Put a ring on it

Do you guys read the Daily Mail online? On your iPad? In bed? YOU SHOULD. My little sister got me onto the superior trashy gossip (you only need to read the celeb/TV bit) when she lived in London and I have been a devoted fan since. On your iPad it’s even better, you swipe through those stories with the power of Donald Trump firing people – honestly, get onto it. Just be warned, it’s quite addictive.

Last night I was on the couch having a read whilst watching Four Corners (it balances out the nasty goss if you have something superior on in the background) when I stumbled across this pic:


Now it doesn’t matter to any of you that this is Mark Wright’s new fiance (yes he has had others) nor who Mark Wright is (The Only way is Essex thanks for playing along) but what is relevant here is the flick of the hair of a newly engaged woman. An adjustment at ANY given chance to show off the new engagement ring (in this instance to some papps that just happened to be there outside the club as they were leaving). The fresh nails! The shiny ring! The smug look of a woman who has just been (hopefully) taken off the market for good.

It reminded me of a friend I had who was the BIGGEST show pony with car keys when she first got her P’s. I wanted to poke her eyes out with the keys that she HAD to take everywhere – even to the loungeroom – just as a reminder that she could drive! In fact, if she wanted to, she could get in that car and drive! Right now! And I couldn’t. So I wanted to poke her eyes out. Smug mole.

Got me thinking to when I got engaged and I had that brushing off the hair Β (except I didn’t HAVE hair) with the engagement ring finger. You see the problem with that was that I proposed to Rob, and very much on the spur of the moment, which meant that there was no ring at all! I waited until we had our engagement party and I was presented with a ring designed completely by Rob. Paid for by Rob. I ADORED IT. Simple. Stylish. The perfect symbol for where we were at that time in our lives. And created by him. As soon as I got that bad boy, you can bet I had to brush things off my body with that hand. Hold items with the ring facing outwards. Sometimes I would spend my bus ride home from work watching the diamonds glisten in the light. Making sure I had to be under halogen lights at any possible chance. I do believe it’s called: loving yourself sick.


There’s nothing quite like an engagement ring is there? I still beg to wear my little sister’s or friends when we are together. I love to “watch them go, watch them go!” as the diamonds glisten. I love the stories of them. I love to see them. In fact this morning I saw this on the Green Wedding Β Shoes blog and clutched my pearls! THE PRETTY. I mean is there a more beautiful ring than that black and white one? Sheesh!


So fess up! I want pictures of rings (you can upload them in the comments box by clicking on that picture icon). I want pictures on my FB page. I want details of hair flicking and smug engagement loving oneself sick stories.

And download that Daily Mail app for your iPad NOW. You won’t regret it.



  1. I think Michelle shows that ring off to the papps every opportunity she can because she was without it for about 2 weeks after Mark popped the question because it was too big and needed to be resized and EVERYONE kept asking to see it and she didn’t have it to show it off! I believe she’s making up for lost time now tho πŸ˜‰

    God help Mr Wright if he breaks her heart!! He seems like a nice guy, unfortunately just one with a bit of a playerish romantic past!

    As for my engagement ring – Guv proposed and we went ring shopping together the next day. I fell in love with a ring, he hated it, he picked one out which was quite a bit more exxy and now? I LOVE my ring and I’m glad he hated my pick πŸ˜‰

  2. Emma Steendam says

    I did this the other day on insta – I believe it was ‘wedding ring wednesday’. My engagement ring is a replica of Matt’s grandmothers, ‘a diamond daisy’. It’s delicate and little and pretty and a little bit vintage. I always thought I wanted that princess cut, stock standard, Tiffany’s ring that every freaking one of my friends has. SO glad I don’t have that. Our engagement was a total surprise proposal on our seven year anniversary (yes we’ve been together ten years…we’re 27…!) at sunset at the very top of the (very steep and mountainous) farm we managed at the time, a magical place which is definitely ‘home’ for us even now we’re not there. There was a beer, our cattle dogs, on the back of the ute, overlooking our tiny little cottage, our first home together. He had a bottle of champagne and wheel of brie but he forgot the flutes and cheese knife and I said I’m not necking a bottle or using your pocket knife that’s been God knows where! We had the champers later at home and still have the cork.

