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I have had a really good week. I haven’t done anything exciting, or interesting, in fact I have been home and it’s just been lovely. Lots of sunshine. Lots of time offline. Lots of time doing stuff with the kids and lots of time outside. The weather has a lot to do with it I think – the shift in seasons is well and truly happening. It’s a magical thing to watch unfold isn’t it? I never take it for granted and relish every moment.

Some of my bulbs have been coming up but have looked like they are starting to bud up but are at a stumpy height, if you know what I mean? I mentioned it to my gardening friend who told me they need water, so I’ve hopped to it and I think they look taller already – it’s very handy having friends in the know when it comes to matters such as these.

I like this very much. I think perhaps we could all use one of these above our bathroom sinks don’t you think?


Flying through The Rosie Project – almost knocked it off on the trip up and back from Sydney last Sunday. What a fabulous character the lead male is…the book as had me laughing out loud and it’s pretty rare for that to happen to me. You should read it, you really should!

We’re hosting a big Fathers Day lunch here tomorrow with all the trimmings: pork spit, champagne, table out under the spring blossom and a few fabulous Dads to celebrate with. I have my Mum and S-Dad and sister and husband down for a night or so too…THIS is one of my favourite things about moving down here – having people to come and stay and soak up the fresh country air. I also managed to get a few bottles of Pol Roger for just $50! The prices in there were crackers…hop to it this weekend if you can.

Getting through season 1 of Game of Thrones. It’s good isn’t it? I’m late to the party, but ever so glad to have arrived.

I’ve been getting sad seeing everyone get their IKEA cattle dogs in the mail. I don’t get them here (BOO HOO) and I see they come with sticky notes! I am on the look out for a new dining chair (the replica Eames ones we got on the cheap when we moved here are pretty shithouse. The colour has faded (gone yellow) the screws pop out and they are noisy.) I quite like the look of these. Except that every bastard in the world will have them too right?


Have you had a good week too?
So what are you doing for Fathers Day this year?
What presents do you give? A preschool special or something actually special?
Seen any hot dining chairs that I need to look at?

Have a GREAT weekend you guys! May it contain sunshine, sleep, champagne and good food x


  1. JoCountrylifeexperiment says

    Why don’t you get the catalogue I wonder? I get it, and I live much further away from Sydney than you. I too like those chairs, but thought the same thing.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I’ll wait and see if it comes…not sure why?

      • I got it in Canberra. The post its a pretty neat, although I havent tagged anything yet, who knows when I will get to Sydney next. Although I am taking LSL in a few weeks, maybe a trip is in order!

  2. Honestly? Who cares if everyone else has them? I see heaps of cars exactly like mine on the road but it hasn’t stopped me loving MINE!

    If you like it, if it will fit in with your decor – THEN BUY IT.

  3. I don’t care if EVERYONE has them. They’re gorgeous, and that green is just what I’m looking for. Perhaps you will have some, and I will have some. And then who cares who else has them? Glad you’re loving Game of Thrones. We are now waiting for the legal version of season three. Waiting… waiting… I need something else to get addicted to. Any suggestions? xx

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Let’s BOTH have them indeed! Did you watch Top of the Lake? It was quite good – a Jane Campion production in beautiful NZ south island. Not so addictive though…so beautiful!

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Don’t worry I have not got the catalogue either so its ok πŸ™ you have a wonderful weekend relaxing and cooking for your family and rest and read in the sun.My kids are old enough to buy their own presents for their dad but I am giving my Dad and My Father in law money to easy but they are so hard to buy for now.

  5. In a shameless plug for a talented lady I know I’d recommend a little peek at her website – Maaike Furniture Resurrection. http://www.maaike.com.au/youre-invited. She has a pair of yellow chairs (a detail of which feature on this link) which look to me like they’d be so happy in your beautiful colourful home. They are exactly the colour of daffodils (and she’s called them the Heideii if you want to look up their journey with her). While we’re on colours and thinking of your post on the ritual of a good GnT I picked my first borage flower of the season tonight and popped it in the top of mine. Ever tried them? The plants are big hairy things that lurk best near a compost heap but they produce the most spectacular blue star flowers that are perfect for crystalising on cakes Bev style or just dropping into a drink as they are.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I have never tried them! Sound amazing! I will have my eyes PEELED! Thanks for the link Sophie…love the stuff!

  6. Melanie Ann Tarr says

    The wing back on one of the covers looks like your vintage aqua, but I know it’s not. Glad you’ve enjoyed a slow week.

  7. Vange Asuncion Langford says

    I love Game of thrones but I get a bit stressed watching it at times. Just finished season 2 – lucky to have friends who buy the DVDs that we get to borrow. We are also loving Newsroom and Homeland and times of our lives of course. I haven’t received my IKEA catalogue and I live 10 minutes from one! Love the green on the chair, it’s so fresh but it might be too much having a set of them, maybe just one for the pop of colour?

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I am so annoyed that we don’t have the right Foxtel channel anymore to watch Newsroom I LOVED it. I’ll wait for the DVD I suppose…

  8. Gibbergunyah says

    Join the Ikea family and your catalogue will be sent to you in the mail, yes, even to the highlands! I received mine this week, but am saving it up for when I have some peace and quiet to peruse.

  9. Reannon Hope says

    IKEA CATTLE DOG!!! Best auto correct ever Beth! Total LOL

    Enjoy your lunch xx

  10. Kylie Gardner says

    We had a lovely Father’s Day weekend lunch too, but ours was home made burgers and pepsi max. Not quite fancy bubbles but lovely all the same πŸ™‚

  11. Kylie Gardner says

    p.s. and in that same vein…. no more QT for us in Queensland πŸ™ Apparently babies are much more suited to the far-less-fancy family apartment complex than a swish twin hotel room. I will be thankful I changed my booking when I’m there, I’m sure!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I’m sure you will! At least you will still be there right?!

      • Kylie Gardner says

        Oh yes! Definitely. p.s. (again) I went to my nearest myer with cash in fist yesterday, all set to buy up some benefit lovelies. NO BENEFIT COUNTER. Ah Radelaide. So teeny, tiny, country bumpkiny. I’ll have to go to the big smoke for that. Or buy it online, but I NEED it for Problogger. So, see you there. I’ll be the one without the face full of fancy make up. And the wobbly eyebrows.

  12. Just join the IKEA family in store and they send it to anywhere x


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