The Goldilocks top

A fashionista I am NOT, but something happens to me when I spend time with Mrs Woog and Nikki (we are currently up at the Problogger Conference on the Gold Coast). Mrs W makes me try things on that I would normally NEVER do, and then makes me buy them, and then Nikki workshops with me why said pieces are essential to my wardrobe, and LIFE and accessorizes the shit out of them. This happened to me yesterday when we were waiting to board our flight at Terminal 3 in Sydney.

There I was, minding my business, when I walked into Witchery and Mrs Woog started throwing items at me. She handed me a SEQUINNED TOP. A SLEEVELESS SEQUINNED TOP. I don’t DO sleeveless, namely because of my tuck shop arms…however I had a cheeky spray tan that made me feel like I was 5 kilos lighter than I actually am, so I took the top and I tried it on. I then GASPED, actually gasped out loud which made Mrs W rip back that change room curtain and gasp to.

It was the perfect top. Not too long. Not too short. Just right. Not too tight, or flowy. Just right.


Have you ever tried on a top that just works? For whatever reasons, the retail stars align and the fit, length, neckline all work to create the PERFECT TOP. That’s what this is. I know it’s just the spray tan talking, and the sequins have clearly gone to my brain being on the Gold Coast and all, but it may just be a magical top.


The sequins are heavy so it hides my guts. The neckline was scooped just so to give a wee bit of cleavage, but not too much. The length is PERFECTION. People, I am loving myself sick in this top, and I’m not afraid to tell you so. I can team this bad boy with a blazer, jeans, black pants, my NYC black shorty shorts. possibilities? Endless I tell you!


Nikki made me pose like a loser. I FELT LIKE A LOSER and I most certainly look like one. But you had to get the whole picture. See how I am trying to work it? Yes, I had drunk a little.


They are brand spanking new from Witchery. In fact, I couldn’t even find them online yet because they only hit the stores yesterday, but for $80 I think, it’s a game changer. A FANCY GOLDILOCKS PERFECT GAME CHANGER. I also bought two other tops, that were fab, but they may get their own posts. In fact, as well as being a craft blogger, I am clearly officially a FASHION blogger to. Uh HUH.

Do you partake in airport shopping?
I think it’s because you are in transit that you just don’t think it counts you know? I mean if you don’t take a bag and just whack it into your handbag to say on carry on luggage, it doesn’t actually count as a purchase right?
What’s the last thing you bought at an airport? No mints don’t count.


  1. Beth if you are talking about the Witchery at Sydney Airport, I too have succumb on many occasion!

  2. Ha, I went the sequinned black – and get this – snake skin striped on an angle dress for a friends wedding a few weeks ago, and realised I was ahead of the trends when I went with Nikki to the Sydney Fashion Festival opening night and saw similar stripes all over the place (though I just wore jeans and a jacket!) I love sequins it seems! That top is fab! I dream about airport shopping (apart from grog, which is a given) but my two little ones would have no patience for it, and it seems they are always with me when I am in transit!

  3. That’s it….I’m buying one to wear to the up-coming Ricky Martin concert. Yep, that’s right…I said ricky martin!

  4. That looks awesome, I wish I had a Mrs Woog and Nikki with me when I go shopping.
    I think I might have to make the 2hr trip to my nearest Witchery.
    Have fun on the GC.

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Um I love airport shopping and my favourite place is Witchery and Llocciatane last time I was at an airport I bought a stunning silk Witchery dress which I love.Your top is gorgeous and nope It doesn’t count as shopping ,not in my books anyway :)Husbands may think differently though!

  6. You had me at ‘hides my guts’!!
    I bought a beautiful lace top from Witchery a few months ago and when I put it on the other day I ripped a huge hole in the seam and ruined it. I actually sank to the bathroom floor and cried real tears because I loved it so much.

  7. So pleased to hear you’re in my territory! I can actually see your hotel from my unit! No. No stalkery-type issues here…

    There’s the most gorgeous little place for lunch or breakfast just spitting distance from where you’re staying. It’s called Bumbles and it’s on the river.

    Oooh! There’s a stunning little gift shop right next door too. I dare you to walk out of there empty handed!
    Have fun. Sorry the sun decided to hide the second you touched down. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Great top! I need to get me a Woog and a Nikki.

  9. I only ever buy trash mags at the airport.. and ice cream..

  10. Linda Jenkins says

    i bought some great basic pieces from Metalicus at Sydney airport recently – on sale, also had a voucher to spend – score!!

  11. Linda Jenkins says

    I wish I had a Nikki and a Mrs Woog – I only shop by myself.

  12. Stupid disqus never lets me comment any more but if this is posted:

    1. I have never ever met a sequin I couldn’t emotionally connect with

    2. I say hop on that bandwagon and do not hop off

    3. I always shop at airports

    4. everyone knows this doesn’t count as shopping and all purchases are magically absorbed into the ether

    5. That is all.

  13. Love, love, love the top … you are totally rocking it ;0)
    The only thing I ever buy at airports are magazines … boo hoo

  14. You look amazing! You are so owning that top, woman!

  15. The top looks fabulous on you.

  16. Kylie Gardner says

    You looked AH-MAZE-ING that night. I’d love to say it was a pleasure to meet you, but I forgot that I’m socially challenged. Therefore our two brief encounters were kind of awkward! I do awkward really well. I’m quite happy to proceed from behind my computer screen ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Ebony Roberts says

    Amazing top, I want one! I miss Witchery and their quality stuff at a decent price. Seems Mrs W and Nikki need to put you out of your comfort zone a little more often, look at the great results ๐Ÿ˜‰

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