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You guys want to know where I source cheap flowers from? Quick sale bucket at Harris Farm. Our local HF has a big selection of flowers, which seems to get bigger and bigger each week. Because there are only so many flowers people can buy, they whack a whole lot in the quick sale bucket. Things that were $20 go down to $4. While their lifespan is definitely shorter, if you cut them the right way you can get a week out of them. And for $4, that lasts even longer than the joy of a take away coffee. Onto it.


When I was staying with my little sis on Sunday night I got to witness the joy that is Apple TV. I know, I am living in 2008 and I’m happy to be here with my ignorance. Yesterday I went and grabbed that Apple TV, I set that bastard up and was SO proud of myself that I got it sorted and set up. All by my self-es (as Harps would say). No more bad TV watching for me. I am going to catch up on years worth of movies and embrace some quality TV show viewing. As Aladdin would say…a whole new world! How long has THIS been going on?! Late adopter…

I saw these fabulous photo decal spots on Jen’s blog last week and I keep thinking about them. Made from fabric and able to stick to any surface (except wall paper) I think you could have some great fun with these! I love how wall decals can be such an inexpensive way to change a space and if you get sick of it? Peel it off! I am going to get these sheep for above my desk I think. You should keep an eye on Jen’s blog – she always covers off great interiors stuff.


Can I tell you what joy these ladies are bringing to our family? I think they have Rob wrapped around their chicken feet…which is quite funny given that he refuses to eat eggs. We are getting an egg a day – almost every single one of them a double yolker! And I can’t tell you how much less rubbish we have because we can give all our scraps and leftovers to the ladies…everyone is a winner!


Does anyone have really thick hair? Daisy has been blessed/cursed with the thickest mane of hair that is curly underneath but straight on the top and I am struggling to reign it in. Not to mention the dramas of brushing every single day and getting it into a pony tail. Anyone got any suggestions/products that works for seriously thick hair? HELP.

I watched Kanye’s film clip (note: not safe to watch around kids or at work or actually anywhere. In fact, don’t watch it) earlier this week when I saw social media getting up in arms about it. And the worst thing is, I have been thinking about it days later. I like Kanye, I do. Like his music and ridiculous lyrics for what they are. And Kim? Well, she works hard. I don’t have any bad feelings towards her – she lives her life, does her thing. But this? Troubling. Bad track. Worse film clip. Concerning missing nipples and rocking from Kim – I mean who wanted to see them having sex? Who wants to know that he wants to “fuck her hard on the kitchen sink”. No one. NO ONE. They should have just made their own sex tape for each other and been done with it and kept us all out of it. I can’t unsee that writhing. That rocking. Eeeew. Did you see Lily Allen’s film clip (also not safe to watch around kids or at work) launched the other week? Says it all really. I would have thought Kim still had a baggy pussy given she gave birth 5 mins ago…I don’t suppose that would work in a Kanye song though…


What you got planned for the weekend? We have a little on, as well as some down time planned…I just need to pack down on that couch and start accessing movies on our new Apple TV thingy! No more trips to the video shop! Yes! Video shops still exist!

Love a cheap flower bucket?
Do you have Apple TV too? GAME CHANGER.
Do you love those photo spots or do you LOVE them?
What do all these double yolkers MEAN?


  1. Katrina Chambers says

    And then use a program called VUZE to get all movies for FREE + use ez.tv to get all tv shows! Then send them to your Apple TV and you’re away! X

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Alas we are a non download for free family…Rob and some family members/plenty of his friends have worked in the film/tV industry and he just refuses to partake! HAVE YOU GOT WHAT YOU PAID FOR?! You know that bit at the start of movies? It’s his favourite thing to say ever….sigh!

      • Katrina Chambers says

        Oopsy. Rewind. Delete #asyouwere 😉

      • Thought I was the only person left still paying for music, movies & downloads. Good to know. I don’t quite get Apple TV. I think it’s that I resent paying twice the price for our itunes music, I can’t imagine paying for tv shows. I do watch online catch up tv a lot. Maybe one day I’ll join the Apple TV bandwagon

  2. I would recommend opening a US iTunes acct, you can get whole series for a very low cost plus films. Netflix is in Aus too now: watch Orange Is The New Black, you won’t regret it.