  3. Nicole Jackson says

    Here are mine. I love them πŸ™‚ The engagement ring was solely picked out by my gorgeous hubby and I just love how perfect it is. It’s what I would’ve picked but didn’t know it πŸ™‚

  4. Ohhh DRIVING in the car… I will never forget that lol. Pretty sure I almost had about 30 accidents because my ring was glistening on my hand, perched high on my steering wheel…

  5. NotjustamumJess says

    Emma you took the words out of my mouth, Beth check out #weddingringwednesday on instagram. AMAZING shots of peeps’ wedding bling.

  6. Miss Kitty-Cat says

    Man, I love checking out other people’s bling!! I am such a nosy parker! I have two “rocks”. My engagement ring, which we chose together (he wanted as much sparkle as he could fit on my finger) and my 10 year anniversary ring which I received a few weeks ago, which is a gigantic antique diamond. Love both to bits. Bling bling!! Sparkle sparkle!!

  7. Sarah Owen-Green says

    No such thing as subtlety when it came to showing off my bling when we first got engaged – case in point, this photo. Obviously no reason as to why my hand needed to be in that awkward position for the photo, except of course for the fact I was loving myself, and my bling, sick!

  8. supersarahwhite says

    This was taken about 15 minutes after he popped the question, I seriously could not believe that I was wearing a diamond engagement ring! The novelty hasn’t worn off even though its been 11 years!

  9. I never wanted a diamond, and I love aquamarines so we had this custom made. I just adore it and it has so much more meaning than any material possession I’ve had before. I spend a LOT of time admiring it. I get a lot of compliments and that’s made me a lot less shy about vocally admiring other people’s rings.

  10. MotherDownUnder says

    I love engagement rings…they make me happy…so much promise!
    I still cannot believe that my then boyfriend managed to buy a ring without me knowing anything about it! And it is the perfect ring for me!

  11. Reannon Hope says

    When Tim proposed I answered with ” do you have a ring?” He said he wanted me to design it so he knew I’d love it. So off I went & designed it & to this day, 13 years later, I still adore it πŸ™‚

  12. Oh I LOVE checking out engagement rings even though I’ve been happily married for almost 7 years. My now hubby proposed with a CZ fakie at the top of sugar loaf mountain at sunset in Rio De Janeiro. He had hidden it in his tool box in the shed for months before our trip… no chance of me finding it there! I remember being on the plane home and the light catching it and i could not stop looking at my left hand the whole way home. When we got back we chose the real ring together and I still love it so so much. Needs a jolly good clean though!!!

  13. My engagement ring is locked away at the moment, I adore it, love it, still wear it now and then but… A few years after G and I were married I stumbled across the floating diamonds series from Chopard. I’m not really a jewelry person but this stuff just took my breath away. It was an absolute pipedream and completely out of our reach but every-time we went past one of those stores I’d have my nose pushed up against the window drooling over the same square cut ring with the floating diamond in the centre. After our 4th child was born, and I was back at work, G surprised me with a weekend away – on the way to the airport he stopped and picked up “something”. It was my ring. I know it sounds so superficial and over the top but it was so incredibly romantic and it just took my breath away. I love it. LOVE IT.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      BEST story! And the ring? SHEESH. It’s beautiful Kirsty…and what a thoughtful thing. Well played Mr Rice x

