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A month or so ago I put in another order with Benefit (I buy direct from their website, delivery usually takes around 2 weeks and the prices are cheep CHEEP!) and I got two new products. These are some GOOD products. Worthy of a mention.

The first one is like a mascara brush…but for your EYEBROWS. A wee magical brown brow wand that thickens your brows as you would paint them in with a brow brush or pencil. I’ve loved this stuff and may be converted from the deep love previously held for my eye pencil. Check it.


And then this little tube is kind of like a primer thingy…I think?! I am actually pretty clueless when it comes to this stuff, but it’s this creamy stuff that you pop out of the tube as you would a primer, but it has the weirdest consistency – it’s all smooth and silky and non liquid when it hits your skin. I suppose you have to try it to understand it….BUT! It does give you a great even base that I then add foundation to. Give it a try…I am a fan!


I was sitting in the green room at channel 7 last week watching a segment of the show before ours and they were talking about diabetes. They showed the standard file stock footage they have of people walking the street (not showing their heads) but aiming to show their good sized stomachs and bottoms. Got me thinking…imagine if they took a picture of YOU for that. Imagine seeing yourself as the poster child of overweight people. How do they choose? Deep stuff people, I am a deep thinker.

In a sign of a techno world gone MAD, last night my girls facetimed their Melbourne cousins. After a while of chatting they decided they should watch a movie, so they carried the iPad to choose the DVD, then put it on and all sat down to watch it. I tried to explain to them that that wasn’t really the point and that they should, you know, TALK and stuff instead.

You know one of the most used search terms on my blog? Non slip cushions for leather couches. I feel like I haven’t tackled this subject properly in all of the posts I have done on cushioning (and there have been many). I feel like people aren’t getting the answers that they need, nay, DESERVE! Can you see to that for me please?


My friend Traci sent me this link through the week of a slice of New York in Australia. I always like to hear about new places and I’m keen to check out some of these. Have a read here.

I also liked this read about enjoying every sandwich, and every minute in your life. True!
And this read about decorative gourd season for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere. Funny!

It’s maintenance Monday people, what you got planned? I have all kinds of work to do so my normal household maintenance has been pushed to the side for the day. I DO have some waxing maintenance to tend to and I’m trying to get moving every other day again so I might get a walk in. I really don’t want to be a fat mole for Christmas. Yes, it’s coming.

So, tell me…
Have you tried either of these products before? Like em? Am I doing it wrong?
Can SOMEONE tell the people what cushions are best for leather couches? Thanks.
Found your own slice of NYC here in Australia? Spill.


  1. Oh the porefessional. Glad you gave it a go it’s my fave!

  2. Linda Jenkins says

    they are both great
    products I have used also!

  3. Simon Thomson says

    hi bev,
    ezzie and i are on hols and were just discussing your post while she was feeding georgia…
    with the leather sofas and cushions i thought this info might be useful:
    – slippy seat cushions > foxygrip antislip fabric from the carpet/rug shop does the trick
    – throw/scatter cushions > fabric covers and slightly underfilled feather down inners hold their shape when you contour to the area you want 🙂 best ones i’ve found are the ‘citta design’ ones (we have these on our leather modular = perfecto)
    hope that helps, slippy cushions suck!
    luv from the other melb cousins xoxo E+S+G

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      THIS is why I write these posts. Good people, with the answers. The detail here pleases me greatly Simon and know THIS. People the world over will be grateful. Thanks so much – go and enjoy that holiday and beautiful ladies of yours xxx

  4. I am so crap with make up.. tell me a good moisturiser.. that would be a start for me.
    Love that you call it Maintenance Monday, same in this house. I have the youngest in tow so we potter, do chores out and generally just get back to norm from the weekend.
    Husby and I are starting a 60day mega challenge called Insanity next week so there had best not be any lard left after that for Christmas..

  5. I love Benefit too.

  6. Dude thanks for the heads up on the new brow tool. I’ll be getting some toot-sweet considering you have some of the best brows in the biz! Have you had yours done at the Benefit Brow Bar yet? I run the wax and tint these days.
    Glad you liked that link too, although I swear it just makes me yearn for NYC even more. Dear god I hope I get back there next year.
    And in other news…..it’s my very last Monday at work before mat leave. Halle-fuckin-lujah!

  7. Beth – slice of NYC in Bondi is the Stuffed Beaver http://stuffedbeaver.com.au/ You must go.

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I am so gonna try this I use brow powder but this looks way better,I have 2 leather lounges and don’t have any cushion slippage at all mine are just normal xx

  9. MotherDownUnder says

    I need to know about the cushions! I have almost given up on cushions for our leather couch because they never stay upright!
    And I know I am going to sound totally whingy and spoiled but the problem with slices of NYC in Brisbane is that they cost nearly as much as actually going to NYC! That being said, Brisbane has a few spots that are NYC-ish…The Lark is a lovely, small neighborhood bar and of course The Bowery was designed to be like a NYC bar.

  10. I’m no beauty expert, but those 2 Benefit prodz look fab! I’m particularly intrigued by the Porefessional which, judging by the reviews, is just the thing for an oily lass like me.


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