Miscellaneous 22


My Mum has always written the most beautiful cards and letters to me. Even my first Birthday card, which I still have, has words about her love and pride for me and each year since she will write about whatever I have achieved in any given year. I try to do it for my own girls too now. This year, I think my Birthday card took the prize as the best ever. Isn’t it something? Opened up to show the most delicate and precious ferris wheel cut out of paper. Because life is quite the ride for me these days. I adored it, thank you Mum. My step dad also gave me some fabulous Elvis coasters. Just because. I adored them too.

The internet can be a strange place sometimes don’t you think? The other week I was contacted by a woman in Germany asking is a picture of my home was indeed, my home. And I was all like “YEAH IT IS” and she was like “Well some man I met in a chat room says it’s HIS house and I wanted to check.” And I was like “Girlfriend, run for the hills” and then I felt woozy. I hope she ran for the hills. I keep thinking about that German woman. I wonder just how much Pinterest has helped lying men in internet chat rooms? A lot I suspect.


On the back of my post the other day I went to the bookshop and picked up these two books. Can’t wait to get stuck into them on the weekend. I’m *almost* ready to start reading on my iPad now too…but right now I will stick with paperbacks. They smell better.

Is anyone else thinking about Julia Gillard? I keep wondering what she’s doing? If she’s happy?

I was sitting in the Green room at Channel 7 the other day before the show having a chat to the lovely Shelly Horton. We were talking about diets and exercise and she told me the BEST thing that she has pinned up in her bathroom near her scales: DON’T WEIGH YOUR SELF ESTEEM. Not bad is it? I will think about that every time I get on the scales, which for me at the moment is NEVER, because I know I won’t like what I see. I just think it’s brilliant. Thanks Shelly!

You should read this blog post by Veggie Mama. I love it.

You should also check out this blog Hello Bookcase. It’s fab.

What are you doing this weekend?
I’m going to be reading. And staying warm. That’s what. Hope you have a great one!


  1. I couldn’t put The Husbands Secret down…loved it!! Liane’s other three books are brilliant also if you get a chance to get your hands on them. I have The Rosie Project & Gone Girl on my list ‘to read’ thanks to your & your readers recommendations. Enjoy your weekend! Sarah x

  2. After reading you book recommendations the other day a girlfriend and I both decided to read the Rosie Project this week and have wine and catch ups on Tuesday to discuss it. Im hoping its a good one!!!

    I read the Husbands Secret and loved it, hope you do too!

  3. Kimberley Atkinson says

    Tickled pink you bought my suggestion . ENJOY! I must go and buy The Husbands Secret and Gone Girl. Heck after the dramas in my Librry world this week I need something other than alcohol! Dream bookcase – I could easily rival that in our house! Maybe we could all do a home bookcase link up?

  4. Mandy Mason says

    I think about what Julia is up to as well…… By the way The Rosie Project id so, so good. I also have The Husband’s Secret but haven’t read it yet.

  5. I am going to Dreamworld and I Iove you x

  6. ahoy.jenni says

    This weekend I’m studying…I must be your most boring reader ho hum….
    Hey your mum sounds so great, must be why you are so together. You don’t need to worry about self esteem, you have it already, it’s just balanced by your doubt otherwise you would be a megalomaniac !

  7. I was only thinking of Julia yesterday. Way to go from most high profile woman in Australia to seemingly total obscurity. Surely deep down she is actually enjoying the change?? I know I would be.

  8. Judi McCowen says

    Don’t weigh your self esteem….I like that. I must admit that I’m a scales junkie and my mood for the day reflects what I read on those damn scales. So as from today, no more scales.
    We have a beautiful little library at our community hall, just one room, but stacked with books. They get a dozen new books every month to keep everything up to date. The library works on an honesty basis. When you pay your $10 family membership you are given a key to the library so you can visit anytime that suits you. You pay 20c for book hire.
    Consequently hubby and I are avid book readers.
    What are we doing this weekend…my 56th birthday tomorrow so we are going to have a night in Cairns. The Pullman has a locals special of champagne and breakfast at no extra charge. Champagne overlooking the Coral Sea. Are you jealous? 😉

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    You will love Liane Moriarty book I have read quite a few of hers and they were Fab! Happy Birthday to you Beth,I am glad your Mum gives you beautiful cards with lovely words that’s what Mums should do and Yes you should do it for you girls too,I always try and pick lovely cards for my special people in my life and my daughter also buys me beautiful cards with handwritten messages which I keep and they make me feel special.
    Yep I have had random thoughts about Julia Gillard I hope she is happy too.Have a wonderful weekend I plan on doing some reading too x

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