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Check out this hot little rug that I got a few months ago. It’s a wee little thing, so it Β is just perched under my desk but I love it. And it was only $44. SCHWING! There are some hot rugs here at Urban Outfitters, on the cheap with free shipping to Australia too if you spend over $50. Not hard to is all I’m saying…


You should totally make this slow cooked lamb shoulder this weekend. You just should! It’s delicious and perfect weekend fare when you have some extra time.

I have been reliably informed by my big Brother who knows such things, that this could be the next big gin. He was over in London for business last week having a G&T at the Dorchester, as one does, and asked the bartender what is new and fabulous. Last time he asked the question a few years ago he got us all onto Hendricks. This is it:


Skin update: I went to the Dr and apparently I have been cursed with perioral dermatitis. It’s not pretty people, not pretty at all. Some antibiotics and NO makeup whenever possible and I should be sorted. Shame I look like I have a red beard most of the time…


Have you been watching the River Cottage Australia? Me too. I really like it, but it also frustrates me. The host seems like a genuine, interesting guy, but I am struggling with all the pieces to camera that he does that just don’t work. They make me feel awkward. But mostly it is great. I wish the bits you see of him interacting with normal people, would be how it was when he was teaching you how to cook something, or grow something. And really, no one compares with Hugh now do they?

I saw this post pop up a few places this week and think it’s worth while having a look at , especially if you have daughters: How to talk to your daughter about her body.

Because I ponder such matters: when does the wiping of the bottom ever end? I wonder just how many bottoms I have actually wiped over the past 6 and a half a years. So many. And the yelling? To wipe said bottom? Dear LORD.

Just because, YES:


I have a quiet weekend planned – and it’s the weather for it! I plan on some cooking, some lazing, some lunching with friends Sunday and to start it all off tonight, a lovely dinner with some School/preschool Mums…bring it on! I hope you all have fun doing those things you do…because you do them so well! You do!

Anyone had this awful skin conditional with some tips for me?
Have you been watching River Cottage Australia?
Are you still wiping someone’s bottom? Me too, me too.


  1. Great rug love! All the UO ones I covet don’t bloody ship to Australia. Tres annoying!

  2. GourmetGirlfriend says

    Could the Oz River Cottage dude say ‘Mate’ any more times???!
    It kills me…….

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      That’s IT. It’s obviously been made to be suitable to flog to the UK so all the Aussie slang stuff is REALLY obvious and put on. Poor bastard probably wants to poke himself in the eye when the director makes him say that shit!

  3. stinkb0mb says

    LOVE River Cottage Australia – love that it’s that little bit different
    to River Cottage while still following the same formula. While I LOVE
    Hugh, I like that Paul is still obviously a little rough round the edges
    on the camera, give him a couple of seasons and I imagine we’ll be
    seeing a completely different Paul!

  4. Oh, its a bottom wiping extravaganza around here. Well, actually its just the lad, who tells me he only ever poos at home so he doesn’t need to wipe his own bott. He knows his number will be up when he heads to school. Though the daughter tries it on sometimes still at 6. Thank you for posting that article. Now to investigate your slow cooked lamb – my new roasting dish arrived today!!

  5. I have indeed cooked that lamb shoulder recipe – nom noms is all I’m sayin’. New gin? Bring it! River Cottage makes me feel inept – l don’t go there. Oh and it’s a fine day when you realise that not only have you not wiped a bottom in years, but that you actually NO IDEA about your kids bowel or bladder habits because they just take care of all that BY THEMSELVES! A fine day indeed – hang in there!

  6. Prue Gilfillan says

    Poor Paul. He’s a bit of a goober but I like that they show his farming mistakes (the water and the cow feeding) and his awkwardness at being on camera.
    Although I can’t bear it when he sits down to a meal with someone in really random place on a couple of HAY BALES that only a TV producer would think is a good idea. And Paul says stiffly “Well I hope you enjoy this, John” and the guest says “It certainly looks delicious, Paul” and it is AWKWARD. Like they have been told to call each other by name and what they’re going to say to each other.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Yes! That’s it! That’s ALL of it. The scene where he was making damper was almost the breaking point for me. I hope it finds its feet…I’m happy to wait!

