Constant Changing


Dear BabyMac reader,

We haven’t ever met before, but I know you know me. And I kind of know you. You’ve been following and reading my blog for years now. You’ve seen it all, all the ups and downs, read just about every post and I bet you feel like you know me, mostly because you probably do…what you read here is pretty much what you get in real life. I’m an open book, that’s just how I am.

My blog turned 7 years old a month or so ago. 7! Older than my kids. It came and went without any fanfare, or giveaway or words from me, all of a sudden now it’s 7, and that’s just what it is.

Each morning I sit down, open my laptop and after reading my emails I check in on the blog. For the past 6 months or so usually this process involves me reading search terms in my stats that make me feel sick. Words that I don’t even want to write in here (because if they ever get written into google again they might just end up here again). I don’t want those people here, they are not welcome here, nor many places on the internet where people share their lives or stories and pictures about their children. It’s opened my eyes, that’s for sure, about what I share and what people may take from my blog. While you might just shut the whole thing down, well, I have dealt with a vaguely sick feeling and just gotten on with it, adjusting and making mistakes as I go.

Other mornings you read emails or see that people are tearing you down in other ways. And that’s OK. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, likes and dislikes. I mean I really don’t understand why there is such a thing as unsalted butter in this world, but there is, and I leave it be. Let it do its thing and just stay away from it. It has its place, and makes people happy, and my life is too short to try to cut it down, or make it feel bad about itself. It just is what it is.

Things have changed on this blog, no doubts about it. That’s because I have changed. My family has changed. What I want to write about has changed. Things I want to share have changed. You won’t get those heart wrenching stories about my kids, or marriage, because things are good. There’s plenty of things I just want to keep for myself. Or my family. Things get better when your kids get older, all of sudden you realise that you actually get sleep in the night now. When did that happen? There’s not so many tantrums, frustrations, not knowing, doubts. So I don’t write about them. My kids are getting older, and their stories and images are their own, they don’t belong to anyone…not even me. So I don’t share them so much anymore. Brands may want to work with me and so where it’s a good fit I will write about them in a sponsored post here or there.

But. I do own MY story and what I love. And I like to think that has some reason why people might come here and read what I have to say. So I’m writing about that stuff. Sure, it’s not life changing. It’s not challenging. And it’s not heart wrenching. It’s my life and what I love in it. Well made beds. A freshly mopped floor. A delicious recipe. A picture of a cold glass of champagne on a summer’s afternoon. A beautiful bunch of flowers placed just so. It is what it is, and for me, it’s very good indeed. It’s honest. It may make you want to punch me in the face, but it’s my life. It is what it is. For now.

You see you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. So I’m sticking with me. Backing me and salted butter and quietly going about my life, sharing as I go. It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure, but I know there are some that get a little from it too. Yes, even how to softly boil an egg! I’ll change my profile picture to one of me looking fancier because SHIT, who doesn’t like a picture of themselves in hot TV make up? Come on! I’m a stay at home Mum who doesn’t shower as much as she should do! I’ll keep sharing things that I know how to do – whether it’s placing flowers in a vase, making a bed, or cooking dinner for 10. This is the stuff I love and I love having a place to come and share that stuff. One thing you can count on is that things will just keep changing, because life does.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for investing in me and my family. Things are different, and one thing I know is that they will continue to be different as time continues to pass. Read if you like, leave if you like. At least know what you are getting along the way:

Someone who drinks and eats too much. Smokes the odd ciggie. Likes a clean house. Doesn’t exercise as much as they should. Loves to entertain and feed people. Swears like a trucker. Has an amazing family. Lives in a beautiful house. Buys too many cushions. Detests craft. Takes photos of herself. And writes a blog.

Beth x


  1. PinkPatentMaryJanes says

    I love that Beth. She’s awesome, and gorgeous and just all-round-fabulous. And I love reading about her xx

  2. You’re awesome. But I reckon you know that.
    And fuck all those creepers who end up here through shady search terms, their existence is irrelevant in the face of your audacity and excitement.

  3. Sounds like my kind of place … keep on keeping on Bev x

  4. I love reading about that Beth. And looking at all the pretty pictures. Nothing better than a photo of a glass of champers, except drinking it of course. And a well-made bed? Well, who in their right mind doesn’t want one of those. Your space. Your decisions. Your rules. Some people are just arses.

