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I have been quite obsessed with Nikki from Styling You’s latest Instagram thingy where she takes a snap of what she wears every day (as opposed to just fancy pants stuff) and whacks it up for the world to see. For some reason I find it completely interesting to see what people wear day to day. While I am a dedicated lover of a selfie, I rarely take photos of what I wear, namely because it’s pretty shithouse and very much the same uniform – jeans with something different on top, but last week I decided to force my 4 year old to take some shots of what I wear. Mostly for me to compare myself to Nikki’s fabulous collection of summery atire, and for you, dear readers, because I’m sure you’d find what I wear interesting. Ha!

The exercise showed me what I knew already: I wear jeans. A lot. I also wear blazers. A lot. It’s also still cold here. A lot, even though it’s December. Also, 4 year olds really aren’t the best person to take photos of you – angles are bad, I’m either not smiling, talking, walking or laughing. I am NO fashion blogger.


Frocked up (so to speak) for telly on The Daily Edition. The bottom half never gets seen and I’ve discovered that colour works best – the brighter the better.
: Alexandra Redmond necklace
: White Sussan 3/4 top
: Red Seed blazer
: Jeans from GAP US (online)
: Yellow suede boots from Seed



We were walking up to the pub for dinner so I’ve gone to trouble (snort) and put earrings on.
: Black Seed linen mix tshirt (black singlet underneath from Target)
: Blue hoop earrings stolen from Mrs Woog originally from Diva
: Sunnies from Mink Pink
: Bohemian Traders coin necklace
: Jeans from GAP US
: Country Road plastic sandals
: Wallet is from Elk



I grabbed those jeans from the floor and whacked them on again…and I do most days. And it was freezing again…how surprising!
: Mink pink sunnies
: Cardigan from Hunting for George
: Tshirt from US GAP
: Jeans from US GAP



Heading off to the cooking class with Damien Pignolet with some fancy ladies in a fancy house. I thought I’d look casual, but a little fancy with the blazer which I could take off when it got done to the hard work in the kitchen.
: Black top from Sussan (same as the white one on Tuesday)
: Blazer from Dotti
: Jeans from GAP US
: Shoes from Witner
: God knows what my hands are doing, I can only apologise…I’m sure they should be on my hips.


Saturday night

We were off to the dinner part of the day that was meant to be casual, but the people and the house were far from it. I tried to go for casual chic. Ha!
: Same black Sussan top
: White Country Road Blazer
: Earrings from Givenchy
: UberKate rings
: Jeans from US GAP (floor of bedroom)
: Wittner shoes (they were for walking up to the house I changed into Nine West black stilettos when I arrived)


It seems I own a lot of jeans from GAP US. I do so because they always have sales and the quality of the stuff is very good. Best of all they fit me REALLY well. I am a normal size 14 on the bottom…I wear a size 12 Country Road and I get a size 12/31 US. Tried plenty of last year in New York so managed to know this…could be tricky finding sizes if unsure.

I should also wash my clothes more often.

And get some dresses/skirts into my life.

So tell me what your everyday style is….and if you want to play along with Nikki on Instagram just make sure that you use the hashtag #everydaystyle I am fascinated so please join in! If you want further details on any of the clothes just ask and I’ll find the link for you…most expensive thing here I reckon is the Country Road blazer that cost me $100 on sale…or maybe the shoes that were $120. I don’t tend to spend money on clothes…as you can see!


  1. You always look stylish! I love a jeans and blazer look, although it’s too hot for it most of the time in Brisbane.

  2. LOVE it Beth. I tell you I’d be working the jeans and blazer look if I still could – that’s my everyday winter style up here! My photos are mostly taken by Flynn (8YO) and I stand back a long way and wear sunnies to avoid scrutiny of slap on of minimal makeup I’ve achieved before running out the door! Would love your readers to get on board with this. What it’s made me do is actually use more of what’s in my wardrobe instead of reaching for the same things – a good exercise for anyone!

  3. It has been great to watch your style develop over the years Betty! You are nailing it. Give me back my earrings.

  4. You do red so well! You should definitely do more of it. I saw this the other day and I think it would look stunning on you. Especially if you team it with a casual denim jacket for those colder evenings walking to the pub πŸ˜‰

  5. Emily @ The Beetle Shack says

    I must say you are looking smoking hot in your Bohemian Traders necklace. You babe.

  6. At the moment my everyday style seems to be shorts and singlet tops. I did get told last week by another school mum that she loves my style which made me laugh out loud because I had literally thrown on the first things I could find, and thrown a scarf around my head to contain my mop! Sunglasses are my best friend when I can’t be bothered putting make up on.
    Loving Nikki’s photos too.

