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I’m back on the exercise bandwagon again this week. Ish. I’ve been very busy with work stuff and it’s been easy to just let that part go. I’ve also had people FINALLY ask me if I’ve lost weight, tell me I’m looking good etc and this is usually the trigger for my brain to say “Well done. You did it! You deserve a break!” I’ve done no where near as much running as I did last month, but I’m still getting a bit done each week. I’m getting there. Slowly. It’s such a tricky business, the business of changing your mindset on something. Old habits die hard and all that. This time around, when the self doubt gets in and I miss a week, I’m not giving up. I’ll stick with it. I’m just gonna. You watch me.

Have you EVER?

I was in my old favourite Bed Bath & Table a few weeks back when I spied this little stool in their kids linen section. Well Harper spotted it, took in a deep breath in and pleaded with me to get it. Who can blame her? IT’S ADORABLE. It currently sits down near the TV and has little bottoms perched on it most days. For $34.95 it was a no brainer. Label on it says Morgan & Finch Kids if anyone is interested.

I’m back into Downton. Big time. I’ve been taping it and watching it back so I can fast forward through the ads…they just have no place when you are trying to watch it don’t you think? I must say I’ve been a little disappointed with Shirley. There’s just something a little, I don’t know, about her in it. I was reading the other day that Maggie hasn’t watched ONE episode of Downton. Not one! She says she has trouble watching as she picks her performance apart. I think her character is one of my all time favourite’s ever from a TV show. Brilliant. Makes me giggle out loud every single time.

I had my eyebrows waxed yesterday and they were an unruly mess. I did, however, note the number of grey hairs sprouting left, right and centre from them. I’m getting old people, old I tell you. I bet there are grey pubes too. It’s bound to happen. Thanks for all the suggestions I got on my Facebook page from people regarding eyebrow make up thingys. I do as I’m told and ordered a few Benefit things online. I’ll share them with you if they work when they arrive. Did you know that people show you how to do makeup on Youtube? The things you learn!

If I had a spare $259 I would be getting one of these. Smart idea for kids bags and organising School stuff and cute to boot! Comes in my old faithful turquoise too. Jeepers there are some lovely things on that website. Tomorrow Mrs Woog and I are going to the Lifeinstyle/Kidsinstyle exhibition on in Sydney. Can’t wait to see some of the awesome stuff that will be available. Full reporting to follow!

Last night I was lighting some candles on the mantle piece as it was getting dark and I stopped and looked up at the person looking back at me in the mirror. For the first time in a long time, I really liked the person looking back at me. Instead of looking away, thinking of all the negatives straight away – like hair that was messy and unwashed, teeth that need to see the dentist, skin that’s dry or greasy or pimply, I just looked at her. She looked well. And healthy. And happy. She looked like someone that is living a good life.

Because I am.

Who’s one of your favourite TV characters?
Got any grey eyebrow hairs?
How do you feel about the person looking back at you in the mirror most days?
Got anything fun planned this weekend?


  1. I am glad that you are liking you!
    It is such a nice feeling to care about yourself…I totally know both the I can’t even be bothered with myself feeling and the hey who is that vibrant chick feeling.

    I completely agree about Shirley.
    Is it a bit forced or something?
    I too can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but I was very disappointed.
    It could very well be that Maggie Smith is just too good and makes everyone else look bad.
    “What is a weekend?” has got to be one of my favourite lines ever.
    And my husband regularly busts out “Why must every day involve a fight with an American?”

  2. Sparkle Devlin says

    : I love it when your blog post coincides with my lunch break. Thanks sista!
    : Glad to hear you picked up some Benefit beauties. Did you know that my mum used to work at Bed, Bath & Table?….used to….dear god I miss that staff discount!
    : This weekend we are off to Maroochydore for a much needed break. The weather forecast is shit but I don’t care. As long as I’m not at work.
    T xx

  3. I don’t have any grey eyebrow hairs (yet) but my husband has corkers of the very blonde variety in his brown eyebrows. It’s hilarious, big thick long suckers that I must remove because they are SO blonde they stick out like neon flashing signs above his eyes. A good eyebrow wax makes you feel like you could do great things I always find, changes perspective and all that.
    This morning looking in the mirror I thought…you must drink more water, your skin looks crap, you must get new glasses, these old faithfuls are crooked and bent. Other than that we’re good to go. Sunburnt nose and all.

  4. Isn’t it great when you can look at yourself and feel HAPPY. I definitely think that comes with age. Since I hit my 40’s I have become more content and at east with myself. You are just gorgeous, Lady.
    Keep thinking positive. Vicki. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. you DO look heathy and happy. you DO!

    with fresh eyebrows to boot.

