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You wouldn’t want to be Kim Kardashian for quids would you? I’ve never seen such attention on maternity wear, or lack thereof. She’s been partial to the odd spank wearing, which I have to say, makes me get into a red hot panic. I’m get a little claustrophobic in them at the best of times, let alone when pregnant. Imagine them digging into you?

My brother was on a family road trip a few days ago and sent me this snap of his dinner from the Paragon cafe in West Wyalong…have you ever? It’s good to see the roadside diner staples are still going strong in regional NSW. I have a road trip to Melbourne planned with my Mum in a few weeks time – can’t wait to sample some for myself!

I had morning tea the other morning with an old mate in Sydney and she mentioned to me that the Country Road jegging (you know the wet look coated ones) are being DISCONTINUED. Can anyone confirm this for me? If so, I need to buy 10 pairs. Seriously, they are my favourite and my best pants. I’ve already gone through 3 pairs in the last few years…the only pants I’ve ever replaced over and over again. Say it ain’t so…

I’ve been baking just like Beverley should for the School fair that’s on today. I threw in a bake stall classic into the mix: the Date Loaf (4 of the bastards) and then some iced arrow roots that are supposed to look like Easter eggs. I was saved by Twitter who told me that I could make my own SR flour when I realised I had run out – 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder into 1 cup of plain flour. Who knew?

My eyes have been spending a fair amount of time rolling into the back of my head this week. Sometimes I think everyone needs to turn off the computer and step away from their screens don’t you? I plan on doing a bit of that for the remainder of the weekend. Some fresh air. Vitamin D on the skin. I don’t claim to have THE only or best way to fold flipping fitted sheets, nor to be the first person to come up with the idea. It’s my way, dirty floors and all. If I’d known it’s popularity or controversy, I would have at least brushed my hair for the rushed video that was shot in 4 minutes before School pick up! Let’s just remember: THEY ARE JUST SHEETS. Turn off the computer and go get fired up about a cause or something that actually matters.

Can you imagine just how much spanks would dig into your pregnant guts?
Does it make you panic too?
Partial to steak and eggs?
What’s your cake stall go to?
And also?

HAPPY EASTER FRIENDS! Now go enjoy some sunshine. Off you go!


  1. Is that a t-bone steak and FOUR eggs? Holy dooley! I must say, ever since I found out about the make-your-own SR Flour I’ve only ever bought plain and lots of baking powder – it doesn’t lose its oomph either.

    I’ve done no baking, just lived vicariously through your Instagrams, although I am thinking of painting my nails to look like easter eggs.

    Have a fabulous easter fabulous Beth xx

  2. Love you Beth πŸ™‚
    You are my dose of sunshine, you always give me a giggle xxx
    Rachael Herkes

  3. Spanx when pregnant would be torture!

    Completely agree with you re gaining some perspective and getting out from behind the screen. That article (if you could call it that) yesterday was quite embarrassing.

    Enjoy your day today – you’ve been blessed with the weather! Happy Easter x

  4. they are maternity spanx!
    soft around the bump!

  5. Mmm, protein…

  6. I don’t normally comment but you have drawn me out of lurkerdom with your mention of my home town. Ah, WW, what memories. The Paragon used to do the best chips and gravy, that was our Saturday treat. Eaten straight off the paper they were wrapped in. Yum. Say hi to my mum if you pass through in your road trip.

  7. The Paragon Cafe as in the one that features in the Tim Rogers song? We stumbled upon a Paragon Cafe in Golbourn once-upon-a-roadtrip and got very excited about it. But who knows, maybe we were 300km away from getting it right!

    • I’m not sure…I suspect there are a few of them around. I only really knew of the one in Katoomba. In any case I think they ALL have booth seats in them!

  8. Self raising flour has never lived in my kitchen, only plain and baking powder πŸ™‚

  9. We are getting plenty of sunshine this weekend…and past week, in fact I sneak inside to the computer to get out of the sun.

    Have you heard of ‘flux’ Beth, you install it on your computer and changes the light spectrum from blue to orange, which is good for people who are on their computer a lot, stops over production of melonin (or whatever that hormone is..mmmm? I haven’t got it right) I’ll send you a link and some info, love it on mine, my eyes feel much better, especially if I work late in to the night.

    That roadside meal pic made me feel sick….ooo yuck!

  10. Happy Easter to you and yours, Beth!

    Clearly they haven’t seen your floors. I would lick them πŸ™‚

  11. Dude, with a body like mine, in it’s current state, Spanx are my best friend…. for special occasions, you know.

    It’s just the 3rd time round, things to to… welll …. wobble.

    xo em

    • I stupidly thought you just wore normal spanks and not maternity ones. It still makes me panic thinking about it…in theory I completely understand it! I hope you are feeling well? Happy Easter to you and your family Em x

  12. No, I wouldn’t want to be Kim Kardashian, pregnant or otherwise. Good luck to her, though. STEAK. Yum. (Although I managed to stear clear on Good Fridy.) Mars Bar Slice and caramel cookies. I roll my fitted sheets, throw them in the cupboard and shut the door before they roll back out again. Happy Easter. xx

