Buying stuff for men in your life

You know who are hard to buy stuff for? Men. Husbands. Brothers. Dads. Step Dads. Father in laws. Brother in laws. Friends. Each and every time I struggle when it comes to the giving of the gifts for men. But! I do have some handy old faithfuls that I go to when it comes to present buying that have never let me down. And I think the gifts have been happily received (or so they appear to be).



Collection of Cool

I have used this little website lots of times – especially for my Brother and Brother in law. It has some cool stuff for guys that like to entertain. I’ve bought the large ice-cube tray for both my brother and my brother-in-law because who doesn’t want a fancy oversized ice-cube in their Negroni? Check them out here.

Pugnacious George

George is a little like a cool cousin that you have. He likes whiskey. Dressing fancy like. And like a MAN. They have some great fashion and an even better sense of humour. Shirts. Ties. Socks. Grooming. Check them out here.

Down that Little Lane

You know this website right? It’s the one stop shop for all things fabulous. Man. Woman. Child. Niece. Nephew. Friend. Cousin. WHOEVER. They have a great selection of gifts for anyone but they have some great stuff for hard to buy for men. Check them out here.


If you have a man in your life who likes an interesting read then this is a magazine subscription you need to tap into. Good design. Smart stories. Good pictures. Good magazine all round. They also have some great radio and film that you can look at too. Check them out here.

So tell ME. Where do you go if you have to buy something for a man in your life?


  1. navycrockett says

    You’re so right Beth – men are the WORST to buy for! My ex used to even ask me for cash each birthday (admittedly, he was a bit of a jerk!). Having struggled with it myself for years I finally decided to launch Navy Crockett a couple of months back – would love to know what you think! – Leah x

  2. I think Pugnacious George will become a new online shopping friend!

  3. one word. Bunnings. All my men folk are handy in some way and don’t mind a tool. Gift vouchers all the way. For nerdy men in your life, also Think Geek has some cool stuff but the shipping is a bit of a killer.

  4. Last gift I bought Justin was a subscription to a Bridal mag. No I wasn’t hinting and no we are not getting married. But he is doing more and more wedding photography so he loves to check on what else is going on in the field. Justin has three areas of obsession so gifts tend to either be music related, photography related or travel.

  5. Emma @ My Book Corner says

    oooo thank you for this. Am always stuck for ideas, then end up stuck with guilt because I’m stuck for ideas!! Glad to see Down That Little Lane on your list. Love DTLL – they really do showcase some wonderful products.

  6. I’m with Deb – Bunnings or BCF are a hit with my man. Camping gear or 4 wheel drive accessories. Or magazine subscriptions – it has been surfing magazine and now it’s 4 wheel driving.

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I is so hard to buy for men ,thanks for these cool sites to have a look in for ideas for presents ,very much appreciated Beth x

  8. COC I knew as also on DTLL but Monocle has me keen to go back to old blighty!.. Loving the Pugnacious Essentials Section, except the day Marcus slaps on a pair of those Willows will be the day.. well lets just say they are not going to get ANY girl horny!.
    Thanks for including DTLL.. Fancy being a Brand Ambassador?

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