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Deary me we had a great holiday. Between Melbourne and Mollymook the girls managed to catch up with every single one of their cousins and they loved each and every minute. The kids are all of an age now where they just head off together in a gang to do God knows what, for hours at a time. Any fights even managed to be sorted out between them – and the bigger ones have been helping Harper try to keep up with them all. Each night the girls passed out from exhaustion and happiness – sometimes piled into beds all together, other times alone. It really was a joy to behold. I will treasure those 11 days and nights together for some time.

In other news, Daisy appears to be 14. It just won’t do.


Where are we up to on Downton? Has it finished yet? I can’t remember because I gorged on the lot months ago now, but I feel like we should talk about it. Fill me in. I’ve also missed lots of eps of Top of the Lake – they are taped on IQ ready to go though.

I have literally not stopped since we got home yesterday morning. I’ve been catching up on work, and house stuff and of course some village stuff as well trying to get the invitations out to our ball that’s being held in June. Note to self: stop saying yes to so much stuff. I also can’t talk about the entire next issue of BEVERLEY that needs to be created, shot, written and put together in the next 2 weeks. There’s something to be said for planning, and preparation. I apparently only work under pressure. In any case, the washing baskets are now empty and there are flanelette sheets on the girls beds tonight. I’m not ready for the switch yet.


I was initially in a panic when I realised that the DVD player in the car was on the blink but found that whilst road tripping with the kids that we don’t need one at all! DER right? I’m here to say that we listened to adult music, did sticker books, colouring in, endless games of I spy and I went shopping and a little sleeping. It was so much easier than I built it up to be. Doobie Brothers, Talking Heads, Beatles and Dolly Parton proved to be the biggest winners of the trip. I don’t think we will ever go back. Maybe.

Have you bought Styling You’s ebook yet? You should. It’s VERY good, and has some simple, practical and easy to follow fashion advice. Speaking of fashion advice, have you bought those coated Country Road jeggings yet? They are on sale for $79.95 and are worth every cent. Go down a size and wear them to death. They are MAGICAL pants. I still haven’t got that Trench yet…been too busy…but watch this space.

Tomorrow I am jumping on a plane up to the Whitsunday’s for 4 days! For work! The Remarkables are all getting together for a conference and I am thrilled that it’s somewhere warm and a little glamorous. I’ve never been before either! There will be work and lots of fun, lots of sun and PLENTY of postcards for you all. Mrs Woog is my roomie so watch this space for some travel blogging…it will be like New York all over again! Friday night we are even staying at Hayman Island. I KNOW! And going by helicopter! I KNOW. So excited. The best bit is we get to see all the REALLY fancy rooms that are available at these places…can’t wait for a good sticky beak. Look at me going on a work conference all grown up like. I’m like a businessman going on a work junket! I may even don a caftan!

The Hayman Pool At Sunset

Have you switched to flanno sheets yet?
Got any favourite road trip tunes you like to trot out?
Do you own some magical pants?
Been to the Whitsundays?

I’ll see you guys tomorrow afternoon from QLD! Keep up to date on Instagram and Facebook in the meantime x


  1. Get into that kaftan!! I got a new one for my birthday (by request!!) especially for resort living – and it got worn as much as possible last week when I was swanning around the pool in Penang. Not that you get to do much swanning when your 6 and 4 year old want swimming! Enjoy QLD! I want those magical pants!

  2. Two words. Lucky. Duck. That’s all.

  3. MotherDownUnder says

    Take me with you!
    I promise you won’t even notice me!
    I will hang out by the pool all day while you and Mrs. Woog conference.
    I can sing Jolene in the helicopter?

  4. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    We are soooooooo close to the flanno sheets. The Little Misses asked when they would be on the beds. I am holding out as long as I can. Enjoy QLD….

  5. Sarah - Style Unearthed says

    Have a fantastic trip! I’m going to buy some flanno sheets this year – the kids have them and I feel jipped! It’s heater weather here but I’m trying to hold off. Enjoy the warmth and sun.

    • It’s fire every night round here at the mo. I get all our flanno sheets from Bed, Bath & Table – great prices and hot patterns. Also at the end of winter they are usually 60% or more off so can get a set for $30. I’ll make the switch next week!

  6. So jelly about going to the islands. Have fun you work jet setter you!!!

  7. Love flannelette sheets at this time of year… thought double-flanno (PJs too) can be overkill. She said in hindsight. Have fun up North!! x

  8. Bek @ Just For Daisy says

    We’ve been in flannos for a few weeks now! And the fire has been on each night… and most of the mornings too! 🙂 Bliss!

  9. Josephine says

    So, to answer in order:
    1. Yes, switched to Flannelette sheets last week (I’m in Sydney) and loving it.
    2. Favourite roadtrip music includes Queen, Genesis (this is from my childhood and makes me nostalgic for family holidays of yore), The Streets, Mutemath: Odd Soul, Josh Pyke and Gotye.
    3. I just ordered said magical pants as I was in need of flattering black pants for my return to work after maternity leave. Will report back when they arrive…
    4. No, but I’ve been to Port Douglas. It’s nice up there, and it sounds like your trip won’t suck, but my favourite island holiday has been a trip to Lord Howe – that place is pure paradise. It’s tropical without the humidity and humidity is not my friend 😉 Enjoy! Looking forward to hearing of your shenanigins.

  10. Ok so I have been dying to discuss Top of the Lake with someone. I am up to Ep 6 and it was a real doozy. I am just not feeling the decision Jane (Campion) has made with Elizabeth Moss. I think all the other characters are played to a tee but I am not feeling her. I thought that there would have been a doz Kiwi or Aussie actresses who could do better. Am I alone in feeling this or does everyone just carry over the Madmen success and let it slide?

  11. You are heading my way. No need for flanno sheets here in Townsville. Don’t forget to apply the mossie spray. They pick you up and carry you off around these parts. Nothing spoils your holiday kaftan clad body poolside more then bare legs covered in mossie bites.

  12. Flanno sheets, YES!!!! Roadtrips, we surf radio channels. No magical pants to be seen here, maybe later in the season when all the comfort food starts to take it’s toll. Whitsundays! You lucky duck, we went to Airlie Beach a few years ago, will make another trip when the kiddos are a little older and can occupy themselves whilst I can lounge by the pool with cocktails!

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