  7. Reannon Hope says

    I watch River Cottage & I agree, something just doesn’t sit right with Paul. Maybe because when Hugh started RC it really was a lifestyle. It all just seems a little forced but I still watch, it’s not all bad.

    Good to hear you got answers about your skin but what a pain! Seriously when does our skin sort it’s shit out?! I’m 34 & mine still goes mental !

    Have a great weekend Beth xx

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      You too! I WISH it would sort itself out. I’m 36 next week and my skin is worse than it was when I was 16!

  8. notjustamum says

    Hubby & I feel exactly the same about River Cottage, Paul is good but that awkwardness guarantees us a laugh each week. Hugh is the man!
    And on bum wiping, not only have I been wiping my daughters but also her friend over for a sleepover, oh how I love this age.

  9. MotherDownUnder says

    I have yet to meet a gin I don’t like.
    And bum wiping is not something I am looking forward to…somehow when it is nappy bum wiping it is different.
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Bottoms. Don’t get me started.

    I haven’t watched River Cottage Australia yet, but have the WHOLE other series on DVD box set. We are series River Cottage fans!

    Your rug is too cute, and I might go shopping there. Am in need of a few rugs!

    I have no suggestions whatsoever about the skin condition. But here’s hoping it goes PRONTO! Enjoy your quiet weekend. We are putting up timber frames for the extension. A week bit excited!

  11. Yes, I have had perioral dermatitis – TWICE! It took ages to get a correct diagnosis so I was red-bearded for about 12 mths longer than I needed to be…the antibiotics will work I promise. Poor love.

  12. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Poor pet no i haven’t ever had that but i have had horrible skin from being allergic to different things,I now only use organic products on my face or Dermalogica Ultra calming range and it has made a huge difference,I hope your meds fix it up quick and don’t wear makeup unless you have too.Love your little rug it is lovely ,Enjoy your weekend Beth and I will be doing much of the same thing,

  13. Snap! Cooking a slow roast lamb shoulder tonight.

    I must check out that gin!

    Really don’t like River Cottage Australia. I think I’ve just loved Hugh for too long, they’re big shoes to fill.

    Oh god, yes still wiping bottoms. I envisage years of bottom wiping ahead of me.

    Oh I found that Sancerre too I will send you the name.

  14. Re skin condition – don’t be too down on yourself πŸ™‚ hold your head high. It’s good that it can be treated. (I’ve got no medicinal tips because I HATE receiving similar tips from others.)

  15. I get the yell from the bathroom, “mum, I did a poo!” And my son, who is now nearly 9, used to yell to his preschool teacher from the toilet, “Miss Yvonne, grab your gloves!” God bless Miss Yvonne, thats all I’m saying.
    Hope your day is not so full of bum wiping.
    x manda

  16. Emily Furlong says

    A bit late to the ‘what are you doing for the weekend’ trend, but like yourself I’ve done some lazing, some cooking and well….. that’s about it really πŸ˜€

    Joined the slow cooker revolution on Friday after rebelling for years! A dutch oven is all I need!!! Well…. after yesterday I think I may just be onto a winner…. There is a place in my kitchen for a slow cooker AND a dutch oven. 8 hours of Asian aromas wafting through my house yesterday damn near drove us all cray cray, but the end result was soooooo worth it! Asian inspired pulled pork, with Asian coleslaw (coleslaw with mint and coriander and a Vietnamese dipping sauce as dressing) all wrapped in tortillas…. YUM! Made enough to feed an army and the lot was devoured by 4 adults and a kid. That one is going in the recipe book!

  17. yum! thanks for the gin recommendation…fitting name as I have a cheeky little monkey running around as I type just askatoddler.com

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