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People, I saw Beyonce last night. She looked like this:


It was brilliant. I tagged along with my little sister and 8 of her mates and I had the BEST time I have had in ages. I giggled and squealed like a teenager. Sang from the top of my voice, danced, shed a wee tear and generally had the best Thursday night you could. My sis had arranged for a limo to take us out and back to Homebush and DEAD SET. It was like something out of Geordie Shore. I was practically Vicki (cause I am classy like). I have never seen the likes of this car – a laser show, lit floors and ceilings and SCREENS. On which Beyonce film clips were played. And champagne buckets! A champagne cup holders! Beyonce would have wanted it. Loved the show – plenty of costume changes – a little acrobat – all the hits – the only thing missing was Jay Z and I was SURE he was going to be there. I was going to put up a video of our singing en route to the concert, but no one really needs to see that.

You know what I bought the other day? A ye olde Spicy fruit roll. They really are a fine biscuit…my favourite I think! I have also managed to get the girls on board with them which pleases me no end. ALMOST as much as the fact that it’s only one month to go before I can legitimately purchase and consume a fruit mince tart. Dear lord that stuff if my kryponite. Perhaps I should just start making my own?!

Now I am going to start to highlight some things that you need to buy over the next month or so because holy SHIT, it’s November. I am determined to get organised with my present shopping rather than leaving it until the last week when I usually do ALL my shopping. First up, buy a lady friend or yourself this bracelet would you?

A2 A1

Isn’t it the hottest? It’s like a cuff of 10 different coloured fabulous mini bracelets and it adds instant coolness to any wrist. I got this one for myself last week when I saw it on Facebook and it’s even better in the flesh. $59 from Alexandra Redmond Jewellery. You just can’t say I’m not helpful with things.

We are off to a Bollywood/Curry night at some friends tonight. We have to bring along a curry and some rice and while I have outsourced the curry to my clever husband, I will tackle the rice. Best indian rice recipe? GO!


I’ll tell you what else you need to get onto. The Crafty Bundle. Now don’t panic, it’s not ACTUAL craft, but stuff made by crafty people! Each couple of months a new bundle is delivered to your door filled with a unique bundle of beautiful items; jewellery, wearables, useful things, and pretty things. All items have been painstakingly hand-picked to reflect what beautiful things people can make. This latest Spring collection (pictured above) has some great stuff in it which you read more about here.  This bundle will set you back just $99 (BARGAIN considering the fabulous home-made and unique design of this stuff). BUT! They have a special for BabyMac readers…you can get 10% off by entering the Promo code BABYMAC1O (that is an O at the end, not a zero). Onto it!

Lotta dolls

I got Harper for her Birthday last week a few of these cute little dolls called Lottie Dolls. Their non Barbie/Bratz/Monster High looks appealed to me as the girls are always playing with dolls together. The box told me that they were designed by British Academics to create a little girl who LOOKED like a little girl. No make up etc AND she stands on her own two feet…which is important. I like them. Harps loved them, as did Daisy and we have a bigger collection to draw upon for Christmas time. You can get them from Kidstuff (where I did) and probably lots of other places too. And you read more about them on their website here.

What’s on the cards this weekend? Christmas shopping? Snort. Beyonce? Lucky you! We have quite the social one ahead and ALL at other people’s houses which pleases me no end. Dinner tonight, dinner tomorrow night and lunch Sunday. In between some nippers, cleaning and a deep cleanse of one of the cars as I had one cleaned when I was up in Sydney this morning and it is SO sparkly and SO lovely, it’s time to tackle the other car. Is there a worse job than cleaning the car I ask you?! Whatever you are doing, do it well people. And have fun!

Seen Beyonce? Did you LOVE it? I did!
Started Christmas shopping? Got any tips/finds you care to share? Go on!
Recipes for minced fruit and or Indian rice welcomed! Thanks x


  1. I saw your video on Insta a laughed so hard.. with you and totally not at you. I followed one of those Hummers the other night and tutted at the naffness whilst thinking I bet there is I good time I am rather jealous of going down in there!
    OMG the arm candy.. ADORE!..

  2. Jay Z couldn’t be there cause he’s in my neck of the woods – playing the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix tonight.