    I’ve lost my running mojo too, but you have inspired me. Just keep going … I’ll try to tell myself that too.

  6. What a lovely, lovely post Bev! Bought a smile to my dial xx

  7. Grey eyebrows – tick! We have a lot of fun planned for the weekend, we are having my daughters 6th birthday party (she’s a January baby) with her school class, and the parents. I think there will be 15 friend (small class!) about 10 siblings and who knows how many parents. These are the sorts of parties I went to as a kid, lots of friends, food and fun! PS I like the person I see in my mirror!

  8. I love Miguel on The Living Room and the way he says ‘choritho’ (chorizo)….

    Yes! Why do I only get grey eyebrow hairs and have them nowhere else? Big curly, wirey ones! I sneeze when I pluck them.

    The person in the mirror, I don’t mind her, although I like her better when she is out of the shower, hair done and has fresh make up. I always wear full make up out of the house.

    Nothing planned for this weekend other than farewelling daughter19 back to the city for Uni and to watch a Downton Abbey special and maybe some cross stitching and there is always baking and food making going on. Bring it!

  9. She looks like a very nice face indeed, Beth.

    Enjoy the exo. I think that will be a fun one.

    Grey pubes. Thanks for that. x

  10. That is truly a lovely, happy face.
    I am sure you will stick with your exercises, when you can.
    At 81 I have salt and pepper head hair and my eyebrows have sort of disappeared in shades of grey (not 50 of them though). People tell me I don’t look my age so I do still look in the mirror trying to make sure what they tell me is true. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Our weekend will be as usual….nothing planned …. as usual.
    TV characters? Many of mine come from older TV shows, i.e. Michael Kitchen in Foyle’s War.

  11. You do indeed look luverly Beth! I’ve been avoiding the mirror at all costs for the past 5 years.

    Grey – you don’t know the half of it.

    I saw the toadstool a couple of weeks ago and near on wrestled a 3 year old on the shop floor for it. He won, because I let him and I don’t have a 3 year old to bring it home to. I just wanted it for me.

    You will lurve the lovelies at Life In Style – I was there last night. Enjoy. Well in the gorgeousness.

    Downton – need my own room or to evacuate my chattering family for the evening – people please! Shut up!

    Looking forward to the weekend. That is all.

    Have a great one.


  12. Beth, go see a dentist!!! It’s one of those things you put off and from my visit yesterday I just saved myself from something awful like a root canal. They asked me how long it had been and I just answered, “dunno, I’ll have a clean and a checkup thanks!” What’s with all these questions? I went to by combantrum yesterday to de worm the whole family and got asked, “and what are the symptoms?” This is in front of a group of people… I hate that. What I wanted to say well

  13. Fav TV character, Andy in Weeds.
    Grey eyebrows, nope, and I’m older than you sweetheart, what you doin?
    Person in the mirror…needs a good sleep
    This weekend…test driving a renault (trying to convince hubby french cars are the way to go)
    You have a nice one.

  14. Oh that little toad stool is TOO adorable, would love one of those in my home. Haha, the grey eyebrow hairs, little buggers aren’t they!? Can’t say I’ve thought about… or checked… the ones down below. Granny is by far my favourite character in Downtown, she is way too sharp and witty for any of those other chimpy characters… but I do LOVE the show also.
    You look gorgeous Beth, you always take such a great selfie xo

  15. I went for almost a year without looking in the mirror. I had just had a miscarriage and could not stand to look at myself or my failed body. Now I looked in the mirror after the birth of my son and (try) to be happy. All of these lumps and bumps and saggy bits gave me the most amazing gift of children. I have never minded my ageing face, she has seen and done a lot of things, now if only I still didnt get pimples at 44 I think I would be happy over all with what looks back at me.


  16. Fav tv character: Current fav Connie Britton in Nashville. Glossy American escapism!

    One persistent wiry little bugger of an eyebrow together with a relentless lone chin whisker I swear it grows overnight

    Like you I have started a similar route of getting back to healthy still just fast walking but I am moving. The person looking back at me is my mother and I am finally ok with that the old gal is pretty nifty

    As for my weekend I am currently waiting for a nam who is coming to deep clean my carpets. Is it wrong I am excited?!

    Lovely post

  17. Isn’t it wonderful when you can appreciate that girl in the mirror for who she is and not so much, for what she looks (or doesn’t ) like?
    You’ve worked damn hard to get to here. Revel in it pet. REVEL!
    Ps: I’ve thought she was great ages ago. Glad you caught on. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Gabs x

  18. Look at the girl in the mirror. She IS happy. She IS glowing. And she IS healthy.

    Love it. Stay that positive, and who knows what will happen… xx

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