Maintenance Monday

Monday is the one day of the week where I have the day to myself. Tuesday I’m in Sydney, and without kids, but there is a lot of driving and running around, so Monday is where it’s at. I get stuff done. I clean. I wash. And wash. And wash. I write. And this morning I spent all of my time in the garden. Because I can almost feel the ground starting to move underfoot with all the growth that’s JUST about to bloom.

I went to the nursery and got some new plants for out the front. I had some camellia’s that has just done their dash. The were old, unruly and always covered in a black sooty mold that wouldn’t go away no matter how much I treated it. So I have some new Cumquats and lavender to fill their space.

I also planted out the veggie patch with some new lettuces, and shallots, strawberries and carrots and re-potted a few topiary plants out by the front and back doors – not to mention gave everything a HUGE feed of liquid fertiliser. The fresh air and dirt under my nails filled my heart with goodness.

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I had a long overdue chat with one of my oldest mates and also decided (after months of pestering by my Mother) that I’m going to start the fast diet scenario this week – you know the one? 2 days where you fast/only eat 500 calories? My Mum has had great success with it so I’m willing to give it a go. After just a few cups of herbal tea I can assure you I feel hungry!

Have you been gardening?
Tried the fast diet thingo?


  1. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I have bought a few new plants some Lavender and some more Azaleas,no veggies as yet but soon.Your garden looks lovely.
    I haven’t done the fast diet thing I am not sure how I would go,good luck x

  2. StevieLauren says

    Garden is looking fabulous Beth! Mine is a giant mud pit presently due to major house renovations! I still have a herb garden and my flat leaf parsley is going gangbusters.
    Would love to hear how you go with the 5:2 eating plan…I have been deliberating about doing it for bloody ages but I have no idea what to cook bar the suggestions from a few pages I saw in the good ol’ Women’s Weekly!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      My friend has the book and told me the calories of a few things…I think I am going to STRUGGLE. A boiled egg is 150 calories! Full reporting will follow promise…

  3. AMEN to that new profile pic you sexy thing! x

  4. I started the fast diet thingo for a few weeks but had to go away for work last week so opted out (I struggled using my brain on the fasting days). Its good, Ive lost 2 kilo, but the hunger hangover can last on the eating days which made me fantasise about food waaaaayyyyy too much. Can you come fix my garden?

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I’m interested to see how I go with it. 2 days a week seems do-able to me…my Mum said it’s made a difference to how she eats on the normal days too. Right now all I can think about is FOOD.

  5. I’ve been doing the 5:2 thing for quite some time – with a few weeks off here and there. I just have a small but good meal for dinner (calorie counting isn’t something I’ve ever got into). I find it very effective, especially if you are careful/aware with your general food intake the rest of the week. So, I should be back on to one of my 2 days tomorrow!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I think that’s what I’ll do. Fuck the counting and just eat one small meal, lots of herbal tea and water. Twice a week is doable! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  6. Gail Virgona says

    Stop it! I spent yesterday in the garden weeding, watering and fertilising and Mr V spent the afternoon pulling rogue unmatching grass out of the lawn with a fork. Because he’s OCD. As for fasting, one of my besties told me about it on this holiday and it sounds amazing – and awful. As soon as my little girl kicks her breast milk addiction I am on it. Really interested to hear how you go. Wonder how many calories there are in a slice of bacon toast with butter? 4,500? Good luck and may the force be with you.

  7. Gail Virgona says

    And wow – sexy new profile pic. Everyone should have a go at TV make up once in their lives.

  8. I do the fast diet. In fact today is one of my fast days. I like it! the thought of just restricting my food for two days a week appeals to me. It also means I have two alcohol-free days,which is good for me,I know.I find I get through the day Ok but the afternoon/ evening is a challenge! Ive lost 2 kgs, and its all fat I think. I really recommend it.


  10. I’m on a fast day today. Tend to do Mon and Wed/Thurs depending on what’s happening. Lots of water and herbal tea at the ready!

