Everybody dance now

Thought you’d like a little look-see that what has become famously known around these parts as THE HOUR OF POWER. The playlist for the last hour of the ball was professional – a couple of speakers whacked into Rob’s lappy. Created Friday night after a few drinks, Rob and I think we did a STELLAR job taking guests on a trip through the decades. John Farnham is controversial, no doubt, but don’t tell me you don’t secretly love that song.

We ended at Tiny Dancer – the last 2 songs are Rob’s secret crushes. Halo?! Really? Who knew?! And More than Words was for Mrs W who had it at her Wedding. I think she walked down the aisle to it or something.

In any case….enjoy. Or don’t. Sit and scoff at our bad taste. But know THIS. The dance floor was PACKED during Earth, Wind & Fire and Doobie Brothers. EVERYBODY loves The Doobie Brothers. And by everybody, I mean me.

hour of power


  1. Great mix. But I will say it’s not the John Farnham that is controversial but the song choice….prefer a bit of “You’re the Voice” myself. Great song to belt….

  2. surely if you were picking johnny farnham (I prefer to call him by his 1982 name) then it should have been ‘two strong hearts’ and you could have totally done the dance moves/hand gestures. Angel is a centrefold is always the last dance for me…

  3. Fab list! Although you lost me on John Farhnam… x

  4. Oh I am scoffing SO HARD. And not at all admitting that I rock out to each and every one of these. NEVER HAPPENS. *whistles innocently*

  5. Doobies! Takin’ It To the Streets! πŸ˜€

  6. Ha, More than Words – written by that master of the song Neil Finn. It’s the one I always listen for when we do the “lets listen to the local station” game when we’re driving in the country!!

  7. Awesome! I know all the words to all these songs and am actually incapable of remembering a telephone number ever because of it.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      That’s like me and Shoop by Salt n Pepa – it’s RIDICULOUS that the entire song is still there all these years later!

  8. MotherDownUnder says

    Love it!
    You cannot have a dance party without Superstition and Tiny Dancer.
    Speaking of Tiny Dancer, my college room mate and I both independently sang the same wrong lyrics for years! Finally another friend set us straight. It was hilarious when we finally realised!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      What did you think the words were? Tony Danza?

      • MotherDownUnder says

        No, we got the Tiny Dancer part but instead of “lay me down in sheets of linen” we thought it was “blame me darling she’s ablanded” I know. I don’t even know what ablanded is.
        It was just crazy that we both came up with the same nonsense separately and so when we sang along and confirmed each others lyrics, we never questioned it!

  9. Luisa Munoz says

    You. have. Jamiroquai. Ok we can be BFF’s now. πŸ™‚ Wow – HALO – men are mysterious creatures. One of my husbands favourite songs, is that famous Dixie Chicks song. {shrugs}

  10. Great mix of music, love Jamiroquai. Pleased to see Khe San stayed in it’s box, lol.
    V x

  11. Peta Mitchell says

    Love it, thanks for sharing!

  12. Tiny Dancer! I love! You know what gets me to the dance floor EVERY TIME??? Love Shack. And Rock DJ.

  13. Bust a Move … our bridal waltz! Canned Heat, Groove is in the Heart, Push it … and yes, Get Lucky is new to my list.

  14. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Cool Playlist there is so many good songs ,you don’t know you love until you hear them again and I love tiny dancer too!

  15. My dad is the image of JF so I could have lent you the “real deal” for the night!
    Sounds like fun, hope you get to rest this week.
    Liv xo

  16. Olivia Denahy says

    My dad is the image of JF, so I could have lent you the “real deal” for the evening!
    It sounds like you had a ball!
    Enjoy a rest this week
    Liv x

  17. Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo says

    we had Baby Don’t Forget My Number at our wedding. True story.

    And Boo’s current favourite is Bust A Move. Good playlist, if we ignore the mullet dude.

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