Il tutto handbag giveaway {worth $349}

Edited 8th December 12.10pm: Winner of this competition (as chosen by my Mum) is Sal with this comment: “I need this bag. Because this is my current handbag. Yes – its a fisher price backpack. And it’s horrifyingly ugly. The random item was a daddy pig hair clip, which, if I had known it was there – could have prevented an epic meltdown by my 3 year old this morning when we couldn’t find it. If I don’t win the bag – at least we now have the daddy pig clip. Thank you Beth.” Sal, email me your address and I’ll send the bag to you x

As you’d know, I’m a lucky duck. Last week I was so lucky that I got sent a hot hand bag, just to see what I thought of it and I was all like “Are you SERIOUS?!” and they were all like “Yeah! You are so stylish and we’d love to know what to think” Ok, that last bit was made up, they just stopped at yeah. I’m sure there was an exclamation mark in there though!

The hand bag in question is none other than an Il Tutto Roma Tote. (Tote to be said in your best Trude and Prue voice. TOTE). Created by the ever clever Lucie Trinco, it’s a practical and stylish handbag designed for cool Mums who want something that works (ie stores shit from tampons to toy cars to Peppa Pig figurines to mobile phones and lipstick. There are compartments. There is even a clear thingy that you can fill with your stuff and move between bags…did you even know such a thing EXISTED? Me either! It’s kind of like your next grown up bag after you have been using a nappy bag as a handbag for the 2 years preceding giving birth to your child (or was that just me that did that?). Bad boy in question is worth a cool $349.

Behold the pretty TOTE. Tooooootttttte (as in, rhymes with goat).


But who wants to know about a blogger getting free shit? Not me! So let’s give this bad boy away to someone who actually deserves it!

Is that person you? Are you still using a nappy bag as a handbag even though your kid is 4? Want the pretty tote? I want to be that person to give you the tote. I totally do.


Just tell me the most random thing in your hand bag right now?
And why you need this bag.
Photographic evidence even better (remember you can upload your photo in the comment box). GO!

You can see the entire gorgeous range of stuff from Il Tutto on their website here.

Fine print: I’m not going to stuff around with this Β – write your comment (just one ploise), let’s wind this up Friday night 10pm AEST so I can post it to the winner on Monday next week and so you have someone new and lovely for Christmas. I’ll announce a winner on Saturday 7th…or when I get round to it. I’m going to make it for Australian residents only (soz OS) and one entry per person. Terms and conditions can be found here.


  1. Narelle Rock says

    I found a button and a popstick in the bottom of my bag, thanks to the kids no doubt, now they have grown up a bit I need something a bit more lady like, not so much Mummy like.

  2. I have a golf ball and a glow in the dark stegosaurus. I own ONE handbag and it desperately needs replacing with a seriously pretty one, like the one pictured above!

  3. My daughter found an army man, a tampon and a half eaten museli bar stuck to empty chocolate wrapper and was only concerned with the fact that I had eaten chocolate and she hadn’t

  4. Vange Asuncion Langford says

    Found Zyrtec which isn’t really random for a mum of a super allergic kid I guess. I Have a 6 month old & an almost 4 year old and I would love to carry just ONE bag! I carry from 2 to 3 bags depending on who’s with me – my shoulder bag, a baby handbag, a swimming bag for the 4 yo & a cooler bag if we are going to be out for a while! It takes a lot of mental energy to remember if I’ve got everything.

  5. Megan Sivills says

    A can for peaches (had a can drive at work in July and still yet to sort), hotel shower cap and recorder, currently in hiding πŸ™‚

  6. Reannon Hope says

    I have a loose rusk. Not in a wrapper or a container. Just floating around. In my bag. Not the nappy bag.
    I really don’t need this bag as alas I’m back to hoarding shit in a nappy bag & will be for the foreseeable future ( who falls pregnant when their third baby us just 4 months old & still breast feeding???) but I’d love to give it to my BFF. Her birthday is just 2 days before Christmas so she never gets a real big fuss as we are all so busy getting ready for Christmas Day. I’d love to be able to give her something super special just so she knows her birthday is a big deal!

