Miscellaneous 15

It’s turned cold out there. Suppose that happens in winter. I hope you have your bed layered up good and proper? I find that a 3 year old is quite a good hot water bottle. Just beware, they kick.


Hasn’t it been a depressing news week? I’ve spent a lot of time in the car over the past 2 days with 2 trips up and back to Sydney (about 6 hours in fact) listening to 702 Sydney as I am known to do. Between politics, menus, blue ties, Kevin Rudd, Julia, Tony, my head is spinning. What a state we are in. Imagine if someone actually had something to say about POLICY. Or direction. Or something. As for that awful, terrible reporting of the man who killed Jill Meagher and the complete breakdown of the justice system that saw that poor woman suffer in the way she did, I just feel sick. Sometimes you just need to put the PlaySchool album on and sing along to The Teddy Bear Wiggle. Sheesh.

I can’t remember being as busy as I have been lately, but tomorrow? Tomorrow, I have a day of NOTHING ahead of me. And by nothing, I mean paying bills, sorting out Mrs Woog’s impending soiree, replying to emails, tending to my poor neglected blog, spending time with Harper, eating cake and watching the Real Housewives of something. Can’t  wait!
And seeing as I am as busy as I am, today I agreed to be in a regular segment on the new Afternoon show on Channel 7 starting NEXT WEEK because that makes complete sense, right?! It’s a casual panel discussion, shooting the breeze with Mrs Woog and Kerri Sackville, except ON THE TELLY! I’ll let you know details as they come to hand…in the meantime I will be flapping around in a panic what on earth I will wear. ON THE TELLY. And wishing I hadn’t eaten all that cake earlier in the week.

It also occurred to me that the School holidays are fast approaching. How did that happen? We have no real plans for the holidays and I can’t wait! That does mean that it’s a year since we went to Adelaide and even more so, a year since I had my gallbladder taken out. Where does the time go?

Bulbs are popping up (Jonquils and Iris’ at least) who knows what’s happening with the tulips. But, NO ONE PANIC. I knew you were worried.

Are you a top sheet, blanket, doona type person or is that too much for you?
Do you love a day of maintenance at home as much as me?
Got anything planned for the holidays?


  1. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    Go you TV queen….. maybe a new wardrobe will come with the new gig. Wouldn’t that be nice?
    Flanny sheets and doonas here. “Extreme weather event” is on its way here at the moment so we are battening down the hatches for lots of rain

  2. Gibbergunyah says

    I went to Sydney yesterday and also spent 3 hours listening to 2BL and becoming thoroughly depressed. Tomorrow, a day at home with homey sorts of things to do. Looking forward to it. We currently have two woolen blankets, a cotton blanket and a mohair throw rug on the bed. It’s not yet quite cold enough to get out the turbo doona. We need a few frosts in a row for that. My Daphne is budding up and the first snowdrops are out. I will have to plan things for the holidays as Mr Nearly 3 will ask every morning “What are we doing aday Mummy?”.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      My daphne is budding too! And I agree – it just hasn’t been a cold winter yet has it? We have only had 2 good frosts.

  3. Reannon Hope says

    Congrats on the telly spot! Go you! And Mrs Woog too!

    I cannot bloody wait for school holiday as not only do we get a break from school but from footy too. As much as I love footy season I’ll admit that volunteering to be the team manager ( again ) when I was due to have a baby was not my brightest moment. Also having the husband away 4 weeks at a time does not help BUT he is home for a week in the hols & we are all heading south. Mid year holidays are UNHEARD of for us so it’s a bit exciting. Plus it’ll be our first trip as a family of 5- exciting!
    Enjoy your day at home xx

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Wow you and woogie on the telly together can’t wait to watch you both and yep got the blankets layered up and you have a rest tomorrow Kay x

  5. Mel Duker says

    Love the random ramblings… It was a perfect day for it except I spent it on data paralysis doing analysis for a client… Way to many spreadsheets were going one. Saving grace was atleast I had no reason to venture out in the rain, consumed lots of lovely green tea and had a nice smelly Glasshouse candle burning on the desk… Oh and 1st World Dog napping at my feet.
    Now time to tuck into bed… With top sheet, blankie and doona.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Well that doesn’t sound like fun (the spreadsheet bit that is). I remember days like that in my past life of finance…can’t say I miss it!

  6. Chelsea Sutherland says

    I’m currently just a doona person but I’m about to start living my own country dream on the Atherton Tablelands (near Cairns in Qld) so may be adding a blanket to that line up.

  7. Ali Read says

    Bali. that’s all. Bali. one word gets me through the chaos, the stress and the no time

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I need a holiday goal to look forward to! We have a big trip next year but the thing about next year, is that it’s NEXT YEAR.

  8. Ooh how excitement! Can’t wait to see that. Snap re bedding. Trying not to be anxious at the state of affairs/evil. 🙁

  9. There was an article in the Women’s Weekly on Jill Meagher’s killer a few months ago detailing his previous offences. It made sick to my stomach. That poor, poor woman. I thought her father was very brave to speak off the cuff the way he did when he made his victim impact statement in court. NO, it was NOT OK for someone to rape and murder your daughter.

    In happier news, I have made the beds, washed up, taken the toddler and baby to gym class, finally gotten them both down to sleep and am enjoying a coffee and a few sneaky Lindt balls.

    I am very much looking forward to watching you and Mrs Woog on the telly. Here’s hoping that it doesn’t clash with Playschool! Claire xo

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