Christmas frocks for little ladies

It’s raining here this morning which means that the endless pile of washing from the weekend is hanging on a clothes horse inside instead of blowing in the summery sunshine. Note to self weather: it’s December. Bring ye summery conditions to us immediately! As I was hanging up frock after party frock (kid sizes 5-12 that is) I thought I’d share some places to get some pretty festive frocks for the little ladies out there.

I swear that kids clothes are better than adults. Cool designs, great patterns, it’s like somehow when they make adult clothes they forget these things. Whenever Daise or Harps have on some a pretty dress they will inevitably be told “I wish they made that in my size!” In fact, last week Harper had this told to her over 4 times in one morning. I agree! Make some fun clothes for adults…dear LORD we need the fun any way we can get it!

Here are some of the clothes that I’ve found lately for the girls that are fun and best of all actually get WORN. There is nothing more frustrating than forking out cash for clothes for your kids that you love that sit there in the wardrobe being ignored for the shitty Dora the Explorer hand me down singlet top. Perfect for Christmas day or any of the NYE/summer BBQ’s and soirees that you will be attending over the next month.

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1. Witchery 8-14

Daisy is a tall girl which means that even though she is 6, I have to get her big sizes (up to a 12) to get the right length. This new range from Witchery has some good stuff in it. You can check them out here.

2. Rock your kid

Daisy got some jeans from these guys a few months ago and they have been winners. Fabulous print of animals (couldn’t find them anywhere online) this label create some great prints – especially t-shirts like this one. Anything with an animal on it is a winner with my girls…tigers and lions are always a hit! You can check them out here.

3. Seed

Now these are some frocks I’d like made into women’s sizes. You can always count on Seed for some gorgeous tunics and frocks. They also have the BEST accessories/scarfs etc and you will be guaranteed to find stocking fillers or presents for nieces from here that will be loved. You can check them out here.

4. Country Road

Daisy has worn this little butterfly dress to death the last few months. I got it when we went to Fiji – its perfect light cotton for the summer and I love that it still looks like a dress for a little girl even though she wears the size 12. You can check them out here.

5. Tilii

We picked up this pretty little summery frock from Myer a few months ago and it’s been a hit with Daisy. It has a cute little cut our feature in the back, great colours and a good length. You can check them out here.

6. Gumboots

I adore this frock…wish it came in my size! It’s a great style and always gets loads of compliments when it’s been worn. I love that it can work across all the seasons too – which we need down here. You can grab this stuff at David Jones. You can check them out here.

7. Milkshake

You just can’t go wrong with this label from Myer. Perfect for the younger kids – Harper’s entire wardrobe is filled with Milkshake frocks. We got this little jumpsuit a while ago and it’s been on high rotation for Harper. Playsuits are adorable but can be a real pain for little ones when they need to go to the toilet! You can check them out here.

8. Little Leona

I am SUCH a Leona Edmiston fan for her beautiful dresses that fit perfectly. Now she is someone that creates some great patterns and shapes for both big AND small ladies! I got this dress for Daisy and she absolutely loves it…must be the old soul that she is. I think it’s a little touch of the 1940’s…Daisy loves the fact that it has a belt and every single one of her Grandma’s (she has 4) ADORE this frock. You can check them out online here.

9. Target

We have a Country Target down here and occasionally you get some cracking little frocks for under $15! Of course I tell my mates, who end up going and getting them too, so at every Preschool pick up and drop off all the girls usually have the same clothes on or variations of. Always worth a look…you never know what you can find at a great price. You can check them out online here.

There are so many great fashion labels out there for kids I know I will have missed a gazillion of them…so make sure you add them into the comments!

I also love ZAZA for colourful, fun frocks that get flogged. I often shop online at Miriam’s great shop Petit Amoir. My older sister got me onto Chalk & Cheese Clothing down in Melbourne where we recently picked up some seriously good bargains on winter coats.

Tell me what I have missed!
Do the little ladies in your life get a new Christmas frock?


  1. Jackie Clark says

    We love Seed and Rock Your Kid too! Sudo also have great stuff. Bardot Jnr has lots of animal print tops this season that Daisy and Harper would love!

  2. I’m a real frock girl and have got a nice little collection for my daughter, who last week announced ‘I don’t like dresses mummy I like pants!’ Not surprising with two big brothers though. She’s refusing to wear them so I picked up some cute little blouses in target for her to wear with leggings or shorts.
    My favourite shop for little dresses is Cotton on kids, and they have gorgeous accessories too. Because she’s only 2 and a half I don’t like spending too much because she’s growing out of them so quickly.
    Seed have the best hair clips too!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      They sure do! And bracelets, and bags, and scarves…I stole Daisy’s that she got there a few weeks ago…love it!

  3. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    Tilii has great stuff. I am over Target for my two – very small range at our “local” so I dont bother. Have been online a lot….

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Gorgeous little dresses for your little girls love them xx

  5. Megan Sivills says

    One word- oobi. Best kids clothing ever. Super cute dresses, up to size 8. Also marks and spencer kids are stunning- have lots of ethical made options and free delivery.

  6. you know what, I cannot go past best and less for little frocks. Madam 4 trashes clothes on the regular, and for a few bucks, she can look cute (has to be cute mum!) and it doesn’t cost me a mint. Perfect for next year when she starts preschool and before I have to make her wear uniform! (bring that on!! no more tanties over it not being cute!!!)

  7. A Farmer's Wife says

    Love Witchery for kids.

    My daughter is 6 but a size 8-10 as she is so tall too. Witchery is one of the few places that have girly clothes in those sizes not teenage styles.

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