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This morning I was looking through my general cupboard of shit stuff when I stumbled across a project I completed in year 6, aged 11! Man could I work a texta back in the day…look at that table of contents would you?! It was a Magazine I had created, called OUR WORLD TODAY and it was a special Christmas Issue. Daisy totally thinks I am cool this afternoon, and that pleases me greatly.


Check out Ronda’s recipes would you? (and the spelling of Ronda) Almost fell over when I saw that – hello BEVERLEY!


The quality make up page got me thinking about sharing some of the stuff I am using on my face at the moment. It’s funny, I used to be a no make up girl until about 3 years ago, but ever since I became friends with Mrs Woog, my general appearance has gotten so much better – because she tells me what stuff to use. These aren’t everyday things, but I like them and use them every time I have to frock up. While I can’t smear the products on the page (which was a little bit genius), a picture will do for now. This is mostly stuff I have bought myself. Some that has been given to me, some recommended and ALL loved and used and will be replaced when they run out.


Let’s take a look inside my make up bag and bathroom bench top.


I never really knew about Benefit stuff until I went to the States last year, but I am in love with this stuff. From your recommendations on the last make up post I did I bought these all online from It’s so much cheaper and only takes about 2 weeks to get here.

This bad boy is a thick white pencil thing that you draw right under your brows and blend in and it just gives you a lift. Dead set, every time I wear this people say I look great. If I am doing a super quick face of just a BB cream and a quick lick of mascara I add this in to. It’s the business.


Same with this stuff: Fine one one. GAME CHANGER. It’s like a blush thingy with three different colours on the one stick. You give it a good stroke on your cheeks and blend and BANG! You’re done. This is also on my 1 minute make up face if I need to look a little bit fancier than just out of bed (which is my normal every day School look).


This mascara has been fabulous. Love it. Getting more.


Years of overplucking my brows means that they are patchy. I’d never used a pencil before and haven’t looked back. I can just literally draw in the brows and blend with the brush on the end. People always comment on my brows in snaps. THIS is why. They are basically drawn in. Huh.


You all know I embrace a bold lip and these Maybelline colour sensational ones are good. You can grab them at the supermarket and the colours are thick and bright and fabulous. If anything they can stain your lip if you re-apply a few times but the colour stays. I like em – especially that fuchsia one. The world needs more hot pink lippy.


These are some hot new colours for summer from Essie. Thoughts? I am ready to embrace that pink and grey ala 1987.


Since my skin has been going haywire with this perioral dermatitis diagnosis this cooling, soothing spray has been the business. It’s so gentle and lovely – I’ve been spraying like a crazy woman. Avene gentle eye make up remover is also the only one that I use. You can pick up their stuff from any Priceline chemist and they often have 20% off their stuff so keep an eye out for those (pardon the pun).


Nikki from Styling you gave me these a few months ago and I am a complete fan. Each night the girls get a spray of Instant Calm mixed with water on their faces and around their pillows and if I am stressed out a few drops of this helps. The Energy & Vitality one is good when you need a pick me up and as for Romance & Intimacy? I am here to tell you: this makes you want to shag your husband. Sometimes I need all the help I can get to get into the right, ahem, frame of mind, and a few drop of this and a good inhale works. It does. IT DOES. I don’t use burners and the like, mostly just drop the oil onto my skin, or mix as a spritzer – this is probably wrong, but it’s what I do. You can get their stuff here. That’s ROMANCE AND INTIMACY.


I treated myself to a tub of this a few weeks ago and I’ve gone through it far too quickly. The cold, dry weather down here leaves my skin resembling a lizard and this stuff is rich, thick, amazing and expensive. I wish I could use it all the time, but you can’t justify the spend. Grabbed it at Priceline too.


And I am wearing a bit of 1987 on my neck and wrists in the form of White Linen picked up on sale at…you guessed it…Priceline! It’s amazing the sales they have there from time to time. Remember when you used to buy perfumes Duty Free? I wonder if they are still cheaper that way?


