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No one panic. I purchased some peonies at last this morning. I’ve had my eyes on them  for the past few weeks but at $25 a bunch of 5 I have held off. But today! Today, they made it to the quick sale bucket for $7. Grabbed a bunch and am enjoying them for the 24 hours they will probably last. Took some snaps to remember them by too. Breathe it in…

P1 P2 P3 P4 P5

Anyone else’s kids shoes at the very end of their life? Daisy’s velcro had lost ALL velcroness but there was NO way I was buying new ones 5 weeks out from the end of term. Tip: go to the supermarket and buy some velcro strips, gluw the shit out of the them and stick them straight over the top of the others. Dodgy, but it should last. It better.

Is anyone heading to New York for the first time? Mr and Mrs Romance aka Christina from Hair Romance and her gorgeous husband Jim have created an amazing guide for first timers to NY. They have recently been, and Chrissy was there last year for BlogHer. Read it. Pass it on. Share it. Pin it. It’s GOOD. Read it here. I always get emails from people that are heading there asking for advice, now I shall just flick them here!


Speaking of going places, one of my little sister’s mates flatmates (lost yet?) has created these fabulous new small pocket sized travel guides called While Away Guides.


I LOVE the concept of these. Jess and her mate have travelled regional areas working out the best cafes/restaurants/shops/sights to go to. They are up to date and filled with actual cool places to visit. And the best bit they are small, stylish and will cost you under a tenner. I know that when I go away I search the net, ask questions and try to work out how to make the most of my time somewhere but this actually does it all for you…peeps in there can’t pay to be in there, they just have to be GOOD. Huh! I also love that they have created Wedding & Event guides. I WISH I’d had this at our wedding! Anyone creating an out of town wedding or event could use these – created and designed with your own details. Love it.

They have a Christmas promo on at the moment for their 28 guides at just $9.90 each – perfect stocking fillers I reckon for in laws or tricky workmates to buy for. AND! For BabyMac readers Jess has kindly whacked on a 25% discount for you…just enter SUMMER13 at checkout. Gosh I wish the girls all the best with this…I just think it’s a great idea. Check them out and start buying online here.


Anyone interested in the clothes that I wear? It seems strange to me, but I do get asked sometimes on Insta or the like where stuff is from. If I happen to wear an old favourite or something new I might just start whacking them on the blog…are your eyes rolling yet? Anyone keen? Today it was a bit chilly so I whacked on my old favourite cardi and thought I’d do a fashion shoot. Except the thing is that Harper is my photographer. And she is 4. And not great at shooting manual on my DSLR. This is how it went down:

P7 P8

It was hilarious. Not sure how many 4 year old’s have to take pictures of their Mum. I am a little weird. In any case I’m wearing:

Jeans from GAP US (not sure how long they are going to last with those rips)
Cardigan from Hunting for George (a few seasons ago – brand is called Line)

Read this post this morning and loved it. Ways to market to mothers’s which included the following ideas brands could pay attention to (quoted from the original blog post):

  1. Women smiling while doing housework. NOBODY FUCKING DOES THAT. EVER!
  2. Women cleaning something that is already clean, because are you kidding? If they aren’t cleaning something caked in six weeks of crud and slime, we won’t believe your product works. Oh, and families who have white carpet and furniture. LIES!
  3. Feminine hygiene product ads that don’t include screaming or crying or women eating chocolate and drinking booze and yelling at everyone. NO WHITE PANTS.
  4. Scrawny, twenty something models portraying average moms. Or robots. Or clowns. NEVER CLOWNS.
  5. Scenarios depicting kids teaming up against their parents. We live that shit, you jerks. Do you really think we want to see it during a commercial break when we are trying to fucking relax after a hard day of work and caregiving? FUCK YOU.
  6. Stereotype situations where bumbling idiot dads doing are domestic shit. Don’t dumb down our guys. Dads are just as competent as moms when it comes to dealing with the daily grind of family life. Seriously, that’s all you got? You dickbags can’t even manage to work some realistic images of family life into your ads. Momma grills. Dad wipe asses and cleans toilets.GET REAL.
  7. Women competing with each other. We have to deal with enough of that garbage in real life and it sucks. Stop fueling the fire. FUCKTARDS.
  8. Women expressing feelings of failure over perceived imperfections based on unrealistic expectations. OH MY GOD STOP DOING THAT RIGHT FUCKING NOW.
  9. Anything with the Kardashians. SERIOUSLY.
  10. Male/Female stereotypes that pit the genders against each other. Isn’t it bad enough that people are so stressed out they can hardly make time for a quickie? Great idea, guys! Why didn’t we think of this? It’s genius. Create more friction and increase conflict between partners who are hanging by a thread as it is! Because if more people split up and have to go it alone, they will have SO much more money to spend buying the shit you are trying so hard to sell. BE MORE CREATIVE, DIPSHITS

