens (it was picture perfect summer weather) where I promptly threw up again. I then spent the next many, MANY hours spending A LOT of time in the bathroom. Hideous. HIDEOUS. There is nothing worse than gastro. I’m now like a hawk watching the girls for one of them to go down…DEAR LORD please let them not go down. Here, look at some of the pretty I took while I was feeling VERY unfresh.

G1 G3 G4 G2

How’s the Christmas shopping coming along? After my initial blast I have done…NOTHING. I need to refocus. But there’s time, NO ONE PANIC. And my no one, I mean me. I do have a wee conundrum for you dear readers. We are spending Christmas at the farm this year so that means that we have to bring ALL OF THE PRESENTS in the car. I’m sure lots of you guys do interstate trips etc with ALL OF THE PRESENTS in the car. I’ve seen my sister do it…is it plenty of black garbage bags and pre-packing out of the sight of little ones? Teach me your ways…

We’ve been watching some movies these past few weeks thanks to Apple TV. I watched Monsters University and couldn’t help thinking it was PUZACTLY like Revenge of the Nerds. Wasn’t it? Man I miss 80’s Tits and bum movies…they were something else weren’t they? I think my favourite was The Bikini Shop. So politically incorrect. Everything from my childhood!


Discovered this website filled with goodness. Great stationery, wrapping paper, totes etc it’s well worth a look. I particularly like this Christmas stuff. Check it.

Speaking of lovely websites filled with lovely another one to look at is this one: Peacocks and Paisleys. Chock a block filled with delicious linens could be a good place to look for presents for people that love a good tablecloth, napkin and or bed spread. Onto it.


Have you seen Emily from The Beetleshack’s new little shop called Bohemian Traders? Filled with hot stuff another good place to find a unique pressie and or something fabulous to wear. I mean look at this clutch purse would you? LOOK AT IT. Check it out here.

Someone flicked me onto this blog called 1=2. It’s a great read showing how one meal can be turned into two…oh you know what I mean. Have a look at it here.


I’m keen for some Christmas movie watching over the next few weeks. My favourites are Christmas Vacation (of course, DER), Frosty the Snowman, The Little Drummer Boy etc…tell me what I need to add to the list. GO.

What you got planned today? I am heading up to Sydney to do the show today so it’s going to be a busy one for me. I might even be able to get some shopping done while I am there. Stones, birds and all that. Hope you have a great day!

So how can I hide Santa’s sack in the back of our car?
Got any good website shopping finds you’d like to share?
And what Christmas movie do we NEED to watch?


  1. Annie Maurer says

    We lived in Perth for 5 years while my kids were still in Primary school and came home to the Blue Mountains every year for Christmas….pain in the ass carting presents….just one bloody big suitcase full of presents and even then they couldn’t be too big. No trampolines, swing sets, bikes or other large items from Santa for us….they did feel a bit left out but made up for by the celebratory status of being the absence makes the heart grow fonder, missed, long lost cousins!

  2. Love Actually. the polar express. the holiday. the grinch of course and you can usually find some gold Christmas movies on the family movie channel!

  3. No hints for travelling with presents but I can back your recommendation of Emily. I bought the coin necklace the other day and it was in my hot little hands two days after ordering. Yes, I have left a comment too at the Beetleshack thanking her for good service.

  4. We watched Arthur Christmas last year and we all loved it.

  5. A Farmer's Wife says

    When we do the travelling Christmas I am like Annie and just throw in a huge suitcase packed with presents. I lock it too so my kids can’t peak!

    There is a gorgeous new WA based homewares business that sells stacks of quite funky, Australian designed stuff that would be right up your alley. Worth a peak – I have found some great presents there and the ponyrider stuff they have would go beautifully with your house if you were in a self gifting mood (fair enough after gastro I reckon).

    Hope you feel better soon.