  5. Beautifully written Beth. Love BabyMac and all it has to offer! Keep on being you.

  6. Jay - Moodie Foodie says

    Stay true to yourself, write about stuff you like and who cares about the rest, right? Love the blog, keep doing what you’re doing xo

  7. michelle barrington says

    I love the honesty and genuiness of the blog. I also read your blog as a it of escapism, knowing in someone else’s house the floors are clean lol

  8. Cat_BeLoverly says

    I love you as much as I love salted butter. You have made a difference in my life Beth. X

  9. Bree Di Mattina says

    You rule πŸ™‚ and with a blog name like meandmy2guys you can imagine what sort of search terms I come across πŸ˜‰

  10. Just the way I like it. Salted butter and sleep x

  11. scissorspaperrock says

    Perfectly said Beth. Keep on keeping on.
    I’m sure there’s more lovers of your blog here than haters. Me for one – love this online space you’ve created and the inspiring life you live!
    And no judgement here – but seriously….unsalted butter…..where’s the fun in that??
    Claire xx

  12. I go to write swear words about people who deserve swear words but I am stopping. You do your thang and you do it well. We love you, you love us.. We would most likely dislike your arsehat haters like you do but they are irrelevant..

    We (us lot and we will invite Bev too of course) can just carry on eating salted butter by the tub and taking pictures of what WE want to remember..

    P.S I always assumed unsalted was made for the poor people who have medical reasons

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I was thinking about the unsalted butter thing after I hit publish, because I was feeling a bit bad for poor unsalted butter and then I remembered! BAKING! That’s what it’s for!

  13. Corrie Sebire says

    love it! amen sister!

  14. Just as it should be. x

  15. I was very worried about how that was going to end – glad it was an affirmation!

  16. You scared me, I thought you were going to shut down. As another mum in this crazy world of kids with mysterious coughs, your blog about an onion might just save my sanity one night. I love your blog. Its my daily reality outside of these office walls. Love your work!

  17. Sarah Owen-Green says

    Woo, nice one!
    That last para – hello perfect summation.
    Embrace change, people!

  18. love it, vases and all.

  19. Love you Beth, with all the butter, shiny new bins, firewood and G&Ts that come with. x

  20. Well said Beth xx

  21. I love this so much. As I was reading it I said, “Oh darling!” …. out loud to you. You’re allowed to LIVE aloud. And I don’t like unsalted butter either.


  22. This is such a great and honest post. I love reading your blog. When I started reading this post I had to do a quick sprint to the end thinking that you may be breaking up with us all/closing the blog down! I’m a city girl gone country and can relate to so much that is written here. And I don’t know ANYONE who buys unsalted butter! Elaina xo

  23. You keep writing it and I’ll keep reading it. You have such a good outlook on it all Beth. Here’s to another 7 good years!

  24. Well I for one love your blog! Poo Poo the pooers! More of the same with a side of change!

  25. Steph @MamaMarmalade says

    And that is why we’re all here reading your blog!

  26. Thank YOU for sharing…..this post gave me goosebumps. I love the honesty that you give to us and it makes me laugh and feel normal when it comes to your stories of your girls (my girls are the same age as yours) and I MOST definitely love the garden and foodie posts. You inspire me regularly with just what you do in everyday life (particularly the garden and food since I am hopeless with both…ha) and I’ve more than once read the posts about the step you made to move to the country (maybe one day for me….)
    Babymac and Woogsworld are my go-to reading at lunchtime everyday….please NEVER EVER stop…xxo

  27. Michelle Fighera says

    I enjoying opening my inbox to see that you have posted something. I read yours first as well as Mrs Woog. The only thing I get down about your posts is when you cook pork – please invite me down one day!!!
    Your fan,

  28. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love the REAL You Beth ,try to ignore the haters ,internet land can be cruel and never apologise for who you are.I like it here so I will come and visit xx

  29. MotherDownUnder says

    Thank you Beth for sharing with all of us!
    I love your clean floors and your cushions and your champagne! And there is no such thing as too much butter…the saltier the better I say!

  30. People are silly. Why do they stick around if thu don’t like what they see. I think your blog is about enjoying the simple things in life.
    I like seeing the pretty flowers, glasses of wine and tidy organised home. It’s not my life – there’s no flowers in my garden, I’m breastfeeding so I can’t drink and I’m messy – my house is a bit messy. Your blog is a little bit of an escape for me. Sometimes if I feel inclined it can be a little bit of motivation to make my house a but prettier and I’ve started picking a few flowers from my mums garden to pop in small vases around my home. It feels nice. I’m not silly enough to think that your home is never messy or that you never stuff up a meal but mostly I don’t want to see that because that is my life haha

  31. You are perfect, just as you are xx

  32. Reannon Hope says

    Just today as I put a slab of butter on my bread I thought ” who eats butter that is unsalted? They are nuts!”. That’s why I like you Beth. You enjoy the good stuff xx

  33. Judi McCowen says

    I think you are a beautiful person. I have been reading your blog for a loooong time. I remember when I first found it I spent hours and hours reading all the blogs that you had written before I found you. Gosh you feel like a younger…..much younger…me. I love all the things that you love but I do include craft in my repertoire!
    Keep up the good work and ignore negativity.