    • How amazing is that show?! Bev, get onto it pronto!

      I agree with Carolyn, set up a US account. I watch TV shows for a fraction of the price on itunes, but also new stuff on Netflix too.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      This is number one on the list to watch. OK. US account. Hints! Tips! Thanks so much 🙂

      • I will reveal myself to be a luddite here. Husband set it up, I just reap the benefits. Maybe google it? ( my answer to everything) Or Sam below me might have a better answer.

    • how do you get an O/S acct? So much cheaper than the Aus one…

      • I haven’t set up a US account myself but they showed you how to do it on The Checkout (the show by the Chaser guys on ABC). Click on the icon flag for the country (US) and you have to enter an address to get an account. They entered the address of the White House (or something like that, and it worked, because it just needs to register a valid address). So go into google maps and get a valid address! Try it and let us know if it works!

  3. We got on board Apple TV a few months ago so not far behind!

  4. I am blessed with a thick mane of hair. I recently chopped it off to shoulder length out of frustration. When it was long I washed it twice a week only. I brushed it out before I washed it, brushed it out in the shower, then brushed it out again before blow drying and straightening. If I didn’t have time to do all that I would just brush it after the shower while wet and put it in a pony and would stay pretty manageable.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I think we have to wash it more…we do once a week but it just seems to get out of control. If we wash it, it seems to be thinner – perhaps because of all the conditioner in it! Thanks for the tips Jen – appreciate it 🙂

  5. Equip yourself with a wide tooth comb and some spray in detangler for daisy’s hair. We use Nak ReplEnds spray. Only use the brush when you want to smooth it when you’re putting it up. Start combing from the ends and work your way to the top, not from the roots down.
    As for kimye- I can’t even…
    Love cheap flowers, even better when my own garden is producing roses and geraniums for me!

  6. My girl has thin curly hair which turns into a birds nest. I use a Mix of water and Moroccan hair oil in a spray bottle. Works a treat!

  7. Reannon Hope says

    I know nothing about Apple TV but now I’m intrigued. Being home now with the bub sees me watching a lot of foxtel- A LOT- & I’m getting sick of the repeats. Dumb dumb dumb question but it’s not an ACTUAL tv is it?

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Not dumb at all. It’s a little black box. That connects to your TV via a cord and connects to your WIFI at home and your iTUnes account. You can use it to access iTunes to buy/hire movies or TV shows via the net. Have to watch download amounts I suspect though…you can listen to music, access Youtube etc. You can buy it from any Apple distributer…got ours at Harvey Norman and it costs $109. Anything you buy is stored for access like a hard drive. Am sure there is more to it, but that’s my dodgy explanation.

  8. The Kayne song is a joke right? the music video aside the song is terrible, I don’t know what disturbed me more; the clip or the song?

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I know Simone. I keep thinking maybe they are just taking the piss and the joke is on US. Maybe?! Somehow I don’t think so…

  9. Rebecca Simunic says

    WOW those video clips are something else really !!!!

  10. supersarahwhite says

    I swear by the Tangle Teezer hair brush, it looks like a gimmick but for some reason, it just works! Amy has a lot of fine hair, but A LOT of it, so its very thick and tangles easily, this makes light work of it!


  11. for Daisy’s hair, try O&M No Knott. You can buy it online at adorebeauty.com.au. It smells great, and it such a good conditioning detangler x

  12. Hayley Rose says

    My little miss has super thick hair, Hers is ringlets and goes down to her bum! (Nightmare)
    so here’s a pony tail tip we learnt from ballet, You will need 3 hair ties (I know, with girls sometimes 1 is hard enough to hunt down but it’s worth it!) Use a comb, not a brush and some tangle free, Put half her hair up in a pony then put the bottom half in a pony directly underneath the first ponytail, wrap both ponytails with your 3rd hair tie so it looks like you never even cheated and wa-lah.. The ONLY way we can do perfectly neat, bubble free ponies with thick hair.
    To keep her mane at bay, When you take her hair down at night you can take out the bottom section first, brush that first and then do the top section.
    If you can find time, plait her hair loosely before she goes to beddy byes to keep the tangles away.
    I fucking love those photo spots!

