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11! I once worked in a lingerie shop in the Greenwood Plaza in North Sydney called Legs 11. I mostly sold women pantyhose on their way to and from work with the occasional hot young thing buying matching lingerie sets because they were young. And hot. Remember buying matching lingerie sets? Me either. Last bra I purchased while lacy, was BIEGE and I believe the size was a 12E. Sheesh.

Thank you for all your lovely comments and advice to me yesterday. I sat down to write a post about something else entirely, and that one found it’s way out onto the screen. Huh. I can’t say I’m feeling better today…I feel what I am, which is a bit sad and flat. But that’s OK too. I got myself dressed into my running gear and went for a run this morning…first time in 2 weeks. It didn’t feel good while doing it, I spent much of the time running with tears down my cheeks…and I felt relief afterwards and that’s about it, but that’s OK too. I went. I’ll go again tomorrow. Sometimes you just have to be what you are, not put on a brace face, or a smily face or be busy, just be.

The weather has done a Tina Turner and is currently freezing again. I like it. I’ll be whacking that fire on when I get home this afternoon and I suspect it’s going to be on every day now…for some time. Autumn is in it’s FULL glory down here at the moment…all the colours and crunchy leaves underfoot…it’s stunning. Not a day goes by when I’m not grateful for actual SEASONS that we get down here.

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Last night my Dad popped in for a quick visit and overnight stay. He’s been doing Michelle Bridges and has lost about 9 kilos, it was great to see him. He seems ‘in the zone’ and happy. Next weekend he is going away for 5 weeks to Europe, so, as requested by him, I set him up on Facebook so we can keep up with his travels. It was so fun to see him get excited about something that is just part of my everyday life now.  I think he will embrace it with updates and photos galore…remember when everyone used to write on Facebook? And upload photos? Now it’s just a sit back and watch thing don’t you think? I remember the planning that used to go into THE best status update. Those were the days…

I’m getting my hair done this morning, in fact, this post is coming at cha from the hairdressers chair. There’s not much hot new hair can’t fix is there? Be prepared for some fresh hair selfies this arvo…just an FYI. Given my current state of mind, I would suspect an even SHORTER undercut may feature too.

What colour was the last bra you bought? Did you know boobs could even GO to an E?
Got some autumnal colour at your place?
Anyone STILL not on Facebook?


  1. I want to give you a hug. Really.
    Life, emotions, kiddies, food, weather all play a big role in it don’t you think?
    To the big questions…yes, Autumn has sprung…pretty…I’m liking.
    Bra…well have a few pretty ones but yes, last one was beige and comfy and no lace…always been a 10A…even when pregnant…blah….would just occassionally like a bit of boob lol.
    Lots of friends have just recently joined facebook. Like people that were very much no no no, never going to happen. Most of them have got to a point where they feel they ‘have’ to to keep up with friends lives and also from a work perspective…i.e. have had to start a page for their job/work and therefore need a personal profile and are slowly embracing it. I have really noticed an influx lately. Agreed though, all very much sit back and watch now…I look back at status updates from 2008 and lol…oh goodness.
    Love you Beth…take care and let the tears come when they need to x

  2. I like you. A lot.
    That run sounds very cathartic, if nothing else. Music and movement is good for the soul. Love that your sprucing up the ‘do. Can’t wait to see the finished product. I just redid my undercut and it made me very happy. Simple things, huh.
    PS I wonder if we ever crossed paths in the lingerie shop. I used to walk through the Greenwood on my way to work everyday for five years, about 15 years ago….

    • I love thinking about times in our lives where we have crossed paths with people we didn’t even know. LOVE that. One day that beer will come and we will ACTUALLY meet. And that will be a good day.

  3. Sian Gipslis says

    Oh Lordy!! Welcome to my world. I’m a 12G!!! Sux to be me hey? Bravissimo in the UK is fabulous for us better endowed lasses. Check them out – almost no beige to be seen!!

  4. i’m a 10B – so i simply cannot fathom E??!!!
    autumn is doing her thang here, making me comment out loud to strangers at her beauty
    ps – loved your post yesterday beth x

  5. mary_j_j says

    Good on you for getting out on the running “track” again. I went back to the gym yesterday for the first time in a month. Felt it last night and slept through for the first time in what feels like forever. On the lingerie thing – I highly recommend getting a “set”. Hilariously I started with the little lacey things when I met an intimo woman and she came around to sort me out bra wise when I’d finished b/f-ing my lad. I have to say there is nothing little about me, but for the first time I bought myself some “Saturday undies” as she calls them – and we love them. Yes, its a mutual thing for me and my darling. Do it – you will laugh but it will pick you up! Yay for your Dad and FB – what fun that will be!

