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Last Wednesday morning I turned my phone off and didn’t turn it back on until last night – a self imposed digital detox and a PB round these parts. Over the week we had sunshine. Book reading. Time together as a family. And it was bloody marvellous. There will be more to share, but right now there’s running around to do.


So what did I miss? Tell me EVERYTHING.


  1. I married Simon Baker in a quiet ceremony by the beach. I Instagrammed the whole thing. But you’ve missed it. Shame.
    Hope you had an awesome time. See you soon! x

  2. Kevin McCloud professed his undying love for me and invited my to be the new co-host for his show. NOT! – I celebrated my sons first birthday nursing fevers and vomits till 4am before having to bleach and clean the whole house before guests arrived for the actual party. Thank god for hiring clowns and prosecco. Glad to see you back! xx

  3. My blog design changed on the evening of the blog designer’s birthday, which she shares with you and A Beach Cottage. I’ve got up every day and EXERCISED. I don’t know who I am. Welcome back!

  4. I had a birthday! And I got a decent camera so I can Instagram even more crap in my life. And a mixmaster like they use on Masterchef so now I can bake and take photo’s of it…..except we’re all on a sweets ban here so it may just be lots of bread and pizza for a while….
    I wish I could switch off for a week.well done!

  5. Something Gorgeous says

    You know the sad thing is I don’t think you missed anything. Well done you on the PB.

  6. crazyspeedylove says

    You have been missed – I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing your name floating around my Inbox! I had a hot dinner date with friends…children free! Had my birthday with family in Chinatown last night – so now missing Peking Duck wraps. And I have a giveaway on my blog (if anyone is interested!)
    Welcome back beauty! xx

  7. Now that sounds FABULOUS! So glad you detoxed. Sometimes it’s the best medicine to truly loving everything blog again. Can’t wait to hear everything! x

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Good on you ,I think more people should do that,including me ,nup I have nothing to report x

  9. Oh I wish I had the willpower to do that! I suppose I can always use uni study as an excuse to not do it. Good on you though! It’s not an easy feat in this day and age.

  10. Not a bloody thing! Nothing that you could catchup on, and still survive.
    I might just do that myself…..

  11. ahoy.jenni says

    I submitted a 3000 word assignment ! Then I was addicted to iview and watched heaps , my favourite is Country Manor Rescue, have you seen it? I am constantly fantasizing about a long lost relative leaving me a mansion. I’ll invite you over when they do…also enjoyed Celebrity Rehab and Girl boys ( see how low one stoops after a massive brain effort!). Obviously you did not miss much !

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      iView is so great for hits of TV. I’ll have to check that show out…and well done on getting your assignment done!

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