Christmas comes early

I’ve always wondered why marketers direct Mothers Day and the like at spending quality time with our children? Sure there are home made cards, cuddles and kisses and sweet breakfasts that are inedible and gorgeous. But. Then there is always the crying, the tantrums and fights that don’t stop just because it’s Mothers Day. Same goes for Christmas…I mean what do we REALLY want? No whinging for a day would be nice. No saying I’m hungry would probably do it?

If I had tried to plan a few days to myself just before Christmas it would NEVER have happened. It just wouldn’t. End of term BBQ’s and School events, Christmas shopping craziness etc. But somehow it happened. I had a catch up planned with my Brother and sister that I was told I could not back out of. Then the next night I had a Christmas dinner with my fellow blogging colleagues from The Remarkables Group and then tonight we have Christmas with Rob’s Mum. No point driving up and back and up and back and up and BACK again now was there? THAT is how I landed 2 whole days to myself. In the city. Soaking up Christmas shopping with no one to bother me except me. It’s like I have been given a present from Santa, something that I REALLY wanted and didn’t even know! Let’s go through what I have been up to now shall we? Or as I have renamed the past few days of brilliance:


We know I had a great time on Tuesday night.


I woke up yesterday morning with a respectable hangover that required immediate panadol administration. I watched with great glee both siblings get dressed into work clothes and get out the door all before 7.30am. But what did I have to do? NOTHING. Except soak up the wonder that is hotel linen and TV without anyone bothering me. You can be assured I instgrammed the shit out of that because: DEAD SET. Hotel room. Wednesday morning. LAST DAY OF SCHOOL TERM.


After a while and long enough to have my head stop pounding I got up and had a shower. WITHOUT BEING INTERRUPTED ONCE. I got dressed, checked out, left my bags at reception and headed off into the city. I felt like I was back in NY again. Just me. And the city. I grabbed a coffee. I went to Benefit Brow bar and got my brows tinted and waxed. From there I went and got a pedicure.


I stopped and looked at things as they took my fancy. It’s amazing what can take your fancy when you have time! It was busy but I was in a happy place, a very happy place. A place where I could try on clothes. Hello Tigerlily mumu thing…I still did not get it (I wasn’t happy with the fabric but I am STILL thinking about which means it’s a sign that I HAVE to get it). This was a very bad picture I took to send to Nikki asking for advice. Handy having her in your phone I tell you!


Then I did some more Christmas shopping – getting all those last bits that I needed, grabbing some lunch and then walking back to the hotel to get my stuff and head to…ANOTHER HOTEL!

a b

This time it was to a great little boutique hotel in the Rocks called the Harbour Rocks Hotel. Fabulous old bones – unbeatable spot. Well worth a look if you are looking for somewhere with a bit of character in the heart of the city. I wandered the lane ways and cobbled streets, checked out the cruises in the harbour, wandered into the MCA…I mean just the best. I even had a quick rest on the bed before I was joined by Mrs Woog and Nikki to head off to the Christmas party at Mejico a fabulous new Mexican place in the city where we ate PROPER tasty Mexican all washed down with a margarita or 3…I drifted off to sleep last night a very lucky, happy and contented woman after having the BEST DAY THAT EVER THERE WAS. Ever! It’s true!

This morning it was up and at it…I have to be at my Mother in law’s mid afternoon to catch up with the family and have Christmas with her. But that means that there are still a few more hours yet to go…Mrs Woog made me stop off at fancy homewards stores along the way….places that were magical and looked like this:


And that had magical baskets with magical words like this:


That’s when I knew that I had indeed travelled to a parallel universe of amazingness. Christmas had indeed come early! But now? Well I have more time to myself and that means one thing: DUMPLINGS. Because in an ideal world this is the only thing that could possibly make things better than they already are. I am happy woman. A lucky woman. Who wants for nothing else this Christmas. Thank you universe. Thank you Rob x

What do you REALLY want for Christmas?
A sleep in? A coffee in bed? Dumplings?


  1. Go get that Tigerlily mumu thingy NOW. Looks great!

  2. Sounds like heaven. Ummm not sure about the top? Would love to know what Nikki thinks. My idea of heaven would be visiting those homeware shops. Enjoy the rest of your day. xT

  3. We have houseguests living with us (friends from China) Who Make Dumplings On Demand and cook each night, and are currently doing a front yard blitz for me whilst the kids roam the street with the local friends. I think Christmas couldn’t get much better! But it will, we are visiting friends this afternoon who are staying at a beach-house On The Beach. Perfect start to the holidays!