    Sounds like a great night. That limo looks straight outta Dubai! X

  3. Friends here are seeing Beyonce this weekend. I am SO jealous. As runner up (or booby prize), I am going to see BABBA and sing along to some ABBA tunes. I’m hoping it’s a night of giggles and dancing. Just not as many lasers, and many more white synthetic outfits. Christmas shopping has started here already. Just buying instead of looking. I always think I am going to remember that fabulous gift idea later, but never do. So biting the bullet and GOING for it! Have a great weekend! x

  4. so i just popped into alexandra redmond and picked up that traveller’s bracelet *tout sweet*. done and paid for in about 3 mins flat. Whether I actually pass it on to a lucky person at xmas remains to be seen. I’m thinking not.

    this weekend the in laws in town. joy and awesomeness. So looking forward to it.

    (can you feel the sarcasm dripping from that sentence?)

    hold me.

  5. So jealous about Beyoncé! Wish I had gone to see her. No way am I even close to starting Xmas shopping. Gonna live in denial about that for a few more weeks. Here’s a great Indian rice recipe. Took a pic cos typing that all out is waay too painful!

  6. Carolyn Manning says

    Christmas Mince Pies!!! Google Nigella Lawson’s Christmas Cranberry Mince recipe. Amazeballs!!

  7. So glad you an a great time at Beyonce! Love the dolls 🙂

  8. Well, I am feeling all smug because other then my husband’s gift I am all done with Chriatmas shopping. My kids have only just started their Christmas wish lists but it is already done and dusted. Lucky I already knew what they would like. I also did the head first dive into the mince pies this week and bought some. I knew my husband would go all crazy about me buying some in October, so they have been hidden in the pantry, for those days when the kids are driving me nuts. I love a mince pie more then anything. I am going to make some this year too. This weekend is our last free weekend till Christmas day, so we are having a very, very quite one. Hope you have a great one.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Sue! Well done on the shopping! I will forgive you for your organisation because you eat hidden mince pies in your pantry…my kind of girl!!

  9. okes. might be a smidge too late but here goes the EASIEST and YUMMIEST indian rice recipe, almond and sultana rice (all measurements are approximate, cook to taste and quantity needed).
    chop onion finely (but not so finely that it cooks away) and melt some ghee or oil or margarine in rice cooker. add onion (and ensure the rice cooker stays on) and allow to soften. now add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon each of ground cumin, coriander and turmeric with a pinch of chilli powder. mix well. add rice and salt and mix until rice is opaque (all the while ensuring the rice cooker stays on). add blanched almonds and sultanas, with a crumbled chicken stock cube and the appropriate quantity of water and put the lid on your cooker and let it work it’s magic. voila. you are done. soooooo good and soooooo easy! i hope you enjoy, maybe not tonight, but some time.

  10. I saw Beyonce in Brisbane on Monday night with my bestie, her husband and my husband and OH MY GAWD did we have the best night or WHAT?! Beyonce is my ultimate woman and hands down the best performer I have ever seen live. I woke up the next day with sore feet, a sore throat and ringing ears (and maybe a mild hangover) but it was so worth it! And yes, I was a shameless dancer, singer-a-longer, screamer Beyonce fan girl, but WHO CARES! {sorry for the shouty caps lock, I just had a rockin’ good time – and I’m glad you did too!}

  11. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Loved you on IG you were having the time of your life and so you should.love the arem candy bracelet yep buy some for Christmas presents for sure! Nope have not started and shopping yet it is too hard to find the right presents 🙁 I love those dolls so cute and I am glad they don’t look like barbie,and have no makeup on……Great for little girls.Have a wonderful weekend Beth x

  12. Please explain. How the nippers connection correlates to living in the country? Do you have to drive to Sydney or the coast each weekend? Girls must be keen for that sort of commitment. (Although having said that we do apparently have a surf lifecsaving club here in Canberra & no beach to be seen for hours)

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      The beach is just 40 mins down the mountain from here as the crow flies…a few parents who grew up near the beach as kids wanted to go down for the summer and do it…I didn’t want a part of it so Rob and Daise do it…not sure how long it will last!

      • Coolies. I didn’t realise the beach was so close. What a lovely thing for Daise and her dad to be doing together. How very special. I’m sure she will always have great memories (hopefully they’ll keep it up for a while) 🙂

  13. Bree Di Mattina says

    Almost had a heart attack when I saw the word CRAFT on your blog again. I’m not a fruit mince fan but I do rock the gingerbread men. The secret recipe is on my blog 😉 and I LOVE Christmas shopping. With 2 kids with Christmas birthdays I have to be super organanised.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Christmas birthdays can be tricky! I have a nieces and twin nephews all with Christmas birthdays (all conceived at our wedding!!).

  14. I share your weakness for mince tarts. Here is my recipe, based on a fabulously boozy one by Nigella. Promise you’ll love them!


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