  13. When we were pregnant back in the 1950s we all wore loose clothing that disguised the fact and some of those clothes were really beautiful but once you’d had the baby you didn’t want to wear them again (well not until the next time if there was a next time)
    I’ve never cooked for cake stalls but usually made other things for school fetes years ago.
    I gave up on folding fitted sheets way back so just flatten them, fold them length ways and roll them. They look quite neat and fit into the linen cupboard as well as properly folded ones.
    Vitamin D vital for healthy bones so plenty needed by everyone or later in life folk could suffer.
    I remember country cafes in particular used to serve large steaks with eggs, mushrooms and salad on a huge plate. Those meals were so wonderful but wouldn’t be considered healthy today.
    Hope you and your family are enjoying the long, long weekend and happy Easter to you all. x

  14. I am resting today in anticipation of a big day tomorrow.
    At home Easter…since it happens in the spring…means tulips and lamb.
    And egg smashing contests!
    So by “resting” I mean I will be busy in the kitchen prepping and hard boiling eggs and admiring my vases of tulips!

    Have a good Easter!

  15. I bought Spanx (or an equivelant, anyway) and couldn’t even get them on! Terrible things!

    Ooooh Melbourne. If you get the chance to, I highly recommend popping into Whyte Cafe on Glen Huntly Road (in Glen Huntly). It’s the most amazing place.

  16. Poor bloody Kim! She can’t win a trick.
    And what are these pants you talk of? Imma gunna check those babies out.
    Enjoy switching off x

  17. I think Kimmy’s gone with “Let’s just pretend there’s nothing inside my uterus …” when it comes to styling. Ah, er … she doesn’t look particularly comfortable. We went to our local agricultural show today, and there were heaps of pregnant mums rocking some jersey cotton. I think relaxing into your mega belly is always more flattering than trying to suck it in like a big steak dinner? x

  18. I love those idiots that care passionately about you and your sheets… If ever I felt I was not making the most out of my life those dudes make me realise I am doing just fine!

    Happy Easter hun… as for Kim.. Never have never would wanna be that gal

  19. I never got into Spanks- I prefer old school photo shop. I love bake stalls. My cake stall go to is Honey Joys (old school recipe from the Kellogs cornflakes box)- first thing I ever baked and birthday must have. I can’t do steak and eggs… unless I’m pregnant, then I could probably eat it several times a day. Happy Easter! x

    P.S.- I know there are more important things in the world, but my sheets look pretty good at the moment. Thanks for the tips- I watched your segment at the local MacDonalds. An old lady commented on how well behaved my boys were being- I quickly had to leave, before they started tantruming πŸ˜‰

    • I LOVE that your sheets are looking good. You’re not the first person to tell me that over the past week…be proud of your domestic smugness! And have a lovely Easter! x

  20. Forgot to tell you, I did the fitted sheet fold and loved it!! I’m a professional working mum of two with career goals blah, blah blah BUT domestic bliss with my linen cupboard fills me with joy and satisfaction! Keep those hints coming Beth. What about easy meals for weeknights that truly take less than 15 minutes! I bought Jamie Oliver’s 15 min book for that reason and honestly it takes me longer than that to get all the ingredients out! Lol
    Happy Easter πŸ™‚
    Rachael Herkes

    • Thanks Rachael! I’ll be sure to come up with something. In the meantime check out the one pot wonder salmon recipe in my blog side bar…or the chicken noodle soup or Asian minced chicken…they are under 15 I’m sure!

    • Will do. Sounds devine Mmmmmm
      Cheers Rachael

  21. oh I missed all the sheet palaver, was it crazy? I don’t fold sheets ever but I respect those that do. I don’t fold undies either, or socks. Shit, I dont fold anything. Oh wait – towels I do.
    Any steak and egg non-joiners out there are just haters.
    Keep it up, Macca.
    T x

  22. and I suppose you’re coming to Melbourne when I’m NOT here….

  23. I loved your Today show spot! And I fold on the floor πŸ˜‰ See! http://bit.ly/W9C6kd

    Happy Easter xx

  24. Not the coated jeggings! I’m off to investigate this one!

  25. Anonymous says

    Hi Beth
    Today I managed to get to CR without the kidlets and the first item I saw was their coated jegging. I have never been brave enough to try a jegging, let alone a coated one, but based on your devotation decided to try them on. Following my time in the change room my very ‘important’ first world quesiton is: do they ‘give’ as you wear them or should I buy them with a bit of room? (The extra info I should probably add is I still have some considerable ‘post baby’ (he’s 16 months!) wobbly bits in the stomach area.)
    Many thanks
    Eliza x
    PS sorry am Anonymous – have forgotten my google acc details!

    • Eliza! SO much to like about your comment. Thank you!

      The jegging is a GIVER. Remember this with a CR pant. They give. I am a size 14 generally speaking, in a jegging, I am a 12 and EVEN dabbling with the notion of a 10. They give, and they give, and they GIVE some more. One thing you do NOT need to deal with, is a sagging pant. EVER. Your 16 month old baby belly will not let you down. Promise!

      Good luck x

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