  7. Contents: purse, sunglasses, sunscreen, deodorant, makeup, large selection of keys for work on lanyard (not sure what they are all for, but am unwilling to give them away, as she who has the most keys, wins), Tictac box ( no tictacs), large selection of hair elastics and clips- none matching, paperclip, 1 pen and 4 pen lids, $1.15 in coins, several business cards, one Thomas the tank toy, 5 memory sticks totalling 20 gig – not sure what is on any of them,1 can of Pepsi Max (not sure how that got there), many receipts, and my favourite; an unidentified piece of plastic with double sided tape on the back – not yet peeled. Must be useful fore something.
    Missing: car keys and phone… Will need to speak to 3 year old about that.

  8. jane webster says

    being a ‘just in case’ girl with allergies, asthma and a bodgey pelvic floor I carry a mini chemist! so this bag looks awesome for my ‘bits’, does a spare pair of knickers count as random??!! and always a dummy cover or two but never a dummy!!

  9. Rebecca Matthews says

    I have a box of sultanas (and some that have fallen out of the box, and squished in) and 7 lip glosses. All in varying shades of natural pink. The bag is fabulous dahhling.

  10. Ha, three party blowers would be the most random! There is also a small bottle of water with my son’s name on it, two stamps for stamping things, especially hands, a note with weetbix written on it, a party sized picnic bar (my daughters – or at least she gave it to me for safe keeping and a paper serviette from the doughnut shop – as you do. Random, but it could be worse.

  11. I would love to be creative and witty to win this illustrious bag however the truth is I have a half chewed piece of strawberry extra that is not fully wrapped up. Therefore said half piece is stuck to the inside of my outdated nappy bag. My youngest child is 2.5! The piece of chewy holds company with things like a half chewed rusk, and a sachet of karicare gold that split open and then the condensation of the baby bottle pretty much just formed a white paste on the inside pocket. It is a disaster and one that I would immediately rectify if I was fortunate enough to win this bag (which would in turn become my Xmas present)!

  12. Erin Cleary says

    I have 5 gorgeous kids between 10months & 8yrs….so I need this bag. My current one holds many random items from rattles, Sophie the Giraffe, toy cars, coloured pencils and paper, spare clothes for the 3yr old almost toilet trained and a big stash of chuppa chups to ensure at least 5minutes of peace at my local coffee haunt. My random bits include a handful of lipsticks and compact plus my beloved 20yr old Filofax from my footloose and fancy free days living in London.(I cant give over to the electronic world completely) However the most random items I’ve just found are a plastic champagne flute from a 40th Birthday on the weekend and my Badge from Bong Bong this year. I need order in my handbag of confusion!

  13. School notice, old bits of popcorn, outline of girls’ feet to buy heelys for Xmas, oh and clipper thingy from last bikini wax that was a little more than anticipated! (Not sure it will be used again!)

  14. I have a big arse hangbag that is HUGE [and has seen better days truth be told but sentimental value and all that shiz] and gets carted around because it is HUGE and holds anything and everything. Example you ask? Last week it had in it part of an exhaust off a motorbike* that fell off while cornering – muggins here was dispatched to pick it up from the side of the road, with nowhere else to put it, yup it went into the handbag.

    Why do I need this bag? Well now my huge sentimental bag has black crap all through it by doing the good deed of going to pick up the exhaust! I tell ya it’s just as well I love that man!

    *We’ve since found out that, the exhaust was faulty and was actually on a recall list, only we never got told….until Guv found out the hard way last week!

