Around the grounds: Late winter

Those fucking August winds. I hate them. The one that’s been blowing here the last few days has been particularly feral – icy and strong. There’s nothing for it except sitting inside by the fire.  If I were to venture out though, this is what I’d see.

The blossoms on the Snow pears.

Blossom 2 Blossom

Bulbs popping up. Daffs only, and no sign of the tulips. I must have been too late. Will it be too late for the daffs too I wonder?


Irises are coming along nicely. And the Early cheers just keep on cheering me up. The lavender happy with it’s pruning, coming back thick and ready for buds.

Garden 2

The Hellbores and Daphne just keep on flowering in all their dusty pink and purple goodness.


And the roses, they started to shoot, so I pruned them back, good and proper, just like my Mum showed me how to do.


Anything much happening in your garden at the moment? I saw in Sydney earlier in the week that jasmine is out in all it’s sweet glory!


  1. Sydney rock orchid – just magnificent

  2. Sydney rock orchid – just magnificent

  3. Meanwhile, I LOVE your new author photo!!! x

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    We haven’t got any jasmine like that only star jasmine and its not out yet.The only thing out in my garden is some azaleas 🙁 but the gardenias have buds,love the smell of them.Your garden is so beautiful and I am jealous of your Daphne I had some but it upped and died.I bought some daffodils today from the cancer council and they are prettying up the house.
    I hate the August winds too ,cold drying out your skin and they give me sinus headaches,i wish they would bugger off to wherever they go to.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Funny you should mention sinus headaches…Daisy has had them all week and I hadn’t connected them to the wind?!

  5. Here in Perth we have a glorious day of 25 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I’ve just come back from Fremantle and spending a morning walking around their quirky shops. This isn’t how winter should be, but for now it’s lovely. My roses have heaps of new shoots, our Chinese Tallowood Trees have new buds and my Jonquils have given us a lot of pleasure so far – love their smell!

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