BERT Magazine Issue 1: Available NOW

So Rob has been busy. He went and created a new iPad magazine. And it’s now available for download.


Instead of me rabbiting on about it, I’ll let BERT tell you a little about it:

BERT is for every man (and woman) who has ever been generally interested in things that are generally interesting. For Issue 1 it’s everything from Parisian shoemakers to DIY pub building. From craft beer to chainsaw-welding furniture makers. This is a place for the passionate. For the hand made. For the sustainable. It is a place to feel good about people doing (generally) interesting things.

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There are over 140 pages and 15 minutes of video. It’s well worth a look. I know I am biased, but seriously, the man has some smarts. Here’s a sneak at one of the short videos:

You can keep up to date via the website or Facebook. Download on iTunes here now.


  1. ahoy.jenni says

    Nice! Stylish….and I love the name. Bert and Bev, what a couple.

  2. What a talented duo you are!

  3. Please tell me this is a joke……..please……..pretty please……..pretty pirate please?

  4. It looks pretty similar to Smith journal, I think!

  5. Maryandlil says

    I love it. I also love this video about the pub. Makes me want to visit. x

  6. Love Rob’s films. He’s very talented. I get so absorbed! Clever you guys are.

  7. Mr SY is obsessed with Bert and wants to become a columnist!

  8. Melanie Ann Tarr says

    Gorgeous….. What a talent!

  9. Bev Williams-Krause says

    Wow Beth, you must be so proud of your man. What an amazing team you make, your girls are so lucky to have such talented parents.
    The pub makes me instantly picture my homeland…pure genius!

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Lovely and I loved the pub building you put on FB I could live in there ,yes indeed.You both are so creative and clever Congratulations on Your hubby’s Bert.

  11. lauren Moore says

    Beth, I love your blog and reading about your family. Im sure Rob is a super talented guy- and look he’s even created a magazine, Australia needs more publications! – but whoever designed it for him has lifted the design straight from Smith Journal! Im sure he’s not into ripping things off so maybe he needs to have a word with his designer…..

    • Robert Macdonald says

      Hey Lauren – Rob here. Appreciate the feedback. First thing I should say is that obviously it wasn’t ever a plan to set out to appropriate Smith’s design. During the layout and design process there were several (ok – many) different stages as I’m sure you can appreciate. The design kept on being simplified and simplified. The result is what was published. The experience of BERT I maintain is very different to that of Smith. However, when some screenshots are laid side by side in a static form I can appreciate that the end result has similarities in some areas. This is obviously not ideal for BERT as there is nothing to gain from a marketing position in producing something that evokes something else. While the nature of the two publications means that there will be some cross-over from time to time, and there will also be some similar feel, BERT is not intended to be Smith-lite but rather have a presence and voice of its own. The long and the short of it is that as soon as it is possible (I am currently away from the office until the weekend) BERT is going to revert to an alternate layout and be re-piublished to the iPad. I hope that the value of the content within will speak for itself and the revised layout will allow BERT to avoid such comparisons in the future.

      Again – thank you for taking the time to make your opinion heard.



      • lauren Moore says

        Hi Rob! I never thought it would be your intention to look like someone else’s publication- especially after spending what I’m sure was a huge amount of time and effort getting this publication up and running (and congratulations- we definitely need more good quality intelligent publications in Aus). Thank you for taking the time to address my feedback, and I look forward to reading Bert for myself! The content that I have seen looks great, and the video is just beautiful! Lauren

  12. Luisa Munoz says

    I love this Beth (and Rob) I can’t wait to buy an iPad this week and download both your e-mags! One for me one for the hubby.

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