  34. How boring would life be if we didn’t change and could eat insulted butter??!! Love the change, embrace the change. It’s been an absolute pleasure being allowed into your life on and off screen. Xx

  35. I’m a fan of change – it’s the only constant in our lives so should be embraced (because your life will suck if you try and fight it). I recently became a mum and when I posted a new mum post a follower blue up… Crazy – if you don’t like what I write you don’t have to read it.

  36. Annie Maurer says

    Love, love love your blog…and if I didn’t I wouldn’t read it! So why do people read it just to make a negative comment? I discovered blogs at a particularly shitty time in my life and spent far too much time escaping reality and reading them. Now I don’t have as much time but yours I read every day…sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, always it makes me think….love your raw honesty…please never stop! X Annie M

  37. do not under any circumstances change what you do or I will come and throw unsalted butter at you.

    that is all.

  38. <3

  39. Mookie FitzGerald says

    Well, how very dare they!
    I love the simplicity and the honesty of your blog. Your visuals inspire me and your writing makes me laugh. It’s a quick 10 minutes in my day that doesn’t involve a certain 15 month old.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  40. Carla Moulds says

    Beautifully said, keep true to yourself because people like you. You are a friend people want to have or to be like, so keep going because you are interesting, warm funny and you live a good life.

  41. Carla Moulds says

    Life is too short to have I unsalted butter.

  42. Lynne Wambeek says

    I for one cannot see any point whatsoever in having unsalted butter – I mean WHY? being an expatriate Kiwi we were raised on rich dairy products and still live to tell the tale!! Stay true to yourself, answer to nobody other than yourself!! πŸ™‚

  43. Great post. Really great post!

    It’s funny (and scary) that you mention the search terms – I get a few really questionable ones that reach my blog too. And I wonder what goes through people’s minds. Luckily most of the search terms that reach my blog are “Callan Mulvey” and “silverchair miss you love” but there have been others that I can’t fathom.

  44. Beth luv yr work… where can I get some great but over the top completely exey cushions??

  45. elisha hayes says

    Love what you do on the blog. You have inspired me to write my own. Im in the throws of setting it all up. I have a funny story for you too on the ‘how to boil an egg’ story you did not long ago.. ha ha!! Ill email it to!

  46. teaspoonsandtinsel says

    I love your blog Beth, and take so much away from it. I make the effort to put flowers in vases, get a bit more adventurous with the colours I use in my home and, I’m not sure if I should really be thanking you for this one, have developed a serious obsession for buttery mushrooms on toast! Keep doing what you do. It’s why we all stick around.
    Stephanie. Xxxxxxx

  47. Luv your work Beth. You got me thru my daughter having her tonsils & adenoids out. I remember reading your posts thinking, it won’t be that bad. Wrong! Worst ten days of my life!!
    I think you have blossomed like a flower since moving to your little piece of country. Thanks for what you do.

  48. I enjoy your blog cause its like having a chat with a girlfriend about inane day to day stuff with a bit of deep and meaningful world issues chatter, nothing too serious but also you have good taste, stylish (said with a Kath and Kim accent) and you are such a ‘normal’ positive person in a world full of anguished, damaged people! You are healthy and happy so congratulations, enjoy it and fuck the weirdos out there (I like to swear too, do you mind?)

  49. vacationbarbie05 says

    Geez…some people are stupid. I love reading your blog. I like all the same stuff you do, only I’m crafty…lol. I’ve lost three ‘best friends’ over the last 10 years (various reasons but the main theme was a feeling of being used.) I miss having a ‘bestie’ and reading your blog I feel like I’m having a friend over. Plus, I live up north in the US, but wish I could move there. (I visited in 2007…loved it.) Martha is big on unsalted butter and I’m not sure why…especially when they ask you to add salt to the recipe!

  50. I’ve been following your blog for a few months now (ever since Sarah at the Beach Cottage came over to visit) and absolutely love it! I appreciate how you keep it real.
    This post in particular was an eye opener. I am in the process of starting a blog and am now trying to define “boundaries”. Still chewing on it, but your post was very helpful.
    Keep doing what you do and don’t change a single thing!