  6. MotherDownUnder says

    I have no boobs. I had very little in the boob department before I had Toddler C and then he literally sucked them dry. There is nothing left.
    I desperately need new bras…none of mine fit anymore.
    But ain’t nobody got time to go bra shopping…especially as my shopping would entail tracking someone down to actually measure me…and then most likely lead me to the training bra department.

    Sometimes you do need to feel just however you are feeling. And if it is sad then that is fine. I was sad just after Christmas but some serious talking with friends and a round of acupuncture to jump start my insides did the trick and now I am feeling much better.
    Fingers crossed you cycle out of the sadness quickly and easily.

  7. E… I can only dream of an E! I am a 10a 🙁 unless I am breast feeding then I am a perfect C. Unfortunately I don’t think it would be considered reasonable to keep having babies so I can have the perfect chesticles. Devo!

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Not much autumn here a little wee bit I noticed this morning tho,I’m waiting for my Japanese maple that is glorious!New hair makes you feel better and so does exercise and wine and chocolate lol take care of you Beth no one else does it better xx

  9. Thank you for sharing as I can totally relate. I just feel like hibernating at the moment. I wish I could escape commitments and people relying on me for a while. Unfortunately that’s not possible so for now I’m going to try to get more sleep and hopefully improve my demeanour. Sometimes I think we just need to ride out these ups and downs..

    Look after yourself. xx

    PS STILL not on facebook here. I know it would prove to be a time waster for me and frankly that’s the last thing I need at the moment.

  10. ps I used to live right near Greenwood Plaza (10 years ago) and remember the shop!

  11. murphycl1 says

    Matching bra & undie sets are a distant memory. With two under two (albiet briefly) I have not been out of nursing bras in three years!

    Ended up closing my Facebook account as I had developed the nasty habit of trawling through the photo albums of old uni acquaintences. Not good for one’s emotional health at all! Funnily enough, I haven’t missed it at all. Claire xo

  12. I love that you will go again tomorrow. That’s all that we can do – go again tomorrow. When all else fails, go again tomorrow. Love that.
    But Beth I cannot stop laughing at the line ” he’s been doing Michelle Bridges”… I’m sure there would be men reading that and thinking – lucky him! haha

  13. Leighrex says

    Hey dude – hope you ok, its that kinda year ey?? I just bought a bra this morning as it happens – a 12C and its RED and HOT and LACY and EVERYTHING!!!!! SO not what i normally buy but FUCK i feel great in it and so do my tits. Do yourself a favour and buy yourself a hot new racy bra man – do it xo

  14. I wish I could buy a saucy bra, I’m currently in a 16E (that is not a typo) and wearing very glamorous maternity thing. As if being pregnant isn’t difficult enough you are reduced to wearing undies that your granny would be ashamed of. Will be running to the lingerie store when bub here and breast feeding is finished.

  15. Mermaid says

    Yes, I frequented Legs 11, as I worked/lived in the area and my sis was a hairdresser a few doors up for many years. And now she lives in Berrima! (Well 1/2 Hong Kong and 1/2 Berrima). Peaks and troughs my dear, peaks and troughs. Hang in. K xx

  16. Mermaid says

    Oh, and Bendon order en route today – 16D, Ecru (beige), but lacy, and matching briefs. Check out bendonlingerie.com.au – they have great sales and the customer service has been fab re exchanges with free shipping, etc. 🙂

  17. try a G baby. G as in GINORMOUS! I used to be a DD. before kids.


    so needless to say, my bras are white, beige, and once in a while black. If I’m lucky.

    Being in the ‘berra, autumn has well and truly hit today. It’s the turn of season that usually happens on Anzac Day, so its about a week late. I can feel it in my waters, it aint gonna be warm anymore.

    My hubby isn’t on facebook. The day he does, you know its a sign of the apocalypse. And the sign that I log off!!! I dont need him knowing my bizz-ness!

