Miscellaneous 24

I mean HONESTLY, could this week have been any more perfect weatherwise? We haven’t had the fire on for DAYS. There’s been sun. Little wind. Warmth. And spring growth. Positively perfect. My washing basket is under control, the sheets have changed from flanno to cotton and the summer uniforms have been pulled early. Hello Spring you saucy minx! It is SO good to see you! I’m almost tempted to get out there in the mornings and get active. Almost. We’re almost there…


Mrs Woog and I are working on a road trip through regional NSW in the next little while. We plan on getting a campervan and Thelma & Louise-ing it through some beautiful countryside, a little shopping, some beer swilling and some (hopeful) catch ups with readers along the way. Keen to catch up? Let us know where to go would youse?

Well this was a little fruity delight to hit my inbox this week. I quite fancy a margarita in a colourful frock after watching this. Shame I’m not 23 anymore. I still like it but. I just do.

Speaking of hot things. How much would you like to sit in THIS room? Me too! And you can! Available for rent in Red Hill VIC Orchard Keepers is just plain gorgeous. Someone book a girls weekend there and Instagram the shit out of it so I can live vicariously through you. Thanks.


Remember how cronuts were “the” new thing? Now there’s something else! A magic souffle! Which would be a chocolate souffle in brioche. THAT’S WHAT. I’d be willing to give it a try is all I’m saying.


I loved this post about back to School for all our Northern hemisphere friends.

You know how I wrote the post about how to boil an egg? I got an awesome email this week from a reader who passed the details onto her husband’s Grandmother with clear instructions, including using the microwave timer for timing out the 5 minutes. She reported back to her that when she boiled it for 5 mins, then put it in my microwave for 5 mins, that it EXPLODED everywhere! Best email I had all week. Bless.

Week 2 of fasting on this 5/2 thingy and I have this to say about fasting: BULLSHIT.

I’m trying to focus on the sausage sizzle and cake stand scenarios on this weekend, rather than our Federal Election. We have a RFS morning tea on in the village morning tomorrow which will mean a good quality egg or chicken sandwich. Hoping that will make up for the day that will be.

Changed your flanno sheets over yet?
Anyone sampled a cronut?
Enjoyed the sunshine this week?


  1. 1. No changeover of sheets. Never got around to changing them for winter.
    2. Cronuts sound good until they are sitting in my belly and then I get eaters remorse.
    3. Plenty of that plentiful sunshine.
    Lets not talk #auspol #toodepressing

  2. Bree Di Mattina says

    I think there is a lot of negativity around elections. Now call me naive if you like, but I do believe we are very lucky to live here and not say in Syria. Tomorrow we all get to spend 5 minutes exercising our democratic right to give a shit. And we get to have a sausage or a cake or a chat with our neighbours after. If you don’t like all the political maneuvering then don’t listen. It’s that simple. Take a few minutes to have a read and work out who best will represent YOU and YOUR FAMILY for the next few years. And then next time you are allowed to change your mind and vote a differentt way. The system isn’t perfect but it’s a whole shit load better than the alternative .

    On another note I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine and have no idea what a cronut is. πŸ˜‰

    Love your work as per usual Beth .


  3. Kirsty Michalzik says

    Don’t even need to own flanno sheets living in Townsville. Didn’t use any heating this year. Probably only needed to wear slippers in the mornings for a couple of weeks.
    I want to experience actual seasons. Here it’s either nice, warm, hot, or really fucking hot.

  4. Sunshine was amazing….I feel alive again (and feel like having sex again…happy hubby…was that too much info??)
    Cronut = no way ! Like the butter, I don’t go there.
    Road trip, are you heading north or south? Go and do a blitz on Byron Bay for us..let us know how all those hippie surfies are doing. I think you and Mrs Woog would fit in just fine there!
    Otherwise if you go south and stick to the coast come to Bermagui and I will shout you oysters and wine at the Horse and Camel wine bar in Bermagui, or coffee at the Tathra wharf, or cheese at the Bega cheese factory!! (I know which one I would choose…))

  5. please please please come to Canberra! I have beer on tap! In my house! you know you wanna!

    Plus you can both give me home styling advice! Win win situation.

  6. Loved that post about back to school!
    Our back to school week was a disaster! Chickenpox and then being pulled aside by the new teacher because non-sick child nicked money from my wallet and told teacher she didn’t have lunch and needed to go to the cafeteria. Preparation involved crossing out last year’s class on bags and pencil cases and writing new class in.

    The only thing I’m missing about the election is the sausage sizzle. Mmmmm. Polling booth deliciousness…

  7. Kellie Collett says

    Wasn’t sure if I was ready to do the flanno swap yet….but perhaps this week…you may be responsible for said change πŸ™‚
    Sunshine galour!!!!! Oh my, loving it x
    Too much wind in Melb this week though…oh well, can’t be as perfect as the highlands I guess!!

  8. JoCountrylifeexperiment says

    You could come via our village but it is a blink and you miss affair. Alternatively you can stop in our small nearby town. A couple of great cafes, and few interesting shops. If you come on the long weekend, you can watch a whole mob of unwilling sheep being driven down the main street (along with about 10000 other visitors – I would avoid it).

  9. Reannon Hope says

    We’ve had sun the last few days & as much as I love winter is been bloody lovely to get out there in the garden without the layers on & the soft raining falling.
    Cheers to the weekend Beth- here’s hoping we find a polling place with good food cause god knows we won’t find a good political party πŸ˜‰

  10. Longer days are happier and healthier! Bring on the sunshine!

  11. The days have been glorious and it’s like spring said, “move over winter. I am here.” Let’s get that party started! Love the Cronin takeover, and as soon as I’m settled (we are back in Melbourne, those Egyptian cotton sheets are ON! Have a great weekend. Xx

  12. Alex Wernbacher says

    I did the 5/2 fasting for 6 weeks with NO weight loss. Then I went to The Shed in Bowral…. Those guys are amazing, they’re onto something. 4kg lost in 2 weeks, not hungry at all. Went on hols to Fiji, beer, wine, buffet, no weight gain. Highly recommend.

  13. Come to the Blue Mountains πŸ™‚

  14. MotherDownUnder says

    I know that Brisbane definitely doesn’t count as regional NSW, but come visit anyway…Brisbane does spring SO well!

  15. I’m sure that some Canberra bloggers (including me) would love to meet you…that’s if you come passed Canberra. We are having an unusually warm winter – but are yet to change our flanno sheets (maybe this week)

  16. Melbourne sun came back today! YAY!!! You and Mrs Woog on a road trip…. oh oh

  17. Beth, those Mister Zimi dresses are the best thing that has happened to me, possibly ever (wedding isn’t for another 2 weeks so I can still say that.) I wear the shorty short ones with tights. Love them, try one.

  18. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Love the weather too and I even changed my wardrobe around now it will get cold again for sure!! That room is divine i would love to live there and i can’t wait to see your pics from your road trip with Mrs Woog it will be amazing and i hope you meet some lovely peeps along the way.
    I have never done a fast or a detox ………….oops maybe one day or maybe not xx

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