  51. Emma Steendam says

    To be honest, I’ve noticed the change. And you know my first thought/reaction? Bloody good on BETH!!!! Don’t let any people pleasing tendencies dictate to you what you will/will not share. It’s such a fine line, one I’m CONSTANTLY battling with – and I don’t have kids, I imagine it’s quite difficult. People seriously ask me where EXACTLY I live. REALLY?! You keep sharing what you think is right, what excites you, if it’s not something that makes you want to jump out of your pretty patterned sheets of a morning, don’t even bother. End of story. I’m the worst at it, consistency is something I struggle with because one day I’ll be shouting something from the rooftops and then the next I’m all ‘oh-professional-lifestyle-blogger-riiiiight’ I am kicking myself alot. Blergh. Write whatever the bloody hell you want, wrtie about your family, or don’t, write for whoever you want, just know I won’t be reading a sponsored post for an unsalted butter company, because then I’ll know you’ve sold out for sure.

  52. Sing it sister. I’ll be listening.

  53. Excited for you Beth x

  54. Oh no I feel strange/guilty/weird (all of the above) that Luce passed on our convo to you Beth!!!! OF COURSE a TV makeup photo was in order (and ps I just love you on the panel; you are #handsdownthebest) And of course the blog will evolve as you do. It’s been exciting watching the journey through the ‘puter. I get it. Even though we all have a little fight gainst change, it is inevitable. And you aren’t leaving out the best bits aka #domestictipsgalore. xxxx

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Ha! The post was called Dear Leo for the longest time but then I got panicked that you would take offence and be worried! No it was a good spur on for me…it’s been a long time coming x

  55. Peta Mitchell says

    Where else would I have learnt to boil an egg and make piklets. Please don’t change.

  56. I have followed the change. I like it. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone really. Happy days. Love Nic x

  57. jessie.batterham says

    Oh gosh people can be nasty – I love your blog, I love salted butter and most of all I love your honesty. No point in being fake in this big wide world.
    Keep smiling and blogging – those who have been reading for years will love you even more for it.

  58. THIS is exactly why I adore you – salter butter and all! xx

  59. Your blog has made my life and everyone’s life around me better! At the age if 34 I can finally soft boil an egg and I have you to thank for that! And because of you my family, friends and I can enjoy home made tortillas!!! The find of the year!!! Keep on keeping on, cos I for one couldn’t live without your input!

  60. Kirsty Michalzik says


  61. musingsofamartin says

    its been quite the ride, hey Beth? Keep on keeping on and I’ll keep on reading.
    Its real.
    Bless you and your shiny bin.

  62. I love love love sitting down with a cuppa and reading your blog. Love your beautiful photos of the everyday – of flowers and table settings and vases and food. Often I leave my computer with a sudden urge to go photograph something, or just notice something of beauty, or to potter in the garden, or give my floors a mop! We have quite a few of your delicious recipes on high rotation. I think your changes sound well thought out. Staying strong and positive and not letting all the pettiness and mean spiritedness that is out there in parts of the online world must be quite a battle some days. Loved this post and wishing you all the best.

  63. Patrice Willoughby Cox says

    Keep on keeping on! Love it just as it is, and was. And, why do you have to use unsalted butter in a recipe, and then add a pinch of salt?

  64. Ebony Roberts says

    Ignore the haters, Beth, and do what makes you happy! I love your blog, and really enjoy seeing life in Australia when I am so far from home. Keep it up, you’re a bloody legend πŸ˜‰

  65. Ok, so … I realise I’m the 131st person to comment on this, so can probably bring a very minimal quality to commentary, but … Beth, this was so beautifully written.

    The butter analogy? Just perfect.

    I’m not a huge fan of unsalted butter. But at the same time, I don’t feel any kind of overwhelming desire to bitch about its non salty-ness on any kind of say … hate forum, for example πŸ˜‰

    I remember finding your blog for the first time, it was the ‘so does this make me a crafty blogger?’ post. I honestly laughed until I cried, y’know when you laugh so much that your laugh becomes just, well … ugly? That was me.

    I had literally just birthed Max. And I just seriously needed that post. I’ve loved everything you choose to share here ever since.

    I don’t comment as much these days, because quite frankly, I’m elbow deep in huggies nappies, … but I adore you.

    And so many do.

    Beautifully written! x

    (Cherie @ Raising Master Max)

  66. As Richard Marx once said;
    “Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you”…


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