    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Oh goodness…thanks for the link! The thing that opened up was Rabbit Trap which is made locally down here! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • A Farmer's Wife says

        My pleasure. I love supporting other WA farmer’s wives – Tracy is a pretty funky lady and their house is amazing…..!

  6. We’re flying on Christmas morning. How to hide the Santa sacks in that scenario!!! Or tips on convincing the 2.5 year old to leave his presents behind less than an hour after he gets up… Hubby isn’t allowed to make travel bookings any more.

  7. Jay - Moodie Foodie says

    Urgh, gastro! I was just moaning to the girls in the car yesterday about my cold but followed it up with a “at least it’s not gastro!” We all agreed that a head full of snot was far preferable to gastro. Poor you……. As for hiding the pressies, we have a cheap suitcase that we hide everything in. If it looks like another bag, they don’t question it:) I need to do some Xmas shopping too – for my family and John’s family. How come he gets out of it every year…… Loads of healthy vibes coming your way but please don’t give me gastro xo

  8. I haven’t had to do the travelling Christmas for a long time … but I’m lazy … so I’d send the shopping list and some $ to the rellies at the other end and ask them nicely to get things locally. That way you can just wrap them once you get there. Provided you’re not arriving at 11:30pm Christmas Eve.

  9. Quick question, I’m thinking about the Apple TV as a gift. Would you recommend it for a movie/ sports fanatic bloke?

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Hmmm..not sure. I know you can access NBA stuff on there but it only really accesses movies and TV shows…not sports channels per se. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks, that’s very helpful info. I’m thinking since we have Foxtel it may be a little redundant. Back to the drawing board!

  10. One of my claims to fame is knowing every single word to Christmas Vacation (along with the song Bust a Move, but that’s not really appropriate to mention here). And then every year, I recite all of those words along with the movie and piss every single member of my family right off. Secretly I’m sure they love it. I’ve been looking at our tree all week saying “little full, lotta sap”.
    Hope the kids don’t get gastro.
    And as for shopping, I’ve been hitting up the website Hard to Find for some groovy and unique bargains. And there are plenty of Fairy Tales for Hope prints still for sale for anyone else reading here (or you if you want a few more!) http://www.stillbirthfoundation.org.au/fairytalesforhope

  11. Last year we went to jolly old England for Christmas, I ebay-ed and amazon-ed my littl heart out. Had it sent straight to the in laws so I just wrapped and gave when there. ( except stocking fillers). Getting it all home was more of an issue.

  12. Forget to say, must watch ” nativity” has Martin freeman in it ( no 2 is out now haven’t seen it) , but it is brilliant. It Will have you laughing cringing, singing and smiling. Good British comedy.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I’ll make sure I have a look at it…those Brits do those kind of films so well. Thanks for the tip πŸ™‚

  13. Gibbergunyah says

    Christmas movies, or maybe just movies with Christmas in them: Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street (the old one), One True Thing (Meryl Streep), Little Women and It’s a Wonderful Life. In my husband’s family, for some strange reason, The Sound of Music is considered a Christmas movie and they all sing along to it! For the kids anything made by Rankin Bass in the 60s and 70s; The Year Without a Santa Claus, Santa Claus is Coming to Town (remember the little red-haired Kris Kringle?), The Little Drummer Boy, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman, as mentioned.
    Going away for Christmas – I went to Queensland to the in-laws, once, with a 5 month old. This coincided with a heatwave, continual rain and horrendous humidity. There was a lot of crying and not much sleep (for all of us). I resolved never again. Now we just go in the winter, and host lunch here in the Highlands, occasionally putting the fire on…
    You could extend Rob’s idea and have most of the presents come from you guys, and Santa can have more credit when you’re home for Christmas. “What’s this suitcase Mummy?” “Oh, all the presents Daddy and I are giving you!”

  14. Hey Beth, we are always away for Christmas. For us, santa brings one gift and then a couple from us. It means that we only have to wrap and hide one gift.