  15. MotherDownUnder says

    The lining has ripped in my handbag…just a little hole but big enough for things to fall through. It actually ripped about four years ago but I love the bag so I keep using it. I am sure there is something totally random buried under the lining…I can feel things in there but as I cannot get to those items they will remain a mystery.
    So the most random thing that I can see in my bag are some peanut shells. They are from my favourite bar in NYC…they served peanuts in their shells and so peanut shells littered the floor and ended up everywhere. The bar has no closed and so I suppose these peanut shells have become collectors items.
    And I obviously need the bag because my current one is in tatters and apparently holds food items that are seven years old!

  16. My rescue remedy lolly drops had come out of the tin in my handbag and it was only when my 11 month old was madly sucking on my key tag that I realised a rogue lolly from the bottom of the bag, had stuck itself to it!

  17. Funnily, I read your post Beth, looked at the hand bag and thought, wow! That’s something I would love to sling over my shoulder or hook into the crook of my arm as I lead my busy life. But I have recently cleaned out my bag. So, probably out of the running. Thought I’d take a peek anyway, and what do you know, I found some denture glue and some One Direction glue on nails. I won’t explain – the mystery just adds to the fun of it all.

    Keep up the good work. I look forward to your posts. x

    Oh, and if you notice the D&G logo on my handbag – please know my sister paid $4.00 for it in Bali about 7 years ago.

  18. I haven’t owned a handbag in 4.5 years… My purse gets tossed around the car or the front entrance table. The Strangest thing in my purse right now… Apple seeds from the 4.5 year old, they are ‘trying out’ so he can grow a tree.
    As you do.

    Thanks Beth x

  19. A handbag doesn’t exist around here anymore. It’s either the 20 year country road tote bag which is drying on the line after being peed on by little miss after her swimming lessons. I found some blackcurrant bubble gum and a sherbet lolly when emptying it pre wash. Or the target nappy bag which is also drying alongside the tote after I copped a whiff of rotten mashed banana this afternoon (gag).

    Please let me move forward with a sparkling new Il Tutto ..I’m a bit damaged by the recent bag happenings. I promise I will look after it πŸ™‚

  20. Sonia Robinson says

    Weird handbag finds: rice crackers not in a packet, a ball of matted hair from my daughter’s hairbrush, a clothes peg, toilet paper, empty packets of nurofen, a skylander, and a Chippie Donalds fry… none of which are in there now as you have forced me into an impromptu bag cleanup! Thanks!

  21. Sallyann Silver says

    No weird shit in my bag, just 5 pens, a notebook, a few tampons and my purse. I don’t NEED the bag, I WANT THE BAG in all it’s gorgeousness!!!!! The colour is to die for.

  22. Susan Butterworth says

    Ok, you asked for it. The most random thing in my bag right now is a pregnancy test. Not from the pregnancy which resulted in the birth of my daughter 6 weeks ago, but from my previous pregnancy with my son who just turned 3 last week, yep! Don’t ask me why as I really can’t explain it. But it’s obvious that if I’ve been carrying around stuff in my bag since February 2010 that I really am in need of a new handbag, or a good handbag de-clutter.

  23. My handbag is currently mascarading as a nappy bag, complete with spare nappies, small pack of wipes, light blankie and 2 wee bubba wardrobe changes. A necklace that has broken for several years is tucked into a ziplock bag awaiting the ever elusive day I actually remember to send it to be fixed. And of course the inevitable receipt mountain, odd lipsticks, 5c coins and the diary I stopped using in March…

  24. Danya Breman says

    Ok so just to put it out there – I really really really want that bag!! It’s truly delicious, but sadly out of my current and future budget so yes, you need to pick me πŸ™‚ I am travelling ATM so actually am using my 3 year olds Bambi backpack as my handbag. It has all the usual preschooler stuff – spare clothes, wipes, tissues, snacks, hand sanitiser, sunscreen, oh and wait there’s more! A complete set of 4 pretty beaded necklaces in case she needs to glam up, about 70 hundred schleck animals for amusement when needed, a very small dinosaur pencil topper thing that is her current fav thing ever, a beautiful precious rock collection in a small tulle bag that weighs a tonne, oh and my fav, a tissue full of ripped up tissue which is her baby chickens house. These pretend baby chickens come everywhere with us and I always end up with the leftovers to keep safe πŸ™‚ I’m not going to mention the mushed up muesli bar and sultanas squished in there, ewww! Anyway, as you can see, I need an urgent upgrade for style reasons alone πŸ™‚