So tell me, what’s something YOU have purchased that I need to get?
What perfume are you wearing most days?
Into oils and the like?
AND…how good was my project?!!


  1. GourmetGirlfriend says

    I do believe that there is the very FIRST edition of Beverley we are laying eyes on.
    known as Ronda back in the day…….

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      What are the chances?! I remember a few years ago my older sister asked me when I was stressing about what I wanted to do with my life to think back to things I liked to do when I was a kid. It was making books, stories or magazines. This blew my mind today!

  2. That handwriting – a teachers dream! I am slathering myself in the shower with a sugar and olive oil scrub whipped up in my kitchen! Very glam. But if really working on my sclay lizard legs!

  3. Love benefit, you should try their Porefessional, I thought a primer was a waste of time till I gave it a go!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Oh HELLO! I have been using a stilla Primer but it’s almost out so I will try that one next…thanks!

      • It’s the bomb! You’ll look like you have TV makeup all the time… Dr Feelgood is pretty amazing too if they are still making it (was told it was being discontinued).

    • Oh gosh yes, the Porefessional is the business, you need to get on that! If I want to look natural (but also not shit, which is my real natural!), I whack this on under my tinted moisturiser! Makes my skin look like I wish it looked!

  4. Remember when we bought perfume duty free – I still do!! Between that and my sister-in-law sending me presents I have a varied perfume collection these days!! The duty free mad fast shop can be the only thing that saves my airport experience with my two in tow.I love your first magazine – what a classic find in the cupboard! Will have to give the Benefit a go, too many recommendations now!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Actually…I did last year! I bought Ellie Saab which was much cheaper than here. It’s amazing. And thank you for your kind words about my mag!

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I loved your project it was so good you haven’t changed a bit have you? Go Ronda! I love Dermalogica Ultracalming cleanser I really do ,if I don’t use it my skin throws a huge tanty and I mean huge also their Barrier Repair is great and their Masques are the bomb.Love a Maybelline lippy my fave is Pink Peony and I got one in Kmart for $7 I must go back and get more.I love a good brow thing too,i have fine thin brows and I use Smashbox brow powder but I am willing to try another brand.I must get some of that Intimacy blend maybe a bucket load if it helps, I need all the help I can get (menopause is shit).My favourite perfume is Michael Kors by Michael Kors but I love Flowers by Kenzo,Beautiful by Estee Lauder and anything that is floral,I am a Perfume whore I am.
    That Essie grey polish is beautiful I have it and love it.

  6. Still a duty free perfume buyer and I too can very much vouch for those “get in the mood” drops x

  7. PS. About your concern re the recession … that’s very insightful for an 11YO x

  8. I am the same, no make up girl until a bit ago… its called getting OLD! AND FUCK YES ON BENEFIT STUFF! Love it hard. I love the eyehsadow kits you can get (i have smokey eye and eye brightner) because i am a gumby when it comes to putting on make up. I also enjoy bareMinerals Prime Time primer. it is the boss. Makes your face all silky smooth and just a tint of colour. Because I am a freckle face, most foundations make me look silly but this stuff and a touch a powder, and boom. done.

  9. MotherDownUnder says

    I love your magazine! It seems like you were so YOU even at age eleven…if that makes sense?
    Anyway, I need to try that eyebrow pencil. And I have had a similar grey lilac polish on my toes constantly since I got back from NYC.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I’m going to be getting it on my fingers later today I think. I had a manicure the other week and am trying to keep polish on the nails – it’s hardly practical when I’m in the garden and chopping wood etc!

  10. I have BOTH of those lippies, nice choice sister!

    Mum just picked me up a bottle of perfume for me in Hong Kong. My signature smell, Jo Malone’s Lime, Basil and Mandarin. It is amaze but quite pricey but you don’t need alot so it does last.

    I also wear Marc Jacobs Lola, and Marc Jacobs Dot.

