Sentimental fool


Want to know what I found yesterday? Chucked into my second draw in my bathroom. The one that’s filled with SO much crap, all piled in there and messy. I hope we can still be friends.


Yep. That would be the pregnancy test result for Daisy or Harper. Who knows which one. All I DO know is that it is either 7 years or almost 5 years old. And that’s pretty gross right? I mean I wee’d on that stick and then kept it. For many, many years. As a memento. It’s moved house 2 or three times and there it sits, still showing its little line that said so much. That changed our lives forever. Is it any wonder I can’t throw it out?


But yes, I agree, it’s still my dried up wee on a stick. Hardly worth keeping right? SURELY I am not alone with strange things that you are holding onto. Anyone kept a really long toe nail they couldn’t let go of? A part of their body in a jar from an operation? Or is it just me?

Say it isn’t just me.
Bet you thought I was duffed there for a minute right? No chance my friends!


  1. Kellie Collett says

    Got my positive tests for all 3 of my girls!!! We are not alone…my friend used to keep hers in a little bowl next to her bed (daughter aged 6) and recently her cleaner took it upon herself to throw it out…she was devastated. Don’t think about the gross side…it represents so much more x

  2. Got both of mine too! Nothing weird going on here.

  3. Gail Virgona says

    Me too. Got all three positive tests. No WAY am I throwing them out. Wee is sterile anyway. I have a ‘time capsule’ that I chuck stuff into that is significant in some way. My best mate gave it to me when my eldest was born. It has some dried up belly buttons in their and locks of hair from first hair cuts. Weird. Nope. Sentimental. Yes.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Actually…I think I have a dried up belly button somewhere too!

      • MotherDownUnder says

        Ha ha…this just made me wonder where Toddler C’s dried up belly button is?
        I am pretty sure I kept it…it seemed like a big moment in that first week of total new mother insanity!

  4. Gail Virgona says

    Oops – there. Not their. How embarrassing. I can spell.

  5. Got mine too, will give it to the wee man in his keepsake box when he is old enough to appreciate it. If he wants to throw it out that will be up to him. It’s not like you kept a sample jar full of pee!

  6. I didn’t keep my test, but I have photos of the test.

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    No the only thing i have from my body is a huge screw that was in my knee in a jar and i can’t part with it either!

  8. Emma Steendam says

    Ok, I don’t think a pregnancy test result can sit in the same category as an extra long toenail!!!! OF COURSE you should keep it, OF COURSE you’re not a loon for keeping it. I would. Yes it’s wee on a stick, but it’s SIGNIFICANT wee. My sister sent hers to my mum for Mothers Day. Nothing says love like a newly conceived grandchild in wee form on a piece of plastic πŸ™‚

  9. I’ve got both of mine, somewhere in this house! The first one came home with us from the UK, and moved house with us, and the second one doesn’t have quite the airmiles. No to the toenail nor body part, but I do have the x-ray from when I broke my arm aged 4. Knew you weren’t pg as it was already in the drawer, if you were the current test would be floating around in your handbag!

  10. I love this post – as well as it making me giggle {you do have a fabulous way with words} I just adore the sentiment. I’m positive I have something, somewhere – its just I don’t know what it is because I can’t find it! πŸ™‚ x

  11. Rhi@FlourChild says

    I have all three of mine too.. moved overseas with me πŸ˜‰ The two older kids have the fancy expensive tests, and the third kid has a tiny little eBay cheapie test strip!

  12. Don’t worry, you are not alone, I still have mine too (18 years old!!), a puppy tooth from our hound, plus the cast from our daughter’s broken elbow. There bet you feel better, re-reading my list I am definitely odd:). All the best, Denise

  13. Shoes…I can’t throw out my daughters shoes. Each kept pair reminds me of her at different stages. Problem is they get a bit smelly (the mouldy leather). I’ve got several pairs up to about age 7 ! I have a pair of slippers that she wore even with holes in them, and had to hide them from her to get her to stop wearing them, and I just can’t throw them out even now! Don’t know what to keep of my son yet, he is 3 and a half and won’t wear shoes. I have no idea what happened to the pregnancy test ! (son is adopted so I certainly don’t have his!)

  14. Yep, I’ve got mine stuffed away in the same place as the ultrasound photos. A bit weird. Are we supposed to pass it onto them when they turn 21???

  15. Annie Maurer says

    Teeth! I have a collection of baby teeth stolen from the tooth fairy in a variety of envelopes…mostly dated with the child’s name…hidden all over the house…my ‘babies’ are now 21, 19 and 14!! Wish I’d thought to keep the pregnancy test results…that would be awesome…well done you x

  16. I have my wee sticks too, and I have on occasion pulled it out to give my lovely man a slight heart attack! His face the first time I handed it too him….priceless. I think he may be due for another scare actually xo

  17. It isn’t just you. xx

  18. I have my pee stick from Tamika, it is almost 21 years old!

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