  25. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    Wierd in my handbag? Dirty socks that were taken off pre trampoline episode Sat and refused to be put back on. Shall remove. Also a pair of swimming goggles. Because.

  26. I swear to you that this really happened: on the weekend just gone, at a local BBQ, I noticed all my girlfriends had really fancy nice bags that they were doubling as nappy bags. And there I was feeling crap about my $15 bag from Cotton On. So that night I went online in search of an affordable BIG bag that doesn’t look like a nappy bag. I didn’t come up with much in my budget. So YAY for this competition! Currently there are 2 half eaten rusks, 1 baby sock (not sure where the other one is), a dried up flower and a handful of dirty Incan Berries to keep her quiet in the car. Please don’t deduct points off me for lack of photos… I’m really not on the ball this morning.

  27. Firstly be grateful for what I have spared you. Instead I’ll run with the ’empty’ specimen jar, a vomit bag and a pez dispenser! Can’t have one without the others apparently. Sums up my last two weeks perfectly. Prue and Trude would not aproooove! Their Totes would blush.

  28. wobblywibby says

    Most random thing in my bag would be a zip-lock bag of Special K. Bowls are so last year.
    I tote-ally need that tote for its compartments! I could have a Special K compartment, woo!

  29. Emily Psaila says

    I have twin girls (21 months) and another on the way, so you can imagine the paraphernalia in my nappy bag. The most random thing in the nappy bag (I havent hit that 2 year mark with the girls, where I get to have a big girl hand bag) at the moment would have to be the air line sick bag. Morning sickness is a bitch and the girls dont stop just cause Mummy got knocked up again! Husband is thrilled, I still cant believe I forgot what morning, noon and night sickness felt like. Please dont send me back to the owl nappy bag for my new born and let me graduate to the beautiful Il Tuto… Please…

  30. 26 Years & Counting says

    Mine is more of a juxtaposition thing than a singular weird item – scarf, noise cancelling headphone, printed journal articles to read.

  31. Ok so trying to post a pic from my phone didn’t work, so here goes again! I just found (I shit you not) a fake tattoo of a spider in my hand bag, and I have no idea where it came from. Ok I’m assuming it was one of the kids (or my husband??) but even then, I still can’t be sure of it’s origin. Otherwise the rest is pretty standard, phone, wallet, keys, sunnies, hair ties and all manner of lip products (lip sticks, balm, glosses etc etc). I most certainly need a new bag, as the last bag I ever got, which I am still using to this day (and again I shit you not) I got for Christmas in 2005. It is a beautiful leather Mandarina Duck satchel and I have used it every single day since that day, but sadly it is starting to show. My son’s favourite colour is orange so I have sort of embraced it as my own, so this bag would work on all levels. Crossing all fingers and toes – this would really make this mama’s Christmas x

  32. Marcia Boulton says

    In my attempt to not become ‘momsy’ when I had my baby 6 months ago I couldn’t bring myself to buy a nappy bag so have been carrying around a very sad canvas tote. I need this bag!!!! x

  33. Ok so here is the pic!

  34. The most random thing in my handbag is this ziplock bag of beads. Apparently I feel one day ill be out, sitting somewhere, with the opportunity to make a bracelet… Ironically the crystal beads are to inspire drive motivation & clarity…. if i could just get around to stringing them together! As you can see my handbag is one of those material library bags you can pick up for $2 when you buy something. It’s fine until you were a patterned dress & look like a patchwork quilt. The ll tutto bag is beautiful & I would love those compartments I really would xx

