These School holidays you should…

: Hang out with cousins


: Make a fire and cook your dinner on it


: Go to a fancy restaurant and order a fancy dessert


: Go and visit an open garden and see some tulips


: Visit a winery. Drink some stuff!


: Go to the zoo


: Make your kids get into your garden and weed


: Get your toes into some salt water



  1. Jay - Moodie Foodie says

    I wanna do all those things (except the weeding……) xox

  2. I am liking your style.. when can I drop mine off? x

  3. Great photos 🙂 My little miss loves to weed.

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Sounds like a great plan,enjoy:)

  5. scissorspaperrock says

    Perfect list Beth. I wanna do it all. And I think I will 🙂
    Claire x

  6. Love the tulips.

  7. We’ve done the tulips already, and go to the beach on Thursday for the weekend. What a lovely list! x

  8. that fancy dessert looks like my kinda dessert!

  9. elisha hayes says

    Great pics? Which winery was it? We dont have a winery that you can visit but we do have wine. You can come check it out any day at
    Happy Holidays!!

  10. Anastasia Scott-Myles says

    There is a free competition that looks fun and educational for kids –

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