Miscellaneous 16

So we have another spill on our hands. FOR THE LOVE OF SWEET BABY CHEESES! These people could not organise a root in a brothel could they? They are worse than my 3 year old and her mates. I’m just about ready to put EVERYONE into a time out. Enough said.

Did I tell you guys about the food on Saturday night? I had the brilliant idea of getting someone else to do it, so I could sit down and drink rather than be in the kitchen – except that the person who ended up doing the food was a guest and friend Kim, who has recently set up a business called Allconsumingfood . Delivering delicious, home cooked food initially to the North Shore/Northern beaches area I don’t need to tell you guys that this is a bandwagon worth jumping on. I meant to take a picture of her beef bourguignon but this is all I had. But look at that baked cheesecake would ya?!

All consuming All c 2

I did the second show yesterday for the Daily Edition. Man, TV make up is GOOD. I’m having so much fun doing this…make sure to have a look if you are near a TV set on a Tuesday arvo around 3.45ishpm. Go on!


Just my personal thoughts here, but I don’t think anything good can come from wearing a bowler hat. They just make me irrationally angry. Especially the way they are worn pushed on the back of a head.

Speaking of irrationally angry, did you know that you can now buy pre cracked eggs that have been whisked and poured into a carton in the egg section of a supermarket? Because, you know, cracking an egg and mixing with a fork for 7 seconds is JUST TOO HARD. What has the world come to?

2 more sleeps till School holidays. BRING THAT ON. Of course, until I am over it.

Interested in the spill, or would you rather clean up a spill of olive oil in your kitchen, which is actually a REAL pain?
How come TV lip gloss is so, well, glossy?
Would you buy these egg carton thingy’s?


  1. I had to clean up a spill of cottees strawberry topping this morning… glass shards plus sticky goey syrupy mess. I would rather clean the entire parliament house floors of that than clean up the mess of the leadership! Enough already!

  2. Emily Webster says

    Interested in the spill? Slightly but I’m still keeping my dinner plans. Julia & Kevin can’t tear me away from a good pub meal!
    Why so glossy?? No idea, but you’re looking HOT!
    Egg stuff?? Not on your life! Salmonella here we come…. YUCK!

  3. I got irrationally angry when I saw those egg cartons too. And the packages of fucking pre-packaged pre-boiled pre-sliced eggs. *blink*

  4. I also went WTF when I saw the eggs in cartons. Is it SO HARD TO CRACK AN EGG?! And what’s with the cola flavored raisins?! Not interested in the spill, more interested in your TV lip gloss!!!

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Nope I wouldn’t buy thise egg carton thingy’s and yep I have cleaned up lots of oil and other spills ,see our floors are slate and not very forgiving actually not at all.
    You look Hot Beth in your TV duds I must admit I haven’t watched yesterdays one yet today has gone too fast.I will watch it soon hon,and I don’t know wht Tv gloss is so glossy what brand do they use ,have a sneaky look next week and LMK.

  6. Bree Di Mattina says

    Haha my friend put a photo on IG today of the hard boiled and peeled ones

  7. Emma Steendam says

    Mrs Woog’s haaaaair, the haaaair! Why doesn’t mine do that? Whyyyyy?! Stupid unrealistic TV hair…hmph.

  8. MotherDownUnder says

    I love your hair in that photo!
    I need to get back to Oz so I can see you on TV!

    And those egg carton things have been available in the US for as long as I can remember…they have cartons of just eggs whites too…and no I would never buy them! Cracking the egg is the best bit!

  9. Reannon Hope says

    Your first paragraph sums up my feelings exactly! Fucking debacle!!

    I hate cheesecake but that pic looks divine!

    I called ” Bowen public holiday” today because I am over the school routine & the sports routine. I’m suffering my first bout of mastitis, it’s still 2 weeks until Tim is home from work & one until school holidays- I needed a rest day! Bring on school holidays!!!

    That egg thing- wrong on so many levels…world gone mad!

  10. Love, love the hair.
    The egg thing arrived in Canada a few months ago. (bow head in shame at their sheer existence). The peeled eggs I’ve gotten at Starbucks as small one is obsessed.
    The spill-angry. Just angry.

  11. I have dropped and smashed an entire LARGE bottle of olive oil on the tiles. NOT GOOD! Some 10 repeated mop ups before I could not see a slick on the floor..,, not to mention the cost of the good olive oil I lost. Not happy jan ,

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