  35. Belinda Barnes says

    My handbag often doubles as my workbag, currently it holds an embryo transfer catheter, a uterine manipulator and a hook for artificial rupture of membranes…

  36. Carolyn Stephenson says

    I’d love that bag…so very stylish. My beaten up bag is full of paid and unpaid bills (thanks for making me look before the electricity is cut off), bits of makeup, coins, muesli bar wrappers, a dinner fork !!! but the weirdest thing is the silver foil packet you can see in the left of the photo. It’s soft, almost feels like jelly, but is completely sealed. I have no idea what’s inside and no idea where it came from. I think I should just put it in the bin unopened…it could be nuclear waste for all I know, very scary!

  37. Standard shit really…. Most random was a maccas tou, part of a train set, US $$$$ from a trip in Aug, $2 coin with green chewy on it, sticky tape, oil burner scent, robot pencil sharpner, padlock AND Lots of crumbs which could coat an extra large apple crumble πŸ˜‰
    But if I was lucky enough to win that beauty I would TOTALLY be on top of my handbag game!!!!

  38. Andrea Wells says

    Ok. If the state of your handbag is a reflection of the state of your life. well I am in trouble. I have a My little pony (not sure which one), hemorrhoid cream, cold sore ointment (fun times!) hair clips, some old woolworths animal cards, hand cream, stray 5 dollar note and a target christmas layby receipt… also an aldi token key chain (sans token)

  39. Deb_BrightandPrecious says

    I just opened my bag to find Iggle Piggle, a pair of socks and a red glass sample for the splashback of my new kitchen. A reflection of an insane person doing renovations with two young kids the month before Christmas! Insane, I tell you. Did I ever have a pretty nappy bag? NO. Did I covet melt-in-your-hand-pebble-grain-leather Il Tutto bags for the last 5 years? YES. Do I deserve this bag? YES. But we all do. We’re all hard-working mums with a need for some bling. May the luckiest lady win.

  40. Kelli-Anne Woodford says

    I currently have 6 lipsticks in my handbag for god knows what reason. I really need this bag because it’s beautiful and I would never be able to buy it myself.

  41. Sharon Johnson says

    From hammer heads, whipper snipper cord to motorcycle bits.
    Laxatives and muscle relaxants for fits.
    My handbag is no shrine.
    Carrying wine and gifts would be devine.
    A cheque for fifty grand was sublime.
    Sent my heart beat out of time.
    Most random thing in my handbag is my two tone Mossee.
    Ready for a night out in Aussie.
    Yahoo! Wahoo! Il Tutto will match my tan flats.
    So I can go to the Crown to play some craps.

  42. The most random thing in my handbag is this ziplock bag of beads. Apparently I feel ill be out one day, sitting somewhere, with the opportunity to make a bracelet… The ironic thing is these crystal beads are to inspire drive, motivation & clarity…. If I could just get around to stringing them together;) As you can see my “handbag” is one of those material library bags you can pick up for $2 when you busomething. It’s fine until you wear a patterned dress & look like a patchwork quilt.

  43. This ll tutto bag is beautiful!

  44. I have a 10 year old yet my bag still has Mary Poppins qualities. What do you need ? Bandaid, tampon, painkiller ( 3 types including kids), sunscreen, handcream, emery board, mirror….. you get the idea. But the most random thing I carry is….. a viagra tablet ( used for a lung problem). I always get a giggle from friends when the alarm on my phone goes to remind me to take a tablet πŸ™‚ I urgently need a bag with organisational ability to get my crap sorted !

  45. melon_heads says

    not very exciting, but my bag contains socks for everyone just incase i have a moment of insanity and decide to enter one of those indoor play centres! That beautiful bag would compliment the new set of small pert boobies that I am getting for christmas just perfectly!

