Miscellaneous 26

We ended a week with the cousins today with a small birthday celebration for my nephew Zac who turns 11 tomorrow. He has been staying with my cousin up in Sydney for the week so we joined forces with all our kids to celebrate the fact that we made it! It was a stunning day today – sunny and cool, the kids played well and food flowed (again). How about the cake I made for him? I must say I was pretty happy with the end result that I pulled out of my arse after a long week. He LOVED it. Happy Birthday beautiful boy. I cannot believe that you are 11. I swear you were JUST born. Yes I am your old Aunty and yes I can say things like that now.

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Anyone downloaded the new album by Lorde? I’ve been meaning to do it and give it a good flogging but this week just hasn’t been the right time for me. Do you love her stuff? From what I have heard so far, I am a fan. Downloading tomorrow, just try to stop me.

I saw this this week and I loved it. Cool hey? An artist creating a project that looks like a house sliding down. People are so clever. You can see more about it here.


Have you guys embraced the panko (Japanese) bread crumb? I have been meaning to do it for oh, about 3 years now, but finally got around to it last night when I whipped up schnitz for dinner. I am SOLD. Amazing crunch, delicious colour and taste, this is where it’s at for the crumbing of stuff people, jump on board.


Did you read Sinead’s letter to Miley this week? What did you think? I am a huge Sinead fan, have been for years and was lucky enough to see her perform at the State theatre a few years ago. You know my little sis once served her in a cafe in Dublin when she lived there? Probably not!

What have you got planned for the long weekend? Tonight Rob and I are up to the big smoke to have dinner with a dear old friend who is visiting from London. In fact, I am blogging right now! From a car! With a lappy and a hot spot. Can’t wait to give her a squeeze. Other than that, we have NO visitors. NO plans. except for getting stuck into the garden which is groiwng quicker than something that grows really quickly. I cannot wait to just be, not doing anything much for anyone, and soaking up the very end of the School holidays. It’s been a crazily busy two weeks, I am about ready for some routine, order and sameness Mcsameville.

Downloaded Lorde’s album yet? How is it?
Embraced the panko and now have a craving for crumbed cutlets? Me too!
Got any exciting plans for the long weekend?


  1. Typical the weather was gorgeous there today. We came to Bowral yesterday to visit some friends and the weather was, frankly, shite. That hail clean knocked the tops of the tulips in Corbett Gardens. Disappointing ๐Ÿ™ … still gorgeous in the Highlands though, bad weather or not. Just love all that greenery.

  2. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    Blogging in the car. Love it.

  3. Good work on the cake Beth! Enjoy your weekend! x

  4. Loving the hat and vest combo of whoever wore that in your photo’s. Uber cool!
    I’m taking nieces and nephews to Floriade and the handmade market in Canberra tomorrow. Wish me luck!
    Have you got roses yet? I got my first one this week and it was a lovely yellow surprise. Cannot wait for my reds!
    Enjoy dinner and adult time ๐Ÿ™‚

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Thanks Miriam – roses are still a long way off here…usually around mid November. Daisy was rocking the fur vest and hat – her style is quite eclectic and boho. Good luck with the kids!

  5. Nina Downes says

    Lorde FTW and Panko OMG everybody must be on it!!

  6. Reannon Hope says

    My mum got me on Panko a few years ago- never looked back!
    I’ve been meaning to get the Lorde album too. It was JJJ album of the week last week & it’s so great. Can you believe she’s only 16?!
    Enjoy the weekend Beth x

  7. Panko crumbs make the best crunch! Love them!

  8. Margaret Elvis says

    Great to find your blog again. Kakka found it for me. (This is mimsie of course)
    Love the cake even though I am a Fremantle Dockers supporter who literally gave that game to Hawthorn. They had terrible stage fright or else, who knows!!! No, honestly….well done Hawthorn.
    Love the family pics. It is always great to see families get together.

  9. Sarah-Jane says

    Panko crumbs are THE BEST. Get some firm white fish fillets, cut into bite size pieces, dip in a bowl of melted butter, roll in panko and bake in the oven for delish home made fish fingers. I do the same with zucchini as its a great way to get my boys to eat it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love your cake you did an amazing job Beth!I love when all the cousins get together it is so good to see them have fun with each other.I have been meaning to try Panko breadcrumbs as well I WILL get some this week x

  11. Emma Steendam says

    You’ve just inspired me to crumb some lamb cutlets tonight for dinner. You’re absolutely on the money – panko is where it’s at. We’ve got lamb coming out our ears after killing a few of late, so. much. lamb. Must get more creative with how I ask the husbo to butcher it though, I get in all a fluster because he asks me literally as he’s about to do it, and there’s a noisy ban saw going and dogs barking for bones and and and…it’s flustery. Boned out shoulder next time for sure, although he’ll grumble about it.

    No long weekend here, both working today. Boo. Silly cows and sheep don’t recognise public holidays unfortunately.

  12. Yes to the Lorde album and Panko breadcrumbs! Love both almost as much as I love wine and/or vodka. Brilliant.

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