  18. Emma Steendam says

    Hello young Beth. My sister just became an ‘Intimo Stylist’. Oh yes, ‘stylist’. What a wank lol! And they’re not ‘parties’, they’re ‘gatherings’. BUT…I had a ‘gathering’ and my GOD those bras are fabulous. And my sister actually knew how to fit me/my girlfriends. So I promptly bought three bras WITH MATCHING UNDIES! You should see my bra/undies drawer, it’s all co-ordinated. Madness. They were a lacy black push up number, a white/rainbow spotty number and a raspberry hue. Oh and a ‘honey’ coloured gel bra which I actually bought one of years ago and it was amazeballs so I got another. Best. Bra. Ever. Please tell me this won’t all go to $#!^ when I have children…who am I kidding.

    P.S. Not paid or perked to spruik Intimo. Promise.

    • Emma Steendam says

      P.P.S. My husband isn’t on Facebook. Well he has a profile but just peruses my feed if he needs to know what’s going on in the world. Rude.

      P.P.P.S. Autumn is here in our part of the world, driving to town today past all the vines and they are looking very Autumnal (great word). Other than that though we NEED rain. Goodness we need rain. I’d like my husband to not be feeding cattle so I can actually remember what his face looks like.

  19. ahoy.jenni says

    Me !!! I’m not on Facebook…….Joined it once but then found myself wasting time perusing everyone looking for something interesting then realising I had just spent 2 hrs looking for something interesting and I was still looking….not for moi!
    Lots of autumn here…we are further south than you but still on the coast…its getting cold…
    Bra…mmm…don’t ask! I cant wear underwires, they dig into me so I go underwire free bra’s and they are very pointy and I look like a 50s chick in a size 12 c or D, but not very pretty, all beige or white. Lucky I’m married hee hee.

  20. ‘Oh look at this sexy, alluring AND matching G (!!!) cup lingerie’ said no one ever.
    Good luck on that run tomorrow lady! Exercise is soooooooo good for the soul but we’ve had that conversation before haven’t we.

  21. Fancy that … I used to stop into Legs 11 and buy pantyhose on my way to work . Alas I cannot recall buying a matching lingerie set … so I can’t have been one of the hot young things :0(

  22. satcgal says

    First of all Beth….I LOVE your blog, In all honesty I only got onto it this week. But I was hooked…I .read back so far. And can relate to so much of what you post – kids, chickens (my next venture) and bra sizing!!! I had never had a fitting done (shame, I am almost 33), but while in Adelaide with a bit of time to spare before a wedding I thought, why not….my god, I was shocked! I had finished b’feeding my second child in November, this was April – 14DD….me – ‘can you measure that again?’…..14DD. Hate to think what I REALLY was while b’feeding! I had still been living in maternity bras (lazy!) and sports bras, so needed some wire…finally – champagne and navy blue.
    Keep up the amazing posts – my little outlet…love it!!!

  23. Three matching sets from Victoria Secrets in NYC!

  24. You know you’re so popular because you articulate things that so many of us are thinking and feeling. Your honesty makes me feel better about myself and I know i’m not the only one. That cry you had this morning was a good release even if it’s left you feeling flat. Nice to be tapped into our real selves from time to time…..
    I know when i’m in the same position exercise tends to help and those endorphins are pretty sweet. The risk is that I tend to start feeling ‘good’ again and happy and regain ‘clarity’…..and so…..i never do get around to addressing the true root of my discontent or the fat elephant in the living room. Life gets busy, and I think it can wait….until the next time.

    The question is, how can I be aware of this and continue to haul my baggage around with me? Complicated aren’t we?

    I don’t know you Beth, but you are so bloody likable. x

  25. Hi beth. Your comment about running with tears down your face really really really got me. I know that feeling. But you know what? Good on YOU for doing it. Good on you for doing it again tomorrow. Becasue you know what, you will feel better for doing it. I also know the feeling where you over focus on OTHER stuff becasue you are in fact avoiding stuff you should be dealing with. I went through that last year (well for the 6 six years before that too actually) and one day i just decided that i was joing michelle brideges and lose 15kg in 12 weeks. and you know what ? i didit. I loved her program, she is ALL about the mindset. and her best video that i loved and still think back to? Just F*ing Do It. JFDI. Applicable to so many situations and Its all about attitude. The right attitude gets you places. The places you want to be. You CAN do it. Go beth xxx

  26. I would so love to just run it out of my system, but I ran for the first time over the weekend to my son who was injured at footy … and my insides nearly dropped out of my whoo ha! Big hugs sweet girl. one morning soon you are gonna wake up with a smile again xxx

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