  46. “It needs me”…(as my 6 year old keeps telling me about everything everywhere)…And now its my turn to use those agonising words. As a mum of 3, with a passion for bags, and a deep love of orange, with the bottom of my current bag coated in strewn out chewy that seems to have gone warm in the first few days of Melbourne Summer, plus with me being on ‘bed rest’ today (sympathy vote!?) due to a hideous bad back…all I can say is, “it really needs me, and I would love it always and forever”. Thanks for the opportunity Beth x

  47. So I have lots of random samples the lady in Kiehl’s gave me. She wouldn’t hear me when I said I have enough, so have about 10-15 samples.

  48. Ainslie Hunter says

    I have a plastic wine glass with the stem broken off. Obviously I need a bigger handbag to fit a proper wine glass that will last the distance.

  49. Kylie Roberts says

    A condom. This is random for us I swear! I having been dropping the “let’s have a baby” hint loud and proud and I think he has decided to leave me a hint of his own. Unless he is taking me for a long drive in the country this weekend?

  50. Lisa Mckenzie says

    The most random thing in my handbag when i went to have a look is a snap lock bag with tea bags in!I know i am lactose intolerant BUT most peeps own a tea bag or two.
    The reason i want it because I love Leather handbags I sniff them like a fine wine.

  51. I went from nappy bag to borrowing a bag off my daughter 12 months ago (okay totally will give it back, okay maybe not, maybe we will just retire it) Because the lining is torn we have dubbed the bag the black hole, stuff goes in never to be seen again. Plus even Justin complains how daggy/old it is, you know your handbag has seen better days when you partner tell you to get a new one. Most random thing? Who know, not game enough to search the black hole!

  52. The most random thing in my handbag atm is a paint splattered peg! Im a preschool teacher and I have the most terrible habit of placing the bits and pieces that have no nearby home into my pockets as I clean up every afternoon. Then I forget about them until I am driving home when they stab in the leg! So I chuck them into my handbag to return the next day πŸ™‚

  53. All my bags are from op shops, they’re great, but this would be a nice change from raggedy shiz.
    My youngest is 11 and I still carry her water bottle and sticky fingers wipes….(cough…I’m the messy one…cough…sauce stains…mumble, cough).

  54. Chelsea Steele says

    Whats this thing you call a handbag? Havent had a ‘me’ bag for a long time! My eldest is almost 13, my youngest just 1 and you really don’t want to know what is in my nappy bag. I honestly think I have one of everything in it, except of course when I go to the shops and my purse is still sitting on the kitchen bench !!! Every single mum or mum-to-be deserves this gorgeous bag.

  55. Elizabeth Hayes says

    Absolutely pointless me entering this fabulous Giveaway, (which I just love to bits)…my handbag is as boring as watching a banana sleep – there is not one random item in it!

  56. Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo says

    I just cleaned it out so nothing much in there. Probably the most random thing would be a Christmas tree, but anyone that knows me would expect that.

    I need the handbag cause you never have a day where you feel too fat for your bag. And an especially fab one makes you lose like 5 kilos.

  57. Laura Hicks says

    My handbag’s not big enough to fit random things! Help! Lol seriously though this Il Tutto is pwitty.

  58. There is nothing random in my handbag as there is no spare room for anything with 2 small children. I have to pack it tight with essential items – most of the time there is not even any room for a water bottle for me! The most random thing in there is a gazillion museli bars to throw at the kids while I am driving to keep them quiet. I need a new handbag just to fit all this baby crap in there! How I wish I was more exciting….

  59. The most random thing in my handbag is an empty stool collection container because my 8 year old daughter had vomiting and diarrohea for 3 months before they got to the bottom of it. Pun not intended. I need a new bag because I had to carry full stool sample and urine sample bottles for 3 months in it when taking them to be tested and my bag has a slight poo/wee smell to it. Probably imagined, but I deserve a new bag for cleaning up vomit and poo for 3 months. And dealing with a sick daughter who had a rare parasite eating her stomach lining.