  13. Lisa Mckenzie says

    No I don’t have Apple TV 🙁 don’t have chooks 🙁 but I do have friends that have chook so I get eggs so winner and I have a friend that gets me all new movies and puts them on my hard drive thingy (I don’t ask questions it is prolly illegal ) and I do love a flower bargain ,I am not sure what we have on this weekend hopefully dinner out by ourselves ,you have a lovely weekend Beth x

  14. Lisa Penberthy says

    Apple tv is the bomb. I stream all my music through it too and have it blaring (when the kids are home to complain of course).

  15. Apple TV user since May 2013. GAME CHANGER.

  16. Simulated sex visuals and vile lyrics aside, it’s just a really really bad clip. It’s like they were aiming for arty but were light years late for the boat. Wow. Wish I’d taken your advice and not watched it.

  17. Baggy?! Pussy?! I just spat yoghurt on my laptop. I love you, Beth.

  18. Baggy pussy…………..i cannot think about anything else you wrote. Hilarious. Thanks. You’ve made my night!!!!

  19. OMG that film clip its etched on my retinas and I am desperate to erase!!.. we have Apple TV but do not use the max we could as Apple can be so exy to buy from but I burnt all the kids DVD’s across to my iTunes so no more DVD frisby in my house!

  20. Oh I adore Apple TV, in a country with crap TV it’s changed my life. We’ve kept our Aussie iTunes account so we can the Aussie series we can’t get here.
    We also watch a huge amount of YouTube, it’s amazing how much you can get on there. Lots of TV series (No Reservations, Peppa Pig, which we can’t get here), I just found a whole bunch of full movies this morning (Madeline, the original Parent Trap, Annie, Dot & the Kangaroo).
    I’ve never illegal downloaded either. Is YouTube considered illegal? I’m not sure?

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      That’s interesting about you tube and access for shows…I’ll have a look especially for things like Peppa Pig – thanks!

  21. twopointfivekids says

    Baggy Pussy.

  22. Emily @ The Beetle Shack says

    i plan to drink some beer this evening and then LOTS of exciting thing are happing for little old moi this weekend! YAY!

    xo em

  23. Go the Tangle Teaser for sure. They are an excellent present idea for any little girl no matter what type of hair.

  24. I love those wall stickers – too fab! x

  25. I have the thick, doesnt know if its curly or straight hair. I was also a red nut and and now its pretty much all grey and wirey and bloody awful since having the kids. Thank god for headbands thats all I can say! A hair straightener was my saving grace finally in my mid 20’s, lots of bobby pins, (the old twist and pin) a hair wash only every 3 days, and like I said headbands. I could hardly ever ever wear my hair out. It still curls at the front and a couple of ringlets right on the nape of my neck and it is the perfect definition of a boof head. ha ha….. Hopefully when the hormones kick in, Daisy will end up with all beautiful curly hair like what happened to my sis who was exactly the same.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      So the curls could change to all over when she hits puberty? Wow! They are amazing big, loose curls…gorgeous!

  26. We are stuck in Patagonia and so yes we have apple tv, netflix from USA too. My partner is an electronic engineer so he made his own computer 10 years ago which saved what we wanted to watch from tv, like TiVo. He is very brainy like that! we need to have all the latest tv/entertainment so we can watch things in English. My son who is 6 is so good at working the apple tv, and netflix, my daughter gets to watch play school from Australia which is great too. I need to get on to a special brush for her hair too, she has fine hair that curls, matts and becomes dreadies. Can’t wait to g back to Australia for Xmas and watch some Aussie TV, drink Aussie beer, and eat some prawns! Have a great weekend!

  27. coalvalleyview says

    I love the wall decals Beth but the sheep one is actually a photograph taken by my friend and I’m pretty certain no permission was given to the company to use it. But they are very gorgeous Welsh sheep…..And yay to Apple TV, we’ve had it for almost 3 years now and love it! Have a great weekend! Mel x

  28. “And Kim? Well, she works hard.”