  4. Jay - Moodie Foodie says

    Everything is better with dumplings. And bacon.. Have THE most wonderful Christmas xo

  5. Alison Walker says

    Am adding this to my Christmas gift list. It currently consists of the following items: Champagne, cupcakes, butter dish and a tray of glazed Krispy Kreme donuts.

  6. Emily Psaila says

    sounds like absolute heaven! I woukd give my eye teeth! its the little things I miss!

  7. Janelle Spear says

    That’s what I would love for Christmas too, but instead I have been out getting cortisone needle stuck in my foot to see if it heals and then today, instead of letting my foot rest I have been out looking at fridges!! Yes fridges, because ours decided to shit itself yesterday!! Oh and of course we had visitors when it decided to die as well!! Ho bloody Ho!!! Time for coffee!!!

  8. Amanda Garven says

    The best time ever!!!! Am very envious but very happy for you, this is also my idea of bliss. Total Bliss. I daydream about time like this to myself. And if I can’t get it at the moment, then Im totally happy for you to get it. I’ll read this post over again, just so i can put myself in your shoes. Live it Up!!!!

  9. Mejico is right across the road from my work, great food and drinks, beats Jamie’s place next door hands down. Your last few days sound amazing!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Thanks Deb – they were. I have always wanted to check out Jamie’s Italian – next time! Although I have to take Rob back to Mejico – he is a huge fan of Mexican food. proper Mexican food.

  10. God I miss Sydney! Must get back. I like the Mu Mu! Would like it more on sale 😉

  11. Someone to clean up the stuff all day. You know the crap that is always left laying around, but I am the only one who thinks to pick it up.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      It’s not much to ask is it? I’ll come and do it for you. I am an expert at it!

      • I am an expert as well. Maybe we can trade a day. I will do a day of picking up your families crap. Then you can do a day of mine. That way we each get a day off and know someone who is OCD about cleaning is picking up and cleaning “the right way”.

  12. We couldn’t go home to Oz for Chrissy this year as we have just moved to Moscow, so I really really want it to snow for Christmas.

  13. oh sweet heavenly bliss. and you most def need to get the mumu.

  14. love the top!!!!!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      So do I. In fact, both my sister and Mrs Woog said “buy the fucking top to put us all out of our misery”. They have a good point.

  15. Can I ask for my 8 month old to sleep through the night? The 2am feeds are killing me!

  16. Julijana Griffiths says

    Beth…. Beth…. what can I say except you lucky lucky girl (although you deserve it we all do )! I was in Melbourne recently experienced similar ie manicure with a champagne chaser! Love love city perks !!!!

  17. Chelsea Sutherland says

    Honestly what I’m looking forward to the most is spending 2 weeks with my partner. We had to postpone some travel plans as the 97 year old grandma isn’t feeling 100% so didn’t need the stress of visitors and don’t have a family of our own. Nick does fly in fly out work most of the year so we live our life four days a fortnight at a time. He’s been working in our hometown the last couple of weeks but doing 12-15hr days so two weeks of no alarms, lazy breakfasts, day tripping around the countryside we moved to 6mths ago but haven’t had time to enjoy and a few cheeky drinks by our outdoor fireplace is seriously feeling like the best Christmas gift ever.

  18. I love love love my kids, don’t get me wrong, but all I want as a present for Christmas is some ME TIME. Not on Chrissy Day, obviously, but the chance to just be ALONE. BY MYSELF. To do whatever I wish. Having been a stay at home Mumma for the last 5 years, I would really relish some away fron children time, which doesn’t often happen. I think it’s all about balance, and making sure you look after yourself as well as your family, because if the mother isn’t happy, NOONE is. Merry Christmas Beth, to you and your beautiful family. All the best for 2014 xx

  19. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I want what you had! ALL BY MYSELF and get that Tigerlilly dress it suits you lovely and i love all your pics from your getaway,you deserve it xx

  20. I’ve emailed you a purchase suggestion … how’s that for a styling service!

  21. Get the mumu….looks like you are wrapped up in a Turkish rug but I like it, the fit is good on your shoulders.
    I had a wonderful trip to Sydney last week, stayed at the quay grand at circular quay, check it out, great place.
    My daughter has been crying every evening since, asking to go back to the hotel :-0

  22. Erin @ Eat Play Bond says

    You know what? My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas today (yep, he’s both romantic and organised) and I actually didn’t know. Until I read your post that is. Now I know exactly what I want – a bloody weekend off to hang out with the old me! Preferably in the City with fancy sheets and margaritas.
    You have clearly been very good this year for Santa to be so kind.

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