  60. My hand bag did hold my all until a thief robbed me few months ago. Now I’m using another bag smaller than before so I try not to carry the whole world inside to avoid it being taken from me again. I have Kiki k pens, pads, coin purse, sunglasses , kids roll on sunscreen, wallet , phone , business cards as I often love collecting at restaurants I have eaten at, a form for my next scan for baby, lots of scrap paper and notepads u never know when u need some paper! Oh and tissues and wipes for me filthy 4 year old twins! I think that’s about it!

  61. My bag

  62. A WIP knitted Christmas stockings for my mums table setting ☺️

  63. My handbag has just died in the last couple of weeks. My husband did try to be helpful on his last trip away for work. He bought me a massive pink number, not anywhere near as beautiful as the one you have up there. I can’t bring myself to use it because of all the pink cheapness. Most random thing in my bag right now? I have 2 week old shopping lists, various toys and a pencil I need to smuggle back into the school classroom after miss kleptomaniac 5 decided it was something she just HAD to have.

  64. Lianne Dawson says

    My babies are too big , 18 and 19, to leave random stuff in my bag but I do love a big bag I need to hold my e reader for a quiet minute at work, a bottle of salad dressing, well der, sockettes, water bottle, phone charger, and a whole range of stuff!!!!

  65. I rarely enter comps as I’m lazy as hell. But I feel like this one’s calling my name…
    I had my bag stolen from my car on Monday morning while doing the daycare dropoff palaver with my boys. It took 4 minutes for someone to do the ‘smash and grab’ thing with the front window – thank you asshole out there who got my iphone, wallet and my make up bag. With my fave Clinique lipstick in it. And some new hair product I’d bought last week. Pricks. I am very glad I wear el cheapo sunnies from Big W, however.
    Moral of the story is never leave your shit in the car, even for 4 minutes. Even if it’s locked. Even if your bag is bright green and kind of ugly. Better to be a daycare drop off pack horse, I’m telling you…
    Oh, and the most random thing in my (old) bag right now is this – my new wallet. Otherwise known as a sandwich bag. At least it makes my kids laugh. I haven’t gotten round to getting a new one yet. #Stayclassy

  66. vomit bags. morning sickness and catching the ferry to work was a bitch.
    then i miscarried twins and they are still in there – the vomit bags that is… xx

  67. I need this bag. Because this is my current handbag. Yes – its a fisher price backpack. And it’s horrifyingly ugly. The random item was a daddy pig hair clip, which, if I had known it was there – could have prevented an epic meltdown by my 3 year old this morning when we couldn’t find it. If I don’t win the bag – at least we now have the daddy pig clip. Thank you Beth.

  68. Wendy Sutcliffe says

    Compeed, a lighter (though I don’t smoke), a random bottle lid, a round box cutter, splinter removers, and a tick remover (used πŸ™ )

  69. ahoy.jenni says

    Omg we are all the same! Everyone of us are survivors, girl guides, prepared for anything with our bags. Don’t you just love it ! I have 78 year old patients who come to my clinic with huge bags they can barely carry, prepared for all sorts of things and basically carrying too much shit in their bags. So funny, I always hassle them and we have a good laugh. Beth I vote for the person who got her bag stolen, go on! Dropping your kids off at day care and having your bag stolen is a violation of human rights ! Alright, maybe a bit extreme….I love my B Sirius bag at the moment so I am happy with it. If I got a bigger bag I would just fill it with shit!

  70. I have a measuring tape, I have used it so many times for random things! To measure furniture, size of parcels when posting and even shoelace length so I know which ones to buy!
    Kim [email protected]

  71. BabyMacBlogBeth says

    This comment has been manually entered by me but is from Sarah L Via email who was having trouble entering…

    SARAH L: My most random thing is my tape measure. Can’t help myself if I spot a bargain piece of furniture somewhere, have to see if I can fit it in the house (or garage or shed….). Boring but true.