  11. Annie Maurer says

    Spot on with your post today as I have been spending lots of days in the garden the last two weeks. Just tidying up, pruning, fertilizing, topping up mulch, replacing worn out plants and planting some veggies…bit like yourself. It’s great to be out there and feel that it is all about to burst into Spring!
    My husband and I have also been dabbling with the fast diet and although we haven’t lost oodles of weight, I must say I do like it. We have been on and off it for various reasons but have lost weight when we have stuck to it. It does take a few weeks for the weight to start falling off so try to stick to it and you will see results. It’s all the other health benefits that we like the sound of too. As for meals on fast days..we tend to have lots of soup and stir fries with lots of vegies and salmon steaks are another staple. Keep us posted on how you go and good luck x

  12. MotherDownUnder says

    I have never heard of this fast diet?
    I end up unintentionally fasting too much…ain’t nobody got time to eat with a toddler in the house!
    Can you have coffee?

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Yes you can – I think a skim FW is about 80 cals or something. I don’t intend to be too strict on it actually – on the ‘fast’ days I will watch what I eat and have small sizes and no booze for a change…that should shock my system!

  13. Bek @ Just For Daisy says

    Everything looks wonderful! Our veggie patch is going great guns at the moment – would love a cumquat tree.. maybe I’ll get a big pot for one too!
    The fasting diet… my dad is currently doing it… I think his fasting day is 600 calories… I’m not a big fan of the concept – but I’m always hungry!
    Maybe pick really low GI things for your 500 cal day to keep you going!!

  14. What a wonderful day. I love productive days. I know they’re busy, but there’s something so absolutely satisfying about getting stuff done. Especially looking at it all in a satisfied and smug way. I have never done a fast diet thingo, and our garden looks awful. Aah, the small price you pay when you build a house four hours away! Have a great day in Sydney tomorrow!

  15. Oh, and I meant to say how much I love your new photo over there on the right. Gorgeous! You are such a short hair person. I’m tempted to go as short as you right now. Should I???

  16. ahoy.jenni says

    Fast diet…don’t need it thanks….my 3 year old boy is my diet. No time to eat and I have to be active all freakin’ day and I am in my forty-lates and should be an empty nester but I have a full squawking nest….want to babysit and lose some weight?
    Yeah, good pic, but you’ll have to change the writing, you don’t look like Bev from the country any more!! Well, maybe you could be the new face of the CWA!

  17. Maryandlil says

    no fasting for me. Always leads to binge eating!! Just eat clean healthy food and excercise. You will see results.

  18. Reannon Hope says

    How good is gardening ?! I always feel better after getting stuck in 🙂

    As for your diet…..don’t do it. Diets only work in the short term, you know that. Lifestyle change is what’s needed. I suggest you look at the way a diabetic has to eat. It’s super healthy. I had GDM this past pregnancy & I never felt better! I still follow it, not as strictly as before but generally it’s how I eat.

    And let me say, your new profile pic at the bottom – GORGEOUS!!!!! Love it xx

  19. Lovely photos! I have tried the 5:2 diet but found it really, really hard and did not last too long with it, nor did I lose much weight for all the effort! However, I work from home which means easy access to food, not to mention having to cook for and feed a family of 5 is hard when you are ready to devour the whole house because you haven’t eaten all day!! Also starving mummy means very cranky and intolerant mummy!! I think the concept is good in terms of reducing what you eat but don’t overdo it 🙂 Going alcohol free is hard too – especially when being a cranky and intolerant mum! What I find is a little easier for the ‘fast’ days is to do a healthy breakfast and then a largish healthy lunch with lots of protein. This then means you are not so hungry at dinner so can just have a small snack. Then you sleep all night which passes more hunger time and then just have a small healthy snack for breakfast and then normal lunch and you really can then minimise the calories for that 24 hr period. With spring coming I might try it again…it got too hard in winter as I needed the food to stay warm!! Good luck 🙂

  20. Food deprivation sounds awful 🙁 and it may mess with your skin condition (the only advice I give about skin conditions is to eat a good diet). How about eating what you love every day, but less of it, and more fruit, veggies and lean meat?

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      It’s not that bad…you still eat, just less amounts on just 2 days a week. I’ll give it a go. My skin is looking much better now too which is great!

  21. Yes, I’m so interested to hear how this goes. Simon and I watched a Michael Mosley Docco on the science of this just recently. We were both keen but wondered how we’d go! If Suz can do it then I’m sure I can too..


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