In the nick of time


Today is the last day of autumn. Winter arrives tomorrow (somehow?!) bringing some heavy rain for a few days. Harper and I ducked into the nursery this morning, grabbed some very late fistfuls of bulbs and with some digging, and measuring and fertilising we have them in. Phew.

Hopefully we see some daffodils, bluebells and tulips popping their heads up in a few weeks. It’s late, but we might just get there.


How late am I with my bulbs? Too late?


  1. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I am not sure but I think you may be surprised,well I hope you are,out of the garden they smell so nice and look good too,have a lovely weekend Beth.

  2. It’s nearly time to prune the roses! And boy do mine need it! I think there’s a blog post there for you….how to prune roses. C’mon Bev!
    I’m doing a little bulb planting and bulb transferring on Sunday…hopefully not too late.

  3. Gibbergunyah says

    I think it’s late, but I want to hear that it isn’t because mine aren’t in yet!

  4. I don’t know if it’s too late for bulbs BUT HOW IS IT WINTER TOMORROW?!

  5. my plan was to plant tomorrow too!! Fingers crossed! XX

  6. Olivia Denahy says

    Fingers crossed!

    My hubby grew up in a small beef farm in the highlands of Victoria and his parents planted hundreds of bulbs every year, all different colours. The photos are quite something, I only wish I witnessed them myself.

    I just propagated 20 hydrangeas and I think i have cut them too short, arhhhh. This gardening thing is hard work,hey ?!

    Beth, I’m Liv. The new kid on the blog! I’ve been reading blogs for many years and have finally decided to bite the bullet.

    I’m a wife, mum to 4 littles under 10 and I am an artist. I love to marvel the mundane in my art and record life’s journey. pop by some time. http://[email protected]

    Your blog is a colourful palette, thanks for sharing x

    Liv x

  7. carohutchison says

    I planted a dozen daffys on Thursday, our poor vegie patch looks so barren in the winter. Hutch thinks I’m silly because we’re moving out of this house in a couple of months, but I thought the new tenants might enjoy a splash of colour. Hope they’re ok, they had started sprouting a little bit, fingers crossed!


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