Middle agedness

Rob and I were sitting on the couch last night discussing the fact that even though we feel like we are young, we are in fact, getting older. Not old, old. Just old-er. While we are probably both in better shape now than when we were 18, things are drooping, Hair is greying. Eyes are rolling at younger people. The people looking back at us in the mirror look considerably older than how we feel inside.

The years, they seem to be going by quicker. The fact that I say this to whoever will listen only reinforces the fact that I’m getting older. Yesterday I was in the supermarket and I was singing, LOUDLY to the music. In fact I was thrilled with the music choice, and I had myself a good time in there. I’m noticing that when I read things the squint and the subsequent pull back to actually read something in front of me is becoming further away, the squint more squinty.

But with this physical aging is coming a carefree feeling. A not giving a SHIT anymore about what anyone thinks. A confidence in ourselves and our abilities, strengths and weaknesses…a general KNOWING of stuff that makes all that other image stuff not matter at all.

I got my hair cut today and it’s SHORT, shaved short, platinum blonde and awesome. It’s not an ordinary Mum cut because who cares it’s AWESOME. Why shouldn’t we shave our heads if we want to? I don’t know where else I can go with my hair, because there’s no where really TO go but maybe my fashion sense will get crazier. It’s like I am having a reverse teenage rebellion – whereas when I was 15 I was a not confident, un-unique, same as everybody because you didn’t want to rock the boat type gal, whereas now? Bring it on. Shave the head. Rip the jeans. Why the hell not.

If this is my late thirties I can’t even wait to see what my forties, fifties, sixties and beyond are like. Maybe I’ll come full circle with pearls and twinsets. Maybe I’ll be a nudist. Gosh it’s fun trying to work it all out.


Are you starting to feel older?
It’s great isn’t it?
It’s good to be ALIVE.


  1. Good for you. I’m 46 & still feel bound by obligation, what other people think & a general restriction that I would love to be free of. One day…

    On the hair front, good for you. One of my besties just did the same thing & loved it! And gee she looks great. There was definitely a strength & confidence that came with not giving a shit about what other people thought. I’m sure you wear yours well also.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Thanks Kylee! I hope you can let that obligation slip a little as each year that passes. Go on. It’s fun. Do it x

  2. Menopause will turn you into a nudist – yeah!!

  3. Definitely starting to feel older – I turn the big 4-0 next month and I think it’s just hilarious. I can’t really believe that I am that old, still feel the same as I did 15 years ago except that I am less conscious of others opinions of me and more confident in my own opinions and ideas. The extra creases in my face (especially first thing in the morning!), sometimes give me a bit of a fright but being older is just so much “easier” than being young.

    BTW, am planning to make your tortillas for guests tomorrow night. Will they be ok if I prepare them in advance or should I cook them just before serving?

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Good for you Mel – 40 will be awesome! As for the tortillas…I’ve always cooked them right when I serve I reckon you could just re-warm them in a low oven. Google how to reheat home made tortillas…google knows all of the things x

  4. I feel like I really know myself now, and I like myself. Its taken 38 years. I’ve made some BIG decisions recently, life changing decisions and I couldn’t be more excited about the future. My hair is super short too, keeps getting shorter and I LOVE it. GO US!

  5. I hit 41 2 weeks after my fist bub was born in June. I rock my ripped jeans, sparkly high tops and funky hair with the best of them. I look and feel better now than I did in my 20’s. Who said we aging means we wear frumpy clothes or blend into the background? I want to be outrageous!

  6. Your 40s will be awesome – trust me on this!


  7. You’re such a Leo! And I mean that with affection because my birthday is two days after yours. I lost my blonde and I want it back dammit! And a refuse to be fat and forty so I’ve got 2015 to change a body shape I’ve had for 3 years now. Eeeek!
    Love the new cut. You totally rock platinum and short xx

  8. My husband and I work with girls that are 18, 21 and 22. My eyes practically roll out of my head when I listen to them sometimes!
    I’ve done the reverse with my hair, I’ve grown it long, longer than its ever been, it’s halfway down my back, makes me feel like a teenager again. I didn’t want mum hair either, I want Elle McPherson hair!

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Yeah course I am, I am 50 now as you know but actually to tell the truth I don’t feel it ,the mirror tells me I am somedays more than others but yes I am confident and I know how I want to dress and what I like to read and don’t put up with shit no more,you go for it Beth and do what YOU want to do,I think a nudist would be cool if everyone was the same age ,the kids prolly wont approve but you know what they won’t approve of lots of things you do,and I don’t need reading glasses yet though wear them for distance and have since I was 24!

  10. I am completely hearing you! I know who I am, I am focused and I can’t wait to make my future happen. I could use a really good haircut right now though!

  11. I always thought I’d take out my tongue piercing when I had a child. Turns out, a pierced tongue has in effect whatsoever on my ability to be a good mum! Love your ace haircut…makes it hard for me to keep growing mine! It’s never been much longer than my shoulders and I want it down my back!

  12. Amanda Garven says

    Hi Beth,
    I’ve have been following you for a while, checking in with you everyday, laughing, crying and generally loving you sick!!! First time commenting though, and i love that you wrote this post, because just last night, when i was so bloody tired i couldn’t stand up straight, i went grocery shopping. At 7.30. Just for some quiet me time. Grocery bloody shopping. And I loved it! Was sooo much fun, no-one there and i was singing my heart out.
    I have also been reading all your archives slowly, from when you first started and i love it. It’s my daily fix. I hope you never stop posting! Discalimer- I am not a stalker!! x

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Classic! Sometimes they just play the BEST tunes. All the cool kids are doing it Amanda…who needs to go out?! Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂

  13. fauxfuschia says

    1. I think my 40s have been much better than my 20s and 30s.

    2. Old Mr FF and are are 92 between us.

    3. I hate it when people say “old” like it’s a bad thing.

    4. To quote Mr FF when I turned 40 “So Young!”. Damn Straight.

  14. I have this fright every day. I wake up feeling relatively normal, then look in the mirror and see a ‘sleep crease’ in a part of my body that I know – for sure – never used to crease. In my waters I feel young. I think that’s probably all that matters, really. Except when i’ve had too much the night before. Then I feel like a septuagenarian. Only my four year olds don’t understand and it’s the worst of living hells. But still, on the whole, I still feel ‘young’. I don’t really know what that means except that maybe I feel optimistic and kind of confident. I agree that with age comes confidence. Not even those non-cellulitey / pre-twins tummy / what-the-hell-is-botox youthful exuberance could convince me to want go back to those days where I felt so uncertain and so lacking in confidence, despite the smooth thighs!

  15. In my forty lates and doing the long hair thing cause I know its the last time in my life I’ll have it this long! Its a bit of a pain cause it gets lots of knots, almost dreadlocks, but I can swoop up into a ponytail and that makes me feel young!Even if my ponytail doesnt swish (because its a mass of knots) I still enjoy a ponytail!
    And yes, Its Great to be Alive!
    And I think I’ll start singing in the supermarket too!

  16. I’m 28. I’ve been conservative. It’s time to be ME!!! Thank you Beth x

  17. Yes! I feel like coming over all American and shouting ‘sing it sistah!’ or something, but that would be awkward for us all. 30s rock.

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