Now, best I be off and smell those peonies. Tomorrow I am getting my hair DONE. It’s about 4 weeks overdue and quite hideous so even 24 hours off I am excited.

Anyone else have some end of the year school shoe problems?
Heard of the While away guides before?
Want to see what I wear or am I completely bonkers? Actually, don’t answer that.


  1. Ha, we had end of year shoe issues a few weeks ago, and my darling 6 year old was telling me to just buy her a new pair. They needed some sole repair, so I took them down to the cobbler and for $5 (yes that’s right) they will indeed see the year out!! Keep up the outfit photos!!

  2. Completely in love with those peonies. I’ve planted some for the first time ever this year, and I’m desperate to see if they actually flower. If they look like this I’ll be in heaven.

  3. Beth, you crack me up. Love peonies. Love tightarse-ness. I’m making my 6 year old’s knackered school shoes last another 4 weeks, even if we resort to hot glue. Love your abusiveness. I am saying “YEAH!” out aloud.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I wish I had written that brillance…merely quoted from the post!

      • Oh yes so it was! Doh! I skim read that in attempt to cram as much fun stuff as possible into my 4 hours without children around. That’s ok, I still reckon you’re just as funny!

  4. YES! to the school shoes!! but ours was a massive hole right in the middle of the soul! Just went to K-Mart and dropped a fiver on some el cheapos. Why can’t they make shoes that last the W/HOLE year!??

  5. OMG so with you on numbers 6 and 10 (the rest bug me too but not to the same extreme!). It shits me that ad agencies think it’s ok to depict our men like this as if it’s the norm. Wankers.But hells yeah to the cheapie blooms, well done lady!

  6. I’ve seen/heard of similar guides (sorry!) but these are pretty cute and like you said they make a fab stocking filler 🙂 Might buy one for the hubby even, reckon he’ll get the hint to take me away? 😉 I reckon the peonies look more awesome a tad old and wilted. Imperfections, you know? I’m keen for fashion posts!

  7. Peony season is my favourite time of year! Thank you so much for sharing our NYC post too xxx

  8. Michelle Fighera says

    Pretty peonies…..I wish they would last forever in a vase. I just bought 3 While Away guides…..Byron as we are going there for Xmas break and northern beaches and Palmy as even though I live on the northern beaches we have people staying at our pace through Airbnb so now I don’t have to do the hard work of writing down where to go!

  9. $7 for peonies? Score!
    Love those WhileAway guides. Have just liked them on Facebook and will check out the website.
    Mr & Mrs Romance’s NYC post is fantastic! We’re going to the US in early 2015 and I have marked NYC as a must visit city. This post will be read and re-read many times over the next year or so.
    Finally, YES DAMMIT! I want to know where you buy your clothes cos you are one sassy, stylish spunkrat!

  10. While away guides……….on my Chrissy list for a couple of adventurous friends. And, snap, hair tomorrow 8.30am, before I change my mind. 10 weeks between visits is a tad too long!

  11. You are completely bonkers, but that is why I always read your blog. You are real!

  12. We’re two weeks away from our dancing concert and my 4 year olds tap shoes suddenly won’t fit on her feet…disaster! Why must they grow so fast?

  13. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Love your Peonies and love your outfit,you will make a photographer out of Harper one day I am sure! Those guides look great and I hope they do well.
    I remember the school shoe issues clever Mum,and I got my hair done today and wish it would stay that way all freshly coloured and perfect.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Fresh hair is the BEST hair although because I have always had short hair the first thing I want to do is wash it…never had that fresh blow dry hair EVER.

  14. I am curious about the sizing of the jeans? Do you think they run true to size? I am thinking I might get some!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      It’s hard to know if you aren’t sure of US sizing….I was able to try this style on when I was in NY last year but of you can work out your measurements against what they say then go for it. They are a great fit. Good luck!

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