    Sorry I’m still stuck on this….does she? Every time I “see” her, she’s either lunching, dining, attending award shoes, fashion shows or filming – not what I’d call hard work for sure! And as for her fame….she’s famous for being well…umm to be quite honest I’m not sure what on earth she IS famous for? Still trying to work that one out! LOL

    But yeah, neither video clip is good. Lily has been called out big time for hers in the UK and been labelled a bit of a racist. Lily has always been a bit two faced for me, she calls others out for things they do but she’s just as bad when she’s calling them out!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I reckon she does. Running a pretty big business based on the Kardashians (who may have just been created from being them in the first place sure), but they run fashion, make up, perfumes, cosmetics and then just have to be seen being famous – I think it would be exhausting. Not the normal kind of work – but work nonetheless. I wouldn’t want it in a million years! As for Lily’s racist calls – people are crackers!

  29. I like that wall decal and it would be great for me as a renter. Thanks for sharing.

    I don’t think Kim K works hard. Or other celebrities that just be celebrities. I think these celebrities get too much credit for working hard. There are SO many more people in the world working hard. Doctors, scientists, social workers, carers, vets, engineers… many more. Just not a Kardashan cashing in on her fame and body.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I still think she works hard. I do! Do I think her work is IMPORTANT? No. Is she changing lives? No. But she still works hard. In my humble and not important opinion.

      Now onto those decals!

  30. Friday Wright says

    Truth is Kim probably still does have a baggy pussy and many other realistic features of a woman who has just given birth and been pregnant for nine months but thanks to the digital age just like all the other media like this, it’s likely to have been airbrushed, edited, touched up and filtered out. I feel it’s because of the whole mummy wars battle to have the perfect body all the time that women keep doing this.

    And yes I think the whole sex over share thing is a bit ick. But Kim works hard? Maybe in her world she might find it long and enduring at times and arguing with the staff to do as they’re told must be tough, but really, hard? Hard is standing there explaining to children that the judge has ordered their molester have visitation rights because he is their biological father. Hard is walking into a waiting room to tell parents “I’m sorry there is nothing more we can do to save your child” after a marathon ten hours of surgery. Hard is a double night shift after being shot at, spat on and called names because you wear a uniform that is disrespected and then going home to take your kids to school. Let’s not diminish the term hard work.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Of course!

      Jeepers I don’t think she DOES hard work! My opinion is based purely on speculation from occasionally watching a shitty reality TV show. I think she might work hard at EASY shit. Non important shit. I wasn’t saying what she says or does is hard or important or anything really that improves the world that we live in, but I suspect that what does does takes a lot of work (mostly for people behind the scenes who do it for her). The work is not hard, but keeping the wheels turning on the industry that they have would take work. To me someone that works hard is someone who gives their all at a job – whatever job that is – puts in effort etc. That’s all.

      And why am I defending Kim bloody Kardashian?!!! I’ll watch my words a bit more next time I think!

      Completely agree with what you say about the ridiculous air brushing etc seen too much – the world has gone mad. Mad I tell you!

      Thanks for your comment Friday!

    • Hear,hear Friday Wright.

  31. I have looked at Apple TV several times and still can’t figure out the point of it. We have Foxtel – is it a replacement for Foxtel or an addition to? Don’t you have to pay for everything you watch? I don’t get it. Is it different to iTunes? I already buy my favourite TV shows on iTunes. Would I pay to watch them on Apple TV too? I have to go lie down now.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Ha! We have Foxtel too but don’t pay for the movie channels (or have access to all the channels). Apple TV is just a way to access movies (sure you have to pay for them but then I’m someone that pays for TV rather than downloads etc). For me it means I don’t have to go to a video store (yes I actually did that!) and don’t have to leave home to have access to a whole heap of quality TV shows without having to go into a store and buy them. Hope this makes sense.

  32. Gah! Totally agree about the video-ick.
    I haven’t gotten Apple tv but we’re cancelling the satellite so I think that might be on tap for us next.

  33. I need a Harris Farm near me! I love fresh flowers but the cheapest I can seem to find is an $8 bunch of no-idea-what-the-hell-they-are-but-they-look-cute flowers that I manage to spread across 3 different spots in the house.
    Oh Kimye, what the actual fuck? Why? Actually, don’t answer that. Just. Never. Do. It. Again. (in public) Thanks.


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