  7. Amazing outfits! You look stunning….always. I live in jeans and t-shirts when at home although the fact that my new t-shirts now have holes as well is sending me sideways. Determined to get to the bottom of the t-shirt hole mystery. x

  8. I want to know what happened to Wednesday? Were you a rudie nudie all day? Loving the style in the days you photoed, you’ve got great legs misses! I really need to make more of an effort but finding the time to iron clothes is one hassle too many right now.

  9. LOVE it! There’s something about looking at what other people wear day to day…
    You are one gorgeous woman Mrs Mac!
    Upon reflection, my whole look appears to be sponsored by Cotton On – except that it’s not. I just have a store close by and I’m too lazy to venture anywhere else! Colourful pants feature heavily. And once I get onto a good thing, I wear it to death…

  10. This is fun! (I love the way you’re kinda leaning in to the camera when the photo is being taken by Harper! Also, you have great legs.)

    I wish I could wear jeans more often, but I just feel so large and restricted in them. Just a matter of finding the right pair I suppose, but don’t really have that kind of spare time πŸ˜‰ As a result I wear skirts and dresses more often than not. I have a super lightweight denim skirt I found at the end of last summer that I’ve been living in lately. I also enjoy a bit of sewing – I’ve made a couple of summer dresses that have seen a fair bit of wear lately. I’d love to make more (again, limited spare time). Looking in my wardrobe, it’d also be fairly obvious that I have a soft spot for a stripey tshirt!

    Thanks for sharing – I love these style posts. They’re a bit of a prompt for me to explore different styles.

  11. Fabulous! Fabulous! All of it, especially pics by the 4 year old. You’ve both got it goin’ on!

  12. Melody Forrester says

    I make practically all my own skirts which I sell via FB. I’m always taking pics of myself and put online with what I am wearing. Not all the time, but just enough to try and jig some interest in what I make.

    I’m always interested in what others are wearing too. I quite like the fact that brands are stated – kinda like a fashion catalogue without all the homewares.

  13. Love your casual style! I’m tempted to play but it won’t be every day because most days I’m in a black or white breastfeeding singlet with a pair of grey, black or orange shorts! Or grey trackpants if its cool. BUT if I go out that day I’ll take a pic πŸ˜‰

  14. Sonia Robinson says

    You look amazing in everything! Does you husband know how hot you are!? πŸ˜‰

  15. I love this, I’m a little obsessed with Nikki’s every day style posts too – she is amazing. I love your style, cutie!

  16. Lisa Aherne says

    Love, love, love everything from Beth, Nikki and Mrs Woogs. Their posts make my day and make me more aware of what I look like! Needed. I am retired and can be very lazy. Planning a 12 weeks caravan trip at the moment, will be taking lots of Metalicus for comfort and ease of laundering, country road pants x2, NYDJ jeans, a variety of tees and tanks that roll up, take no space and are light, a couple of dresses, shorts, bathers, sunnies, sunscreen, hat, and cosmetic and skin care items. What joy!

  17. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love your everyday style very chic and don’t we all like to have a squizz at what people are wearing i sure do,people watching is one of my favourite pastimes.

  18. I’m such a sticky beak and love looking at photos of what people are wearing. I tend to be lazy and wear the same thing even though I seem to have a wardrobe full of clothes!

  19. MotherDownUnder says

    Look at you! Looking good!
    I have been doing a somewhat similar #MDUSundayStyles for a while now…it doesn’t have to be what I wear on Sunday but once a week, when I have put a bit of effort in and am feeling good, I snap a photo and then post it on Sunday. It has definitely made me think about things like putting together an outfit and putting on mascara…it feels good to feel like you look good!
    And how good are Gap jeans! I love their boyfriend khakis too.

  20. I love the first look, you look great in red! Covering your vajayjay in the Saturday shot is priceless though πŸ™‚ How do you order from Gap US? I thought they didn’t ship here…

  21. I’d be terrified to do this as my life right now is a combination of teaching pre school (sweats I don’t mind small people smearing banana on) and writing from home (PJs I’m willing to drip tea on if I get too excited thinking while drinking). I also have a thousand GAP jeans – I’ve tried to go fancier from time to time, but I always end up back at GAP!

  22. Tuesday. Smokin’ hot.

  23. I really enjoyed this post – I want to jump on the hashtag ( but I don’t know if my gym gear is appropriate)

  24. I love everyday style and confess I haven’t done much by way of style on my blog lately. But I’m obsessed with the everyday stuff like what people wear. Love your style and love jeans myself πŸ˜‰ x


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