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I was up in the city today for The Daily Edition and I popped into DJ’s to have a quick look around. Of course I managed to purchase something, and of course I managed to put it on my back before I went on TV. I have just scoured the Seed website to see if I could find a shot of it, but the closest I could come up with was this:


While this isn’t the pattern that I got (mine was black and white) it gives you a good idea. For $49 you have a poncho scenario that would work over swimmers sure, but also over a simple black or white dress, I wore it over a black tank top and jeans today – its comfortable, flattering, effortlessly chic and covers up arms that may require covering while keeping you cool. Onto it people. Here’s the link. Apparently now am fashion blogger.

Flights to Europe have been booked which is VERY exciting for us all. Now that we have our entry/exit points we can fill in the rest of the trip with fun! I was interested to know if any of you guys have ever been barging through France? We have a notion of hiring a barge and pottering up through some rivers, stopping off with the kids and riding our bikes, grabbing food from villages to cook on our boat. While it won’t be as grand as this, I would love to know if anyone has done this before?!


I always love the rabbit warren experience of research for a trip. One minute you have no clue, then after some trip advisor searching and 3 hours under your belt you can be an expert! I loved discovering Kid and Coe which is a website (similar to Airbnb or the like) for finding kid free accommodation which is just a bit fab too! Choose from all number of locations around the world…it may just sort us out in London or Paris!


I put the question out on Facebook about making a Peppa Pig cake for Harps this weekend (she is turning 4) and got SO many great suggestions! Did you guys know about Cake to the Rescue? I didn’t! Dead SET. Handy cake kits that can make you look like a pro! While I am going to give it a crack from scratch (because I am crackers) this is such a great idea if you couldn’t be stuffed. Thanks for the tips oh wise ones…


I have started ANOTHER health kick! I know! SO UNUSUAL. I have a hashtag and EVERYTHING on Instagram for it #notafatmoleforchristmas. The reason for this (I KNOW I am not a fat mole, but I know I have a whole lot of extra guts on me at the moment) is because every Christmas I look back on photos of myself and freak out about the size of me. Last Christmas I even had someone congratulate me on my pregnancy. YES! On Christmas Eve! That sucked. SO then a health kick ensues and I end up looking and feeling great in March. So this time I am preempting myself in Oct FOR Dec. It’s nothing fancy, common sense in fact, where you don’t eat so much and exercise more. Who knew?! You can # hashtag yourself when you are walking, or just not eating a cream bun, or laying on the couch THINKING about doing something good (it’s like Michelle Bridges Ish.) Go on! It will be fun! Apparently am health blogger now too.

This weather and these fires are terribly worrying aren’t they? Especially the forecast for tomorrow. Please be safe if you are in one of the affected areas and listen to all the warnings that have been given. Prepare as best you can and then get out. YOU are more important than your stuff so be safe OK?

Thoughts on the poncho? Should I save it for the pool?
Been barging in France? Anyone? Are we MAD?
Leave early tomorrow if you need to OK? Be safe x


  1. Bree Di Mattina says

    Unless you are a ‘boat’ person I would probably steer away from the barge situation. That’s just my opinion from the little bit of reading I’ve done on the subject. It’s our dream one day to go campervanning around France. Preferably following the Tour.

  2. Europe! EUROPE! Oh my god envy.

  3. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    I so want a barge and canal trip. Yes please. Def on my bucket list. Fires – give me the heebies considering that in 7 years of living where we do we have had 2 major ones. Stay safe peoples xx

  4. Carls Alejandra says

    The poncho and the condom dress. Perfection.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Can I tell you a secret? I don’t OWN a condom dress! I know…

      • Carls Alejandra says

        GET OUT!! – Although, I have to say, I haven’t worn mine. It’s been sitting in the cupboard with the TAG ON because I couldn’t find something to wear it with that would disguise the saddlebags. That has all changed. #youareafashionblogger

      • Stephanie Hunt says

        What’s a condom dress? I feel so naive …

        • BabyMacBlogBeth says

          It’s a dress from Seed that Mrs Woog and Nikki were rabbiting on about…a slip but thicker material that sucks everything IN!

  5. Michelle Cockbain says

    Oh do go barging! My sister in law barged through France 2 years ago with an 8 month and 5 year old and parents as part of her 40th celebrations. They loved it! Own chef and staff which sounds wanky but they were unobtrusive. Loved the bike/walk aspect to get off the barge when needed.

  6. MotherDownUnder says

    My Peppa Pig cake is my piece de resistance so far as a mother.
    I did two small square cakes and one round cake. I used a Peppa printable and blew it up on the copier until it was the size that I wanted, cut out the Peppa shape, put it on top of the cakes, took a deep breath and cut the cake.
    Some cream cheese frosting mixed with food colouring and some decorations and I was done!
    It was a bonus that it actually tasted good!


  7. Julie MacCormick says

    Good work on the health kick. I too dream of taking the kids to France and barging it, inspired by this article, hope it helps. http://m.theaustralian.com.au/travel/the-canal-cruise-circle/story-e6frg8rf-1226456921818 jx

  8. I have two sets of friends who own canal boats in France and spend 6 months each year canal boating. It’s not all sitting on the boat and cruising unless you go on one of those super expensive cruise set ups with butler etc. One person has to drive and one has to man …person all the ropes through the locks etc. Some canals have lots of locks so there is no rest! Do lots of investigating before you chose which canal you want to travel on. Also hired canal boats are not insulated so, if the weather’s cold, the inside of the boat is cold. But, the scenery is beautiful and the canal owns lovely.

  9. musingsofamartin says

    hey there fashionista-sista. I think the one you got may be up on seed now. I have the ‘animal print’ one. grr.

    Good on you for running again. i MUST re-start. And stop making the excuse of, “oh, its too hot’. At this rate I will be a fat-mole-by-a-pool-in-Thailand at Christmas. Oh dear.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Come on then Pooks – dig deep! 9 weeks to go or something ridiculous. You can totally lose 5 kgs in that time…that’s all I want to do. FIVE. COME ON. x

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Love your “poncho” as you call it no wear it over pants or a dress I think they are called long kimono jackets.Nope never been to Europe but would love to one day,you will have a ball and the kids will love it!
    Yes the weather is shit atm I worry so for those poor people who have lost everything ,we took some clothes up to Springwood on the weekend so they had clothes to wear and it is not looking like it is getting any better,it is too hot too early this year, god help us in January!!
    I am glad you have started running again I think if you are good at it go for it and if it makes you feel more comfortable about yourself winner xx

  11. Marcia Boulton says

    I have been following your Instagram and you’ve totally motivated me to start running to lose my last 7kgs of baby weight before I go back to work in Jan! Thanks!

  12. Melanie Ann Tarr says

    the beauty of this site brings me joy!!! But I’m still not running…

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