    My skin has been absolute shithouse since giving birth 6 months ago so I’m back using Dermalogica products again.

    I need to get a brow pencil stat. I look like my 2 yr old did the last tweeze!

  11. Melanie Ann Tarr says

    lovely work!!! Benefit is AWESOME…

  12. I adore Benefit and have been using them for years!! Their eyebrow pencil is one of my absolutes. I have used their boing which is awesome but YSL’s Touché Éclat is even better. It’s amazing. I also use MAC Golden refined Bronzer and have done for years and years. I wear Annick Goutal Gardenia Passion…. It’s so beautiful and also Prada’s Infusion d’iris.
    I am off to get some of that Benefit Mascara. I have seen it elsewhere and have been meaning to get it… You have sealed the deal.
    Also… Bobbi Brown’s eyeshadows are lovely. Her natural collection is terrific and a cult favourite. As you can probably tell I have a bit of a makeup obsession (despite not wearing it often enough as I’m flat out with a 2 yr old and 3 month old and most days it’s an achievement to get out of my PJ’s)

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Jess! You know your stuff! All the TV makeup is MAC and I have never used them before…I am going to get some of their glosses that just give you the best TV lips in the world! I’ve never used a bronzer but think that this summer could be the one! Thanks for the tips x

  13. *cracks knuckles*

    Trilogy Rosehip Oil every night! A trick Bellamumma taught me was to add a few drops to your foundation before you apply. This is called a winning result. I use Maybelline’s Age Rewind foundation. Benefit Hoola Bronzer is the best. No sparkly bits. Instant Brow everyday although I have run out of it at the moment.

    YSL Liquid eyeliner.

    Garnier Sugar Scrub in the yellow tube.

    Nivea rinse off body moisturiser.

    Maybelliine Glow Lip Balm about $2 awesome.

    And Maggie Beer icecream which keeps me happy on the inside.

    Love your work Ronda.

  14. The recession! And the Terracotta Blush! Loving your magazine. It would have been a best seller for sure.
    I’ve never tried Benefit but will have to try the brow pencil and high brow thing. I could do with all the lift I can get! I love anything from L’Occitane. Especially their hand creams. The mini versions are perfect for my hand bag and travel.
    Enjoy the sunshine this weekend x

  15. daddownunder says

    I have no business being here and talking makeup like one of the girls but I do find the Ronda/BEVERLEY parallels highly amusing. And they do say that knowledge is power, even makeup knowledge

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      You have EVERY right – think of the ideas for your Mrs right? Ronda/BEVERLEY is the best thing I have discovered in a loooong time! x

  16. I really really do not need more makeup but omg – benefit has free shipping when you spend over $125 and it is so much cheaper than in Oz. that’s a lot of my favorite mascara!!!

  17. Your project is amazing! I did think that Beverly has been a long time coming! Thank you for all that advice on Benefit products. I’m looking at my make up bag and thinking there is nothing, NOTHING I can recommend back. Except Napoleon Primer. LOVE it. And my make up really lasts. Oh, and the Witchery lip gloss. A quarter of the price of the expensive pops, and delicious. Yes, actually tasty. As for make up. I’m a believer. Although I don’t wear it every day, special occasions deserve a little pick me up. Looking good (and so is your make up bag). x

  18. Emma Steendam says

    I smacked some new make-up on my face when we left home Thursday morning at some ungodly hour…by the time we got to Brisbane by mid-afternoon I was a hot mess, my face exploded into some hideous reaction! Ugh. Greasy grossness ensued and I’m still recovering. SO, I’m in the market for new make-up when I get home for sure, what BB cream do you use? I hear Nikki likes a Maybelline one…

  19. Kylie Gardner says

    I want all of these pretty things! I love benefit very muchly and am addicted to Benetint. My latest beauty treatment involved buying on of those at home eye brow wax kits and proceeding to wax off half an eyebrow – the half that I really wanted to keep. So now I’m a little wobbly up top. Life lesson #479 – never wax ones own eyebrows.

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