  72. Kate Martin says

    Once a beautiful leather bag.
    Post baby: worn out, full of objects!
    Most random: jar of sweet pea seeds.
    Why do I need THE tote? So leather bag can RIP!

  73. Totes need the tote! And it’s ORANGE *swoon* my favourite colour for accessories. I have a 5 year old and a newborn – an age gap such that one forgets how much shit one needs to tote around in the tote. Have need using the regular handbag but it’s so full of all the extra baby crap that it won’t close properly. Erggg!! Only one random thing?? Hmmmm…..a love to swaddle up sleep swaddle sack thingy for my bub – it is a MIRACLE product and I dare not leave the house without it.

  74. Paint sample cards for our new house!!

  75. Summer Bonner says

    I Keep a Jeweler’s Loupe in my Bag…so I can look at coins while I am having to wait…I got to have this Bag because I need to become more Fashionable!! I currently have 1 Handbag and to say it’s quite tattered is a gross understatement!! Please help me from being Fashionably Challenged.

  76. Belinda Parker says

    No hand bag here just a backpack full of baby stuff and random junk – why would I need 7 pens, a fork and some origami paper? I need handbag intervention!

  77. The most random thing in my bag right now is a dead cricket – may be one of the many crickets that roam around in our home wanted to relax in my bag and never managed to go out of it.

    I want to win this TUTTO HANDBAG so that i can be a cool ,stylish mum with two kids under 4 – who has a TUTTO handbag. I will not have to carry my big bulky nappy bag all the time i go out with my kids…

  78. I don’t know about random stuff but in all the incredible amount of crap I dragged too the park for a swim (I needed two bags) I acutally forgot a spare nappy. Who does that? How embarrassing walking around asking if anyone has a spare. So a bag to organise me sounds awesome.

  79. um…. an unfinished smartie cookie without the smarties… how many of them have we bought as mums at a cafe because our kids are ‘soooo hungry’?

    I’d love to win this bag, just to give myself a little perk up as life has been fairly shite lately.

  80. Tully & Mishka says

    A gumnut. The toddler loves nature. Its usually a feather.

  81. OMG how freaking HOT is the TOTE!!! The most random thing in my handbag right now is a little green mosaic tile! Its from the green floor of the bathroom we reno’d at my beautiful Green House 2.5 years ago, I had it in my bag when buying towels for the bathroom, to see if they matched the floor! We had to sell said beloved Green House a couple months back and I just realised I still have the tile in my bag – and I always will! I so need this bag cos I’ve had the worst year in all of my 44 years and I would love to end it with just SOMETHING nice happening! xo

  82. Well doesn’t the average mother lug around a bag filled with rocks, pretty flowers, sand, shells, matchbox cars, hair brushes, hair ties, snacks, drink bottles. ipods, wipes and hand sanitizer? then there is my stuff: wallet, phone, prescription sunglasses, prescription glasses, cheque book and a plethora of migraine drugs! I am a mum to 5 youngsters so I am always carrying around copious amounts of other peoples crap! My kids never seem to want a drink as quickly as when we have left the house, so i always have many drink bottles in my bag and the non leak ones always seem to leak right through it
    . The most horrid things in there at the moment are a loyalty card wallet that has its plastic pages glued shut with some kind of viscous food substance that obviously has so much sugar it has inhibited any mould growth, and a chequebook so washed out from the above mentioned leaking drink bottles that it looks like I am literally into money laundering, or cheque washing! With 5 kids I have used a baby bag for more years than I can remember but at the moment a normal handbag just doesn’t seem to be large enough or functional for me. This Tote looks like it could solve all my first world problems πŸ™‚

  83. Yo baby mac! didn’t the T&Cs for this comp say 30 words or less?

  84. Very bad quality… but the most random things are, a freddo white chocolate, candy cane, and a tic tac box filled with bobby pins.

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