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A sponsored post for Abbott’s Village Bakery Bread 

Ben was the third child of Bev and Barry Bread. He was a good natured kid, always happy to fit in and not make a fuss, much like most third kids do. He had a simple, happy suburban life, playing in the street with his neighbours until the sun was down and Bev called out for him and his brothers to come in for the night. 

He made some good friends at School, played footy and cricket like most of the boys did and always studied hard with a particular passion for the creative arts. 

Ben graduated from High School with great marks. Bev and Barry couldn’t have been prouder of his achievements although it had to be said that Barry was a little suspicious of his Uni course of choice – Graphic Design of all things. Ben stayed at home whilst studying at Uni, driving Bev mad with his late nights, stubbly face and unkempt crust, dirty washing and sleeping in until all hours of the day. Ben started to see less and less of his old friends, turning his back on them as he spent more time with his uni friends – smoking his Marlborough lights, getting some tatts and going to pub gigs. His old friends missed him. 

Ben graduated from Uni, travelled and lived in London for some time, doing what most 23 years olds do – going to clubs, taking those e-numbers, staying up until the early morning to head off to his design job for work only to do it all over again. He lost some weight. Ben thought this was the life. But something was missing. 

He came back home to Australia, got another job and met a girl. Betty. She was great fun. Had a great job and made good money, loved to go to pub trivia with him, and most of all loved him for him. It was a match made in heaven. They moved into a cool terrace house in the inner city, partied hard on the weekends and worked hard during the week. They were the perfect urban hipster’s match made in heaven. They were married and they were happy. 

Life went on, much as it does, and before they knew it they had a family of their own. Life started to get trickier though. With both of them working hard, little Brandon was off at long term day care most days in the week. Betty was frazzled and tired, she didn’t look well. She lost weight. She was pale. Ben was working longer and longer hours in his own design business. Some days even his triple soy latte didn’t cut it, he was tired. This was hard.

They started to spend as much time out of town as they could. The terrace house they lived in was surrounded by younger, cooler people, who were doing what Ben and Betty were just 10 years before and being home mocked them. One weekend they were out in the countryside on a picnic when Ben looked at Betty and saw a cranky, sadder version of herself looking back at him. He looked at Brandon, happily playing in the green grass and could feel the weight of pressure lift off him, just being out in the open countryside.

Something had to change. 

On a whim, Ben quit his fancy pants city design job. Betty gave up hers and they bought themselves some land in the countryside. Life was simple. Their family grew. The kids were happy. Something else started to happen. All that fresh air, all that space to just be, they looked different. Their once pale complexion was healthier. Ben looked 10 years younger and Betty was glowing. Their crusts were grainy and crumbly, just as they should have been. They were free range. 


And life was good. Just as it should be. 

Abbott’s Village Bakery make free range bread with no artificial flavours, colours or e numbers.

You can see their new TV commercial here and visit their Facebook page here.



  1. You have just given me my BEST laugh of the day!

  2. Beth this was a delight to wake Up to!! I love the little bread characters in the dolls house and out in the grass. Thank you for your creativity and making me smile.

    • You are welcome Carly! I had fun doing it although if someone had seen me doing it they would have thought I was crackers. Harper didn’t even blink an eyelid.

  3. I love this. I think there should be awards for creative sponsored posts that are a pleasure to read, and a good fit for the brand, win win win – just like they have awards for tv commercials. I nominate this one.

  4. Hahaha! This is excellent.

  5. I love that Harper didn’t blink an eye lid……. Obviously THIS is what mummy does on a regular basis

  6. You are sooooo clever. Those bakers will be making a toast to you for sure 😉

  7. This is gorgeous. Thanks for this Beth, a great start to the day.

  8. Gen @ Tinyfolk says

    The day you did that, you had the best job ever. Too sweet.

  9. Way better than Dettol!

  10. Brilliant, Beth. Just brilliant!

  11. hysterical.. your are quite brilliant!

  12. I think this my favourite sponsored post ever! Great job, very clever.

  13. Taking e-numbers and looking pale! Oh my LOLishness. That was hilarious x

  14. So clever!

    It is a tough day when even a triple soy latte doesn’t do the trick!
    Glad that the Bread Family was able to attain that sought after grainy, crumbly crust!

  15. Is it weird that I am sitting here wishing I was a slice of Abbots Village Country Grain? Only you could make me want to be a piece of bread lol xx

  16. Yes! This is fantastic. I love the whole meal conversion….

  17. Ha ha! What a brilliant post! I struggle with sponsored posts as you don’t often get the same blogger voice coming through, the one that is reason I read their blog. But today my dear you nailed it! I luv how you changed to being grainy and crumbly! Just perfect!

  18. you are adorable.

  19. You have way too much time on your hands! So funny and entertaining, though! That bread certainly does look gooood!

  20. That was fabulous!!! How to do a sponsored post with style and imagination.

  21. YOU, my dear, are a freaking genius. I am going to buy some of that bread, because of you, and THEN I will buy some more. Because of you.

    Clever pants.

    Clever Bev.

  22. I don’t want to go and click to watch the new TV add – THAT should be the new add. One of my all time favourite posts from you. You are too, too clever!

  23. That BabyMac is brilliant. Just needed a laugh and this was it. Thank you so much. xx
    P.S. Bread sounds great but doubt it is available over here in the West.

  24. Too clever, just too clever. Very cute images too. Well done lady xo

  25. Gold!

  26. I wish I could eat some Abbott Bread..but I’m too far away.

  27. Well played, Beverley. That was INSPIRED. 🙂

  28. I love this!! So creative, and gave me a laugh. Well done.

  29. Miss Beth. Genius.

  30. Ha!! Loved it!!! I am white bread aching to be free range multigrain!!!

  31. Loved it! x

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