Miscellaneous 6

What a week it’s been – lots of travel, lots of work, lots of School stuff and all the bits in between. It’s cliche I know, but seriously, it’s EASTER IN 2 WEEKS TIME. Inappropriate is what it is.

Next week I am starting the Walk in her Shoes Challenge. I’ll be walking 10,000 steps every day for a week to raise money for CARE Australia so that young girls and women can stop being trapped in poverty cycles spending their days collecting firewood and water and get education or into the workforce. I think it’s going to much harder than I thought it would be, especially given that on two days next week I’ll be at a conference. Any sponsorship for myself or the team of fabulous other 9 ladies would be greatly appreciated! You can donate here! Right now!

My usual perusal of Daily Mail saw this snap. Britney was at her kid’s soccer match and got hot, so changed into a summer frock. She appeared to have forgotten her underwear in the change. Aren’t you SO glad that you don’t have papps following you? Imagine the shots of me picking my nose, pulling undies out of my bum, just basically looking unwashed and dishevelled. That and the yelling at my children. Yes, it wouldn’t be pretty.

I am in search of perfect winter ankle boots. Tell me, WHERE ARE THEY? I’ve been looking for a heel, but not of the cowboy kind. In my mind they are brown, leather and not suede and just generally perfect. If you’ve seen them, let me know won’t you? Thanks!
Is this them? Maybe, except they are $360, so I don’t think it is them.

Maybe these? But something is still not quite right. It’s very important business, this boot buying business.

Doing any cooking this weekend? What are you making? We have visitors down for the night and I picked up a boned shoulder of lamb from the butcher. Slow roasted with some salsa verde I think. Can’t go wrong!

Tomorrow night we are off to the Opera House to see Neil Finn & Paul Kelly. I’m quite beside myself with excitement about the whole thing. Have you been? Did you love it?

Look at Bindi! Isn’t it refreshing to see a young girl looking normal? Hats off to Terri, she’s done a good job. I mean really, what would I know, but good on you Bindi & Terri!

What’s on this weekend?
Have you seen my boots?
Ever forgotten to wear undies?
Bought BEVERLEY for your iPad?


  1. I bought a pair of ankle boots that I thought were perfect.
    They are grey and kind of slouchy and I loved them in the store.
    But now that I have them home I am not sure.
    I think the heel is too low?
    Something is not quite right.
    But I can’t return them so they will have to be perfect!
    Good luck in your ankle boot quest!

  2. To get the right boots at the right price is a dilemma I too am facing!!!
    Paul Kelly and Neil Finn, oh my, the were freakin’ fabulous. We say them last week and I loved it so much. PK is my all time fave Aussie singer and I’ve seen him many times but this performance was extra special. Have fun

  3. Anonymous says

    Have you looked at Midas online? Good luck on your quest!

  4. As usual just so much to take in but all of it interesting.

  5. They have ‘my’ boots at Country Road, they’re calling my name. I’m a bit unsure how to wear the ankle boot though, tips?
    I would be beside myself to see Neil and Paul also, sounds like a ripper. We saw Crowded House reunion in Melb (about 2006-07) when we were at uni and were ten years younger than everyone else there, LOVED it.
    We had friends over for a shoulder of lamb the other night, farmed here, slaughtered here, loads of mint from the garden, homegrown garlic too, homegrown silverbeet and onions. Then of course I made ice-cream (from the fresh cows milk) with homegrown berries in a crumble arrangement. Pre-dinner nibbles was a baked ricotta creation with lemon and rosemary – ALL homegrown and I freaking MADE the ricotta that afternoon. I know, stop it. Am beside myself with all this fresh produce! (We’re looking after friends organic/biodynamic dairy and egg farm this week).
    Have a great weekend Beth! xxx

  6. Beth,
    I’ve got two words for you:

    Next Online

  7. PS. NEXT do not pay me, I just got very excited when they started the Australia thing, along with half the northern beaches, as we are all English.
    Have a lovely day with Kevin Bacon.

  8. House of Fraser have loads and shipping looks like 10 quid?


  9. LissyLouLou says

    I took hubby and kids to see Neil Finn and Paul Kelly a couple of weeks ago at a vineyard concert in country VIC. Freakin’ awesome! Lots of families in the general admit area with us while the grown-ups who can afford the posh tickets were safely behind a fence at the front. The kids made paper planes and became friends with the family beside us while we danced and sang along like the middle aged 1990s kids we are…

  10. I drive past a store called Pony on my way from the beach house to my Mums every time we’re home, it always makes me think of you. Not just the name, but it’s a gorgeous homeware/clothing boutique with lots of nifty little things. They had boots on their FB page yesterday.


  11. I love the boots, and I love Bindi after all she lives just down the road here. I also love Neil and Paul so have a great time

  12. hi there, for the small boot, try Zomp – http://www.zomp.com.au/index.php/type/small-boots.html
    Hope this helps, I was in their store (still buying summer shoes) and loved their range…
    Otherwise, we’ve supported the kids school cake stall, gone for a walk to shake off the crankies.. we are still getting over the heatwave in Melbs and now rain! A kids party and loads of planning for the next couple of weeks…
    Otherwise I have bought Beverly and love her dearly…Pork Belly here I come…thanku..x

  13. Zoe Kratzmann have some awesome boots coming out any week!

  14. I’m dying to know what you thought of Neil Finn and Paul Kelly! I saw them a few weeks ago and LOVED them. The Opera House is an amazing venue too.

  15. Duo boots in England! A godsend for those of us with big fat kiwi calves. (I blame it on all the running and cycling I have done…). Paul and Neil are two of my favourite men. (after the husband and kiwi musicians Shayne Carter and Don McGalshan). Paul is here next weekend andi am so excited – playing in a cathedral too. I have lost count of how many times I have seen these two guys it never together. Maybe Neil might be Paul’s support act – the husband might get lucky then! 😉

  16. And this weekend – RAIN! And a tiny earthquake struck too. And making tomato sauce to add to the peaches bottled and peach chutney made last weekend. And knitting obviously!

  17. Anonymous says

    Ohh the first ones, they are goregous!!

  18. Love the bindi pic, isn’t she just gorgeous! And good on Britney…. Just let it hang out girlfriend. Hilarious Beth!

  19. I was in bed sick this weekend (flu again…)Not fun trust me.
    How were Neil and Paul??? I bet it was great.
    Ever forget my undies. Never…I was brought up Catholic.
    Funny story though – once a friend picked up another friends daughter to take her to gym. Lo and behold at gym the friends daughter goes to do a somersault and guess what, she had no undies on (and she was wearing a dress and we are talking 4 year old)First friend quickly texted other friend, ‘if you ever want me to take daughter to gym again please make sure she has undies on’. Its one of those things that turns into a great joke among friends..

  20. the cool weather has cracked in today and it is PERFECT boot weather! hooray! its here!!. I hope you find the boots!!! xxx

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