Baby it’s cold outside

The novelty of proper seasons down here has not worn off on me yet. I hope it never does. Whether it’s the long, warm summer days, the absolute prettiness of spring, the beautiful light and colour of autumn, or the crunch and blue light of winter. I took a walk around for this morning, a crunch in the grass of our first thick frost of the year. It’s -2.8. It’s cold. And it’s absolutely breathtaking.

Happy Wednesday. Stay warm x

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  1. Beautiful photos! Keep warm lovely. xx

  2. scissorspaperrock says

    Collllld. But beautiful.

    I’m heading to Melbourne for the weekend {from Brisbane} – I think I’ll get a shock….as we don’t get much of a winter here in QLD. Looking forward to some coat, boot and scarf wearing though.
    Keep warm Beth.

    Claire x

  3. Something Gorgeous says

    Beautiful. xT

  4. tcormack says

    How do you keep your guinea pig warm in those temps?

  5. It’s going to be 40 in Dubai today (with a low of 30) so I’ll definitely be keeping warm.
    The girls put on their coats & boots from when we went to Austria in preparation of a snowy Sydney winter, I think they might be disappointed!

    Have you had snow since you’ve moved down there? Does it snow down there?

  6. Stephanie Winmill says

    Wow stunning! Sometimes I really miss living in Canberra for the season changes, Gold Coast doesn’t really get a winter and we never get Autumn it sucks!!

    Steph πŸ™‚

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Beautiful pictures Beth,You stay warm too! We get bad frosts as well but not this morning it was too cloudy for one,I call it snow ! Well some mornings that’s what it looks like,and my house faces south so it is very cold inside,but I do love things from all the seasons they all have good bits.

  8. greerworsley says

    Quite chilly, yes? The floor in our house may as well be your backyard in the morning. I already have chillblains on my feet and it’s only May!!!! If ever I get a new house, there will be underfloor heating, you hear me?????

  9. I miss the cold! I live in Doha and it will be a scorcher today! My parents live in Burradoo and it’s freezing there at the moment, I miss it!

  10. Hello there.. I just read your “About” page and wanted to say that I really love the way you write. I am quite envious of your country life.. we might do the same one day.. πŸ™‚

  11. Love it! πŸ™‚

  12. MotherDownUnder says

    Just looking at those photos makes me cold…I have become such a warm weather creature!

  13. Nashuagirl says

    Having done the country thing myself this past year (Brisbane to Byron Hinterland), one of my most favourite things (well I love it all really) is the changes in season. Not as vast as yours but having lived in Queensland all my life, it’s been a big change for moi. And all those women wearing gorgeous boots and cashmere poncho thingies… super stylish and I want me some of that.

  14. Looks gorgeous! So funny to see it so chilly at yours and we’re just heating up but a great excuse to get a new wardrobe together.

  15. Denica Gorman says

    Somebody NEEDS to tell Mother Nature it’s only Autumn! Where is all this chill coming from? Okay, maybe I’m just a little jealous…

  16. michelle barrington says

    OOh did you get the chooks Beth? I feel sorry for them if they are out in that cold

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