    This year my daughter is getting a bike and my son is getting a basketball ring. Clearly these need to be from us. If we have ‘big gifts’ we usually give them to them a week or two before Christmas allowing them to enjoy them before we head away. We use those cheapo stripey bags for transporting gifts, so easy to pack and use over and over.

  15. I come from a large family with lots of sibling rivalry going on so the movie I LOVE at Xmas is The Family Stone. Funny, sad. a bit close to home.

    • Yes! The Family Stone! I’d forgotten what a great movie that is – might replace my usual Chrismtas Eve Love Actually viewing with this one. Thanks for the reminder!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I’ll have a look at it – thanks for the tip πŸ™‚

  16. Don’t forget the puppety version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – same era as Little Drummer Boy.
    Is there anything you could order and have delivered directly to the farm?

  17. Jackie Clark says

    We are heading to QLD for Chirstmas this year and we are giving the biggest, bulkiest things from us, and we will do that before we leave and then Santa will leave the smaller items on Christmas morning.
    As far as movies go, my kids LOVE The Polar Express and Santa Paws

  18. Lisa Mckenzie says

    you poor thing ,there is nothing worse than gastro but when you are not in your own home it is 100 times worse ,disgusting thing that ,eww.I hope Mrs Woog does not get gastro from you or anyone else.
    I hope you get more shopping done i have a few and a few more to buy ,I like the Spring shop online and Adore.com.au for any beauty fragrance needs.I love a good Christmas movie ,that little drummer boy one i have not seen for years,lmk if it is still on will you ,i do like Shrek family Christmas ,Why i am not sure but i do like Shrek,he is sweet to his wife.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      You like your fragrances don’t you Lisa? I need some so will check out this site…thanks so much!

      • Lisa Mckenzie says

        Yes i do Beth My faves are Michael Kors By Michael Kors,Kenzo Flowers and Lolita Lempicka and Lovely By SJP ,Beth have a look at the Best of beauty sampler by Adore it has some great products and it is only $34.95,great for a gift idea too!

  19. Thank you so much for the shout-out to my blog, 1=2. Have had lots of new visitors today; which has been lovely! It also lead me to discover your blog, which is just ace. Looking forward to a proper read later, when I can snaffle some me time. Christmas movies? Every year we plough through the entire Rankin Bass catalogue (Frosty is our fave too); and we also drag out all the Home Alones (although #1 is really the only one worth watching).

  20. My favouritist Christmas movie is…..Miracle on 34th Street. I l.o.v.e this movie. You are probably to young but, Natalie Wood is the little girl and her mum works at Macys, and it’s all about believing in Santa………
    A classic worth watching which, I just might do this weekend.

  21. Rudolph? I’m totally an etsy girl. There’s two shops that I love in particular; Frenchatticfinds and mymamma190-gorgeousness! Have fun shopping.

  22. Don’t forget “Elf”! ….classic…..

  23. ahoy.jenni says

    The little drummer boy is my absolute favourite! My 10 yr old daughter finally got what Xmas was about last year (she has Down syndrome) and I found the drummer boy song on you tube and she just loves it! So this year I was determined to find the movie and I found a VHS copy on eBay, it’s on the way to me now from America. Fingers crossed its in good condition. I found a DVD of the rankin bass version on Amazon but the reviews caned it, saying a lot of the sound track has not been reproduced and the best lines by Greer Garson at the end have been axed, so I didn’t bother with it. If the VHS works I’ll make you a copy! Don’t know how but I am sure my darling hubby can figure it out. I can’t wait to watch it again.

  24. So I am 1 present (well, 3 bottles of Brown Brothers Moscato, to be precise) away from finishing the Christmas gift shopping. I could well pash myself from pride.
    The husband and I have decided to indulge in the post-Christmas sales to treat ourselves to gifts, so that means more bang for my buck and hopefully more shit for the house.
    As for you, Ms B – I hope you’re feeling better and have indulged in some medicinal spirits to help what ails you. xx

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