  14. All over DailyMail! I’m one quarter ashamed to admit it’s my “wind down” routine at night. Hubby tried to ban all technology from the bedroom but gave up after he caught me several times at 2am under the covers reading DailyMail on my iphone. Nothing gets in my way of good celebrity gossip, although I would like to tell DailyMail they can ease up on the Kim Kardashian articles. It’s like the bloody DailyDash at the moment! Re: ring bling, I still adore my ring and everything it represents. I knew I wanted something different and have always been a sunset girl (I go quiet over a pink sky) so when I found out about Padparadscha sapphires many many years ago, well, I became obsessed with them. Couldn’t believe my eyes when my husband (then boyfriend) presented one, on bended knee, overlooking the jetty in Russell NZ, on New Years Day, 2011. At sunset of course πŸ™‚ I love that it changes from a faint pink to a peachy pink depending on the light and I love that it’s ‘me’.

  15. I LOVE my engagement ring and LOVE LOVE my engagement ring story.

    My brother won the diamond in my engagement ring on Wheel of Fortune. My husband (then boyfriend) and I weren’t engaged at the time but I was still sitting in the audience shouting “It’s for me! It’s for me!”. My husband then bought the diamond off my brother, proposed a few months later and I worked with a jeweller to design a ring for the diamond.

    Now the hand with my ring is my Wheel of Fortune hand. I’m always doing Adriana style waves to showcase items.

    Here is a highlights package of my bro on WOF and a pic of my ring.


  16. Fashionista says

    My Darling Husband (DH) proposed with a beautiful solitaire which I wore for 26 years before some filthy scumbags broke into our house and stole it (out of all the stuff that was stolen all I really wanted back was my engagement ring). I then was completely blingless so DH decided we would go shopping for a new ring. We spent a very pleasant Saturday traipsing around jewelers trying on all sorts or confections and finding nothing I wanted to wear home (but I tried on some eye-popping rocks!). The last shop we went to, he had already been there during the week, picked a ring, had it put away, and of course it was perfect. When I questioned why we had just spent HOURS looking at others, his answer was “well I know you like to look in jeweler shop windows, this time you had an excuse to go in and try stuff on”. He’s a keeper.

  17. I was doing the hair flick to show off my engagement ring, except I also had no hair.

  18. Jo {Chickens & Bees} says

    I went for a job just after I got engaged and I had to do a typing test. They keyboard was directly under some downlights and I was so distracted I’ve never typed that bad in my life.

  19. Ha ha there was no hair flicking from me because after 10 years everyone was like ‘about bloody time!’
    As for the ring – I absolutely love it … and actually jettisoned the wedding ring that was attached to it a few years ago because I didn’t like how the wedding ring looked with it. Ant apparently walked into a local jewellery store, asked them to show him their ‘conservative rings’ … and chose from there. Boy does he know me well!

  20. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love diamonds and I wish now mine was BIGGER but it is an ok size,it is a solitare and I have a diamond wedding ring.

  21. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love diamonds I wish mine was a little bigger.I love yours Beth so you,I hope my pic worked x

  22. Better late than never to join this ring party. Had to wait until mani this afternoon, didn’t I? Kester got down on bended knee in his undies and presented me with the ring. I still love it. x

  23. It’s been nearly 20 years. Before we were engaged but had been going out for nearly 3 years, I put a picture of my dream ring in his wallet and would regularly check to see if it’s there. One time I checked and photo missing. No problem – I put in the photocopy one I had Incase he lost the original. Hadn’t lost it – he was getting it made. Still love it today!

  24. I still play “disco ball” with mine when I’m driving. It’s the ring of my dreams from the man of my dreams. The proposal was by far his biggest most romantic gesture to date!

  25. I don’t have one. There you go. Never did want one either. When I was engaged, nobody believed me because I didn’t have one. Yours is lovely. x

  26. Couldn’t help but comment as I still 10years later take photos of my wedding set. I love them. Actually, I love jewelry and love stories so I am loving the comments! My husband chose my set, hand picked my diamond and got them made all without me having any clue. The sentiment of him researching diamonds all in the desire to surprise me and make me his wife is beyond!

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