Miscellaneous 12

I’m back to my busy self. I’m up to my eyeballs in the next (already late) issue of BEVERLEY. I’ve got much to do in not very much time, with only myself to blame for such ridiculous timings. I’m also organising a big event in the Village in a few weeks time – the annual Ball and that’s taking up more time than I expected. Plus the blog. Plus paid work. Plus kids. Plus life. HOWEVER! I’m trying not to get too overwhelmed, and if things don’t go to plan, then the world won’t end. Right? I’m trying to take moments in the day just to still my mind. Need some stillness? Here look at this pretty candle on my dining room table? Isn’t it the sweetest little thing? You should see it at night.

Speaking of balls, did you see all the frocks and shenanigans from the MET ball? Doesn’t that just look like the BEST fun? My favourite bits were the shots from Daily Mail where the guests were leaving at the end of the night. Ciggies and stacks galore. Aren’t you SO glad that the papps don’t follow you around? Kim was very keen on her fabric, what with the matching gloves AND shoes. However, there were an alarming number of boots worn though…I’m looking at you SJP and Beyonce. I can appreciate Avant-Garde is the look for this event…but come on. More great shots of it here.

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Speaking of OUTRAGE, was I? Not really but pretend that I was. But have you seen the clip for Pharrell  and Robyn Thicke’s new song? I LOVE this song but when Rob told me to look up the unrated version well I almost spat my tea out. Here is the link.  Note it contains TIT galore so don’t open at work or around teenage boys. Can someone explain it to this old girl? WHY IS IT LIKE THIS? I wonder if they were trying to be cheeky? Or clever? Or funny? It’s just NONE of those things and makes me have a red hot panic that I have two daughters and this shit is still going on. WHAT THE ACTUAL BOYS?

What’s the plans for Mothers Day Mothers? I’m not sure what we are up to yet. What I DO know is that I am embracing the Chrysanthemum. And why wouldn’t you?

Any tips on how to make extra hours appear in a day?
Got a favourite ball gown you’d like to tell me about?
Anyone know what the cultural significance of a milky night naked woman holding a goat means?
What do you want for Mothers Day? I’d like a full nights sleep more than once every 4-6 months. THAT’S WHAT.


  1. I was in New York when last year’s MET Gala was on but I was too bloody hung over from Cinco de Mayo to drag my sorry us up there and watch the arrivals. Talk about regrets! (although instead I laid in the sun in Washington Square, pigging out on pizza listening to buskers…..so not all bad I guess?!)

  2. Don’t talk to me about extra hours in the day! Feeling a tad overwhelmed myself – I need to learn to say “no” and also to stop my brain going into meltdown about all “should do’s”. One day, one week at a time, is my advice.

    Bit glad my 13 year old son is clueless when it comes to music. He might be a dag, but at least he’s not growing up thinking those messages are OK.

    Mother’s Day. I just want a day to myself, without anyone wanting anything (including clean clothes, dinner, a clean house). Oh the irony.

  3. Oh and can someone give SJP a Big Mac stat?

  4. Am I a bad person if I ask for everyone to leave me alone on Mother’s Day? It been that kind of week!

  5. Deanna Buckley says

    OMG – Robyn Thicke’s song… I LOVE it but loathe the film clip… I’m only 31 but the way I felt about that clip made me feel ancient… whats the need with the topless??? and what’s happened to film clips over the years… they used to be story telling talent… now they mostly boarder on smut… and I innocently googled the song cause I love it from the first time I heard it and just clicked on the first link that came up… makes me worry about what our kids are going to be exposed to with just one click…

    …. For Mothers Day – I’d like Robyn Thicke’s new song but I’d settle for a cd rather than music dvd of that 😉

  6. Gibbergunyah says

    We’ve got both boys sleeping through the night in the same room. FOR NOW. Of course it won’t happen tonight now I’ve mentioned it! But the best and only resource for me is Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems by Richard Ferber. You can borrow my copy if needed. Of course if it’s not the kids keeping you up I’m NO help at all. For Mother’s Day a rest would be nice. My husband is post surgery and not allowed to lift anything, including the 12 month old and 2 year old. It’s physically exhausting. Failing a rest, those extra hours in the day would be nice.

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I am with you on the filmclip,I am so glad my daughter has grown up! boys like tits or TITS as you say they always have and always do I’m afraid,just keep those girls of yours locked up till say age 20 ,no just teach them the right way to do things and they probably will ,not promising you though.To answer your question about a naked lady and a goat ,nope don’t know and don’t really want to know(but if you find out tell me ).
    I do have a new tip for household management I think you would call it,I used to do ALL my housework on a Thursday and found it way too hard and long so on a Wednesday now I do the sheets and wash the towels and do about 45 minutes of dusting in the rooms that get used least and the furniture that doesn’t show as much dust and hey presto only takes me about 3hours now ,it is amazing what you can get done in a short amount of time if you set a limit.
    Really Beth you know what no one notices things like we do so do not beat yourself up about it.do what you can and don’t feel guilty!
    I would like a nice sleep in on mothers day ,some flowers and no housework and no cooking of the dinner that will do me fine.

  8. Mermaid says

    Good Lord what is this world coming to?!!

  9. ahoy.jenni says

    Is that just a bad photo of SJP or does she really look like an alien drag queen.
    Mothers day…doing our usual sunday outing to our fav café then I’ll be stressing doing an assignment. I just got a new car so I’m pretty happy, don’t need anything else, for now, maybe…
    Tips for extra hours in the day – let your house get messy!! Gives you heaps more time :-)) Also sharpens your reflexes as you learn to step over objects in the dark. Trust me, it works.

  10. You know that quote from Catherine Deneuve about how a woman of a certain age has to make a choice; her face or her arse? Well I think it’s safe to say that SJP has gone for the arse option.

    For Mothers Day this year I (shallowly perhaps) want a decent present which is why I have self-gifted a Country Road handbag. Of course I will also love the craft and cards my kids will have made me at school.

    If you find out the secret for